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Sarah Dillon

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How to never waste time on social media again! #socialtranslator

Sarah Dillon

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In this episode we are discussing email lists and newsletters as a marketing tool for freelance translators.

Sarah Dillon

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Translators as the new blacksmiths: great analogy
Just as blacksmiths helped move us into the industrial age, our modern-day wordsmiths - translators and interpreters - will help us move from the current age, in which information is merely available, to an age in which information also becomes highly relevant and useful.

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Challenging myself to video blog every day in April. Very rough, not at all ready, but when has that ever stopped me #SSSVEDA

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"Global Good Luck Charms"
In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day we’re looking at lucky symbols - from all over the world!

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Wow, LOVED these ideas, thanks so much for bringing them to us +Carrie Green. I got more value out of this 9 minute video than I have out of the HUNDREDS of 1 hour plus webinars I've been on :) Excited to check out Brigitte's work now too.

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Lots of good freebie content flying around at the moment, but this is one of my favourites. Fantastic advice for new, established and aspiring authors, by Tim Grahl, the guy who has helped authors like Pamela Slim, Charles Duhigg, Daniel Pink, Chip and Dan Heath, etc. get to and stay on the bestseller lists.

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John Yunker discusses web globalization, including how to meet the needs of a target audience in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world.

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My favourite TV commercial [video] #SSSVEDA

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Very exciting news! Good luck :)
Translator / Übersetzerin / Traductora / Traducteur

Translation. Words that work. Convincing content.

More about me:


About me and my translation activities

  • I'm a professionally trained, accredited and experienced translator.
  • I work from French, Spanish & German into English - never out of English.
  • Attracting and retaining clients "remotely" fascinates me.
  • I especially enjoy being location independent, and wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I admire colleagues with business flair and a sense of professionalism. 
  • I blog occasionally.
  • I love being a translator :)
  • I'm interested in how experienced translators develop their careers and maintain their source and target languages over time.
  • I'm a former director of eCPD Webinars, a company offering online professional development for linguists, translators and interpreters all over the world.

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  • Translator, traducteur, traductor, Übersetzer
  • Translation, traduction, traducción, Übersetzung, Fachübersetzung
  • French to English translator, vers anglais
  • German to English translator, nach Englisch
  • Spanish to English translator, al inglés
  • French, français, francés, Französisch
  • Spanish, espagnole, español, castellano, Spanisch
  • German, allemand, alemán, Deutsch
  • English, anglais, inglés, Englisch

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  • Online marketing for freelancers, solopreneurs, portfolio workers, remote workers, SMEs
  • Copywriting, rédaction, redacción, Redaktion/ Texterstellung
  • Technical writing, rédaction technique, redacción técnica, technische Redaktion/ Dokumentation
  • Professional development, altprofdev
  • Irish, Gaeilge
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

3. These circles might also fit but are not my core areas of interest:

  • Solopreneur, freelancer, microbusiness owner, portfolio worker
  • Translation news
  • Translation training
  • Translator associations, ITI, AUSIT, ATA, CIOL
  • Online training, professional development, webinars
  • Toastmasters
  • Australia, Queensland, Brisbane
  • Translation consultant, speaker

  • University of Westminster
    Technical & Specialised Translation (German, French, Spanish), 2002 - 2004
  • University of Limerick
    Applied Languages (Spanish, French, German), 1996 - 2000
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Other names
Sarah Slattery
Translator - French, Spanish, German
  • Sarah Dillon Translation Services
    French, Spanish, German, 2005 - present
  • eCPD Webinars
    Marketing Director, 2011 - 2013
  • Bain & Company
    Manager Assistant, 2004 - 2005
  • Learning & Skills Development Agency
    Training Programme Administrator, 2002 - 2004
  • Apple Inc.
    Trainer, 2001 - 2002
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Brisbane, Australia
London, England - Granada, Spain - Besançon, France - Jena, Germany - Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland - Cork, Ireland
My daughter has been at Clayfield Capers for almost three years now, across three different rooms. We've had contact with a number of educators during this time, and have attended a range of different days as our needs have evolved. We are also making an active choice to keep our daughter here for her Kindy year, as we believe it to be the best option in the area. The centre has always been very responsive to our needs. We've faced some challenges as a family over the period of her enrollment and Capers have always been willing and able to adjust the level of support and care offered to our daughter to assist us. This has been invaluable, as it's provided a level of stability and security we would not otherwise have had (we're not from Brisbane originally and don't have family living nearby). Our daughter has thrived during her time at Clayfield Capers. I've often had reason to drop in to the centre at different times of the day over the past three years (I live and work close by), and have never had cause for concern for her welfare. The level of genuine care, affection and engagement shown to her and the other children by the educators there has been truly exceptional. At times, my daughter has needed special attention for her eating, sleeping, or other such reasons (generally normal childhood things) and this has always been given as per our instructions, or better. We've also had the usual childhood bumps, scrapes and minor incidents over our time here, and again, this has been handled well. Communication with us has been clear and our daughter has been wonderfully cared for. The level of investment in the centre is obviously high: the indoor and outdoor spaces are constantly being remodelled and improved. Our child has spent a lot of time outdoors at the centre and has developed a real love of climbing and gardening during her time here. Clayfield Capers also work tirelessly to create a supportive environment within the community. Links with local schools, libraries, and other support services are also strong. For us, the centre has become like a trusted member of our family, a key support to our daughter and to us as parents.
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