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Brownie, Brown Town, BT left us on July 1, 2015. He was about 11 years old. He was also known as that brown kitty, my brown friend, that little kitty, that very good business cat, my brave soldier, and that Purr.

He was diagnosed about a month ago with cancer that had started in his small intestine and spread to his lungs. His appetite got gradually shorter for months and he eventually completely stopped eating. We made the decision to have a home euthanasia so he would leave peacefully in the comfort of his home. 

I will always remember him for jumping on the bed in the morning and kneading the bed by face and purring til I woke up. Sometimes he’d hop on my belly instead. He always “Murrr murrr murred” when it was time for food and ran excitedly to the kitchen. 

He really liked sitting on a variety of surfaces- piles of laundry, purses, blankets, your towel from the shower, a jacket you just took off, junk mail, a freshly swept floor.

He knew that 3 pats meant “Come over here please for pets” or “Come check out this interesting new box/jacket/pile of papers to lay on.” He knew that 2 pats meant “I’m getting up now, you should move out of the way."

His favorite toy was a stuffed red mouse with a green tail. My mom got it for him for Christmas 4 years ago. It’d disappear for months sometimes, but he’d find it again and meow and bring it to us. Sometimes he even played fetch. 

He knew when I was sad and would always come over and rub against me. He was a bit more in tune than TubTab at that kind of stuff. 

He liked it when Simon and I were at our computers because it usually meant he could sit in our lap and get lots of pets. 

He liked going outside the apartment. We’d carry him down the hall every once in a while to give him a thrill. One time I went to take out the trash and he ran out, unnoticed. I came back inside, and 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I answered to a neighbor who looked very confused. He just said “uuhh… your cat?” and pointed down. There was that BT- who murred and ran inside. His tail was very very fluffled. 

During his last days, Simon took him outside the apartment and into the hallway and up and down the stairs. He got to go on big adventures. 

Brownie also had a death stare for strangers if he wasn't in a visiting mood. He'd be at the top of the cat tree, sitting down, and staring directly at the newcomer. It almost looked demonic and it would really freak people out because they wouldn't notice immediately. 

We somehow came up with this backstory that Brownie was a very lucrative businesscat. And his paw would often hang off of a surface while he laid down. So we'd grab it and gently shake it and tell him "It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Brown Town. You drive a hard bargain!" 
There's a store called Brownie's Hardware down the street. And there's the Downtown Brown Ale with a cat on the label that we are quite sure Brownie managed while we were away :)

He always did that thing where he would pretend he wasn’t interested in your food, so he’d sniff a bit to the right of it to show you there was just-something-over-there-definitely-not-your-food-at-all a little interesting to him. a little interesting to him. And if you weren’t looking, he’d swipe a piece of chicken from your curry. 

During his last days, we tried to share all our food with him. We got him 5 types of cat treats, baby food, tuna, subway sandwiches, soups, etc. He was always interested in what we offered. But, he just could not eat in the end. 

I unfortunately, had to be out of the country for work during his last 10 days. Simon really went the extra mile in trying to get him to eat and getting that appetite stimulant medicine in him. When it was time, Simon made sure Brownie was as comfortable as possible. I'm so grateful he was around to help when I couldn't be here.

I still have a TubTab, and I love her very much. But that BT was very special on his own. Not all kitties are the same.
Its so hard right now to only hear one set of paws running to the kitchen at mealtime. 
Now when I sing silly songs to my cats, I’ll only sing them at one. 
I think I see him sleeping on chair out of the corner of my eye, but it is just a purse or crumpled up jacket.
Tabby never runs out of the apartment, so I don’t need to watch for a kitty running out anymore when I come in.

But out of habit I still do. 
Brownie in Memurriam
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A candid perspective on the "crime" for which Aaron Swartz was charged.

Stamos knows what he's talking about, and it matches with the earlier facts of the case I'd read.

A system of justice where someone can be charged with 35 years of jail time for spidering academic journals is a system which has gone insane.

But that's anti "hacking" legislation and IP law for you.


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Wiki survey on G+ ideas. You can add your own or vote on those presented.
#googleplus   #featurerequest   #wikisurvey  

Inspired by +Natalie Villalobos's recent post on (among other things) feature requests, I created a wiki survey asking for G+ feature ideas.  Add your own and vote for your favorites!

TL;DR I hate the new design of the G+ Android app.

I use an Android phone. For a long time, I refrained from updating my Google + app to the new picture-heavy design because I saw what it looked like on other phones. I was not excited about the new design with a focus on pictures and less on the text content of the post.

Unfortunately, when I upgraded to Jellybean, Google auto updated Google+. So, I'm stuck with the update. I wanted to give it a week of interaction before I posted my evaluation. But honestly, I haven't used it that much since the update.

I can't see the majority of my friends' posts while scrolling. I can see a tiny snippet with a "..." following. This means I have to click into each post to get the full content and comments.

In the older version, the text displayed was much longer and you could also see the last few comments that had been posted.  Now, you cannot see any comments while viewing the stream.

The result is that I click on less posts and I get less from my Google+ experience. I enjoyed not having to click every module. I enjoyed reading through and getting a good summary of the post and discussion before deciding to click. Now, I have much less to go on before deciding to click. And many times the click isn't worth waiting a few seconds while the page loads.

Ive always been a fan of practicality and usefulness over prettiness. Needless to say, I'm disappointed with the new G+ design. I'm curious if those in favor of it have similar complaints and if they matter as much.

G+ is no longer a useful mobile app for me to get others' news from. I will do the majority of my G+ reading and commenting on a desktop machine, sadly.

G+ is still useful as mobile app to share pictures, however. So, I'll still be using my phone's version for that.

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$1 hurricanes at Jefferson St Pub Wednesday nights at Dueling Pianos. These are dangerously delicious.

The entire bar just sang Bohemian Rhapsody. :)

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Neat graffiti in the womens bathroom at the kaffeeklatsch. 

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beautiful opera singing at the caltrain this morning. <3

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Found my laundry bag with some extra fluff.
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