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The biggest sale of the year is here!!

For the next two days use code BF60 and get 60% off all Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and Bundles!!

Session tonight AND we have thunderstorms forecasted Why, Colorado? Why. lol!

This has been happening lots lately too. I can handle a bit of rain if necessary but the lightning is a no go ha!

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I am trying so hard to learn how to balance all the social media sites so I apologize for being a google+ mega flake. I promise I will be better ha!!

I wanted to share that in honor of my birthday today and my newest release linked up I am having a store wide sale good for half off all Photoshop and Lightroom Goodies!! I have been sharing images from customers and testers on the fan page at if you wanna peek. <3

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Pretty excited about these! <3

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There are just two seats left in my Online Creative Processing Workshop! The early bird discount ends tomorrow! We begin the day after Mother's Day on May 12th! Hope you will join us this month!

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I am kind of obsessed with Instagram. I am always in awe of the talent in those circles and absolutely LOVE to follow people. I truly can't get enough.

Want to be friends? I am my4hens. Just as a disclaimer most of my images are indeed iPhone images, but that doesn't stop me from trying to be creative lol!

Feel free to share your profile below or follow me!

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Apparently I have my very own special contributor link I am supposed to ask everyone to click for my NYIP articles! If you will be so kind and maybe click this (even if you already clicked the other) I would LOVEEEE it. I had no idea that kinda thing mattered ha!

And feel free to share.

Thanks friends!!

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My Very first contribution to the New York Institute of Photography is live!

I have the honor of writing articles chalk full of tips, techniques and tutorials pertaining to photography for their website! :) Go peek!

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Ezra's birth story in images.

Thanks to my lovely,.lovely friend Lindsey Bergstrom for capturing such a special time in our lives.
My own little Ezra's birth story.

Mostly in photos. Thank you so much to my amazing friend Lindsey Bergstrom for capturing this for me.

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I have been awful at remembering to post here as often as I would like so here is to trying to be better!

And my photo from today because my Project 365 is still happening!


When you are my age... and life isn't so carefree and you may even feel just a bit tired, I want you to remember this...not just because I am your mother, but because I am a woman that was once a little girl like you.

Life may not always be what you expected, but it will always be what you make of it.

You are vibrant. You are beautiful. You were born a little fiery ball of spirit and even have a bit of a wild soul.

Don't let anyone taint that.

Don't let anyone break that.

You are special.

And you will always be loved for who you are.

Remember to love yourself too my child.
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