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Sara Rooney
Learning to approach life with the grace that has been given me.
Learning to approach life with the grace that has been given me.

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(not exactly) Library (but still a whole lotta) Love - UK Edition!
Do you have a particular topic of conversation that, no matter how many times it comes up, you always seem to bumble through it? I always feel like a bit of a dope when I talk to people about my husband because usually at some point in the conversation, I h...

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What's That Bright Thing In The Sky? - My Sunday Best - 05
Three years ago, when we took my sister and brother-in-law to Scotland for their very first trip to the UK ever, we had the most gorgeous weather... beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds, and hardly a drop of water to be seen (unless of course, you ...

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Little Gems - Library Love
I almost didn't think it would be worth it to do a Library Love today, except that as I was collecting books to return to said library I realized that - quite by accident or luck - we had a few real gems worth mentioning. They All Saw a Cat  by Brendan Wenz...

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Living in Bodies and a My Sunday Best
I guess when you think about it - our bodies are really important. Get used to that outfit folks. I'm currently 17 weeks preggo and it's just about the only Mass-worthy outfit I gots, so you're going to be seeing a lot of it Earlier this week, I picked up m...

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The Books Making Me Cry These Days - Library Love
First, thank you to all who left messages and sent notes of congrats about our new little one ! It means so much to Paul and I to read your good wishes and encouragement. The first trimester was definitely a struggle, and I often told people during that tim...

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Easter and NEW Life - My Sunday Best - 03
There were so many reasons I was looking forward to Easter this year - and (rather amazingly) they weren't all related to ending the Lenten fast! Actually, I think what brought me the most joy this year was related to the almsgiving part of Lent. Because of...

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4 Weeks Down... 2 to Go!
So, guess what? We are more-than-officially past the halfway point in Lent! Can I get a "Woohoo!" I don't think I have ever been so relieved to see the finish line on the horizon before. This has been just such a "Lent-y" Lent. Translation: I have never fel...

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A Lint-y Lent - My Sunday Best - 02
Has this happened to you? I was listening to a podcast earlier this week and I almost had to stop it midway because I was going crazy hearing the podcaster say "Lent". Not because she was overusing the word (I mean, it was an episode about Lent after all) b...

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Get Ready for Lent, cuz Surprise! It's here!
I'm approaching Lent with a strange mixture of (happy) anticipation and dread this year. I think it might be because last year's Lent, even though it was the first time I had really ever observed it, seemed to go so well. Now that we're doing this a second ...

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(Only a little) Library Love
Our days at the library have been a bit like (an unnamed toddler's) use of the potty... regular, but a little too quick to accomplish much good, or in fact, leave the place "better than we found it" AHEM. Sorry. Was that TMI? Nevertheless, despite our qui...
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