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Our #io13 talk has been posted to YouTube. Check it out for details on Android support for Bluetooth Low Energy and AVRCP 1.3 — including a sneak peek of the APIs that will be released in the next version of Android — and some tips for Bluetooth development in general.
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Won't do me any good if  +HTC doesn't get off their butts and give us updates.

I swear, I've bought my last +HTC phone.  That company just plays clusterball, going from one "flagship" to the next, leaving everyone else in the dirt even if your phone was the LAST flagship..
You said nexus 4 and future nexus devices. Does this mean the Samsung Galaxy Nexus wont receive BLE even though it has the hardware to support it?
Excellent news for us at Adidas...
Look forward to see API lv18 coming.
Good job
+Sara Sinclair Brody I would almost kind-of expect such behaviour from other vendors that make their own versions of Android, but from Google for its flagship development phones? Regarding a software issue? Get serious.

Very nice attitude, keep it up, more of this is precisely what Android ecosystem needs!  *sight*

Google can now officially be considered as horrible as Samsung - advertising a feature (BT4 in S3) which is kind-of compliant with some subset of spec that no one else supports (at least that's my understanding of the problem here -

Completely unacceptable.
+Sara Sinclair Brody  Regarding Kyle's question about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus - what about this device and other devices with BLE hardware but no software support - would they be able to use BLE devices once their software is upgraded to API 18 ? If yes, how long after the next Android version is released is it expected to be able to upgrade such devices as the Samsung Galaxy?
+Urban Škudnik Samsung  ended up writing their own API for BLE on the S3 and S4 due to lack of direction from AOSP. The Galaxy Nexus might be able to get support with CyanogenMod and borrowing libraries from other phones with a similar chip. It's a shame this kind of thing falls on the community to get going.
+Sara Sinclair Brody Please update the Galaxy Nexus's bluetooth driver! I love my Nexus, but I will get an S3 or S4 on Verizon if I have to because I need the BT LEP support. Maybe we can hear something about that NEXUS 5 soon? Eh?
So they're not supporting a Nexus device for at least a 2 year life-cycle. Starting to act like other phone vendors. You at least need to support the standard 2 year contract from the launch date.
+mark woodraska support is only needed for 18 months past release date. As of today, it was released 18 months and 12 days ago.
There are plenty of Galaxy Nexus owners (including myself) that want BLE for their device. Google is taking a lesson from Apple and trying to force people to by new devices by creating artificial limitations on older hardware.

Also it would be nice if Google/Android would respond to this ticket:
I also imagine it likely costs to re-certify a device for BTLE support, not a lot of manufactures will cough up the dough to do this. 
I in fact read this, but am not going to offer official Google comments on my personal G+ account, sorry.  :)
One of the Android DevRel accounts.  

I'm in the process of moving across the country, so will be extra not-responsive at the moment.
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