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So, you can now report people for:

>posting nudity
>posting pornography
>hate speech
>copyright issues
>having a profile that doesn't represent a person
>if you think they've been hacked
>if they're engaging or promoting illegal activities
>if they're engaging in and promoting dangerous activities
>if they're distributing people's personal information
>if they're manipulating rankings
>if their behaviour is "deceptive"
>if their name is fake
>if they're trying to sell something

Isn't this getting a little ridiculous considering you can just block the person and solve most of these problems? If you have the ability to block someone, why not use it? 

Also, what do half of these even mean? Where do you draw the line between a heated argument and bullying? What's the difference between opinion and hate speech? How illegal is "illegal"? What about promoting smoking pot now? That's legal in some areas, but not others. And what about deceptive behaviour? Does that include GIRLS? Is it people pretending to be Nigerian princes? Where does personal responsibility and common sense come into play? 

Seriously. Just use the block button. This is getting ridiculous.

(For anyone who hasn't noticed, there's no "report nudity" option, it's all under a blanket option to report someone for violating the ToS ( When you click that option, it takes you to another list of more specific things to report someone for.)
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For realz. Blocking is so much easier, and there's no drama or anything.
Just get it done and over with.
Facebook is sucking so bad that more people are coming to g+ instead. Which will now become like Facebook.

+C David Rigby Honestly, I'm not a huge Facebook user, but I've never had this kind of trouble on Facebook. G+ seems to intentionally hunt down "unwanted" content. Facebook seems to wait until people have a serious issue with something.
"If their behavior is "deceptive"".... WTF is that!
- Report - They said I could win a free iPhone if I go to this link, instead I needed to give my personal information!
You should leave. 
Impersonation?.. you mean i have to stop telling people i believe i'm God?? :o(
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