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Oh, Robert Downey Jr, how I love thee.....
Some days I think humanity is doomed. There just aren't enough strong, compassionate, brave people to offset the selfish, sick and cruel ones.

“These things are not easy to look at. We turn...

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We hope they step on a LEGO brick in the middle of the night, too. "Things I WOULD wish upon my enemies:" by Doghouse Diaries

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Well this just has +Lee Kitchen written all over it.
If you can't afford an island just yet, make one of these!
The most fun thing I've seen in ages.  When you finish watching this, go check out his fantastic dance in 'Weapon of Choice' by FatBoy Slim.  

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If you've ever seen the music video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" then you know that Christopher Walken has got the moves. If you're a real fan of his you might even know that before becoming a film star, Walken initially trained as ...
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This is fantastic! Just got to see this in a worksession. Love it!

Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" Multi-Language Full…:
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Very nice, thank you for this one. Now I'm going to share it with my grand kids. 
Wow! Cool coincidence!

Today in Geek History: Emma Watson & Maisie Williams were born. Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger & Arya Stark!
Everyone else is going on about sports and I'm like "oh, cool, bubonic plague and archaeology, let's read that story".... 
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Seriously, I have no idea what March Madness is. I'm lucky enough to work with people who share my lack of interest in sports. (Please don't tell me -- I'm happy to remain ignorant.)

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You don't use Google Keep? 
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So much in life left to see. How much life left in me?
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This blog used to be so much better when a) I was single b) I was married c) never

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