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"Once we add in that range—the margin of error—we see that the likely wages for men and women at the locality level frequently overlap. In fact, in Caroline, Lancaster, Northampton, and Bristol, we can’t even say that men and women’s earnings are meaningfully different. This complicates even the easy question: Do men earn more than women in these areas? For these areas, and other small localities, we don’t have enough data to unequivocally say, “Yes.”

But even for the localities in which the margins of error don’t overlap—that is, those in which it seems pretty evident that men out-earn women—we have not yet demonstrated why this is true. In other words, even in areas where we can make the claim that men earn more than women, it is too early in the analysis to show that any wage disparity we find is due explicitly and exclusively to gender."

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Stand up for your doubts.

Yes, I'm talking to you.
There's a lot of good things about social media, but there's a lot of bad things too.
One of the bad things is when people share things and talk about things they tend to take sides and become polarized. The collective mob of humanity forces viewpoints into black and white, losing nuance. Losing critical thought.
And if you think I'm not talking about you, then trust me, I am.
You're part of the problem. So am I. But we don't have to be.
Please stop.
Please think.

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I like to share anytime Ferretbrain does an onyx path/white wolf review

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I hear that the new Ghostbuster team is all women.  I also hear a lot of people saying they hate it even though there's not even a trailer for it yet.

Of course no one is coming out and saying these two things are related.  
If someone did, I might in fact applaud them for having the steel guts to say so. I appreciate honesty in sexism. 

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This is on Netflix now. Watch it. Bring tissues.

I have now just discovered that Live Play podcast of pen and paper RPGs are a thing. I don't know how I missed that in over a decade of gaming. I am not yet sure if I would listen to these things on a regular basis or not.

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This article sincerely irritated me. I hate non-articles like this.

Norwegian prisons are nice. Articles describing their system indicate that the emphasis is on treating criminals as humanely as possible in order to rehabilitate them and get them back to being contributing members of society, which makes a lot of sense to me and and I think the US needs to learn that lesson.

So this article points out that there are more convicts in Norway then there are prisons so some of their prisoners have to be shipped to the Netherlands. It tries to paint that as this OOOH BIG DARK SIDE TO THE SUPPOSEDLY PERFECT NORWEGIAN SYSTEM...but really, what's the problem here?

Are Dutch prisons stanky filthholes of disease and desperation? (like some US prisons) The article doesn't say. (probably not.) So again, what's the problem?

Oh. There's a language barrier.


The real interesting stories here are the ones the article DOESN'T talk about:
Why is the Norwegian justice system convicting more people than it has space for? Are these crimes that must be punished by jail time, like murders and such? Or would another penalty such as community service or fines do just as well? The article doesn't say.
Why aren't they building more prisons? The answer is probably lack of funding but why? Maybe they are but it takes time so the transfer to the Netherlands is a temporary solution. Or maybe enough folks in Norway have rejected their tax money being spent on more fancy prisons that they can't build more. I could look up these answers, but why doesn't the article say?
Most importantly, why do the Dutch have so few criminals that they have so much extra prison space? What are they doing right? Can other countries learn a lesson from them? That's real news. But the article doesn't say.

Shame on you, Washington Post editors, for letting this crap get through. Do better.
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