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My day:
A rip in my new leather boots, a burrito order gone wrong, a missed meeting at work. Followed by an 80 year old mouth breathing- shaky handed-bucket kicking dermatologist burning, cutting and punching holes into my skin.

Once I got home, it was cuddles, beer, chips & salsa, wings, more cuddles, malibu & coke, life of pi.

I knew once I got home to my family, my day would get better. <3

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One of those days! I cannot wait to get home to my love for a dinner and movie date night.

Spent the good part of my afternoon washing my car yesterday.
Naturally it rained this morning, ruining my hard work. >.<

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I totally thought it was Friday when I woke up this morning. 

I'm so happy that it's staying light outside by the time I'm off work. Summertime isn't far away. I can't wait. This weather is doing a number on my sinuses.

Riddle me this:

For almost two months, I work out 5-6 days a week and maintain my weight. I take a week off working out and instantly lose 5 pounds plus inches. Am I doing something wrong here?

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I don't always get a hangover

But when I do, I'm at work feeling like death for 8 hours.

The most interesting hot mess in the world

Woo Valentines Day.

Call me un romantic, but I'm not really one to give in to the pressures of Valentines Day. My man and I do special things for/with each other often. Stressing out about dinner reservations, gifts and sentiments on a specific day takes away romance in my eyes.

Thst being said, I love you +Cesar Esparza very much and lets celebrate every day we have together. Xoxo
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