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Check it out -- we’re working with a handful of social media management companies to test Google+ functionality in their tools. This effort will roll out gradually, initially to a subset of their clients to help manage their Google+ pages.
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For HootSuite it has been amazing working with Sara and such an amazing G+ team. We really hope our clients appreciate the robust integration!
This is great! Can't wait for hootsuite to roll it out for everyone. It has been my preferred social management tool for my business.
Great working with you Sara and the rest of the Google team! We had a blast with this project!
I hope there will be support for Tweetdeck as well. I worked concurrently with Tweetdeck and Hootsuite for a while and found Tweetdeck to be the superior tool for the task, especially with integrating multiple accounts and multiple sources.
Great news. I've been waiting for an option to schedule my posts for my curated +Martian Soil page, because while I only check for new material once or twice a day, I don't want to flood the stream with 5-10 pieces of new content all at once. Scheduled posts via something like +HootSuite will help me target more optimal time slots too if I find new content at odd hours of the night.
everyone i talk to cant wait to try it! wtg G+
Congrats to the Google+ team. It's been a pleasure working together on this. I know the +HootSuite team is super excited to be a part of this release!
So excited to have the Google+ integration in HootSuite!
Would've been nice if google had invited smaller developers for this type of beta as well, I know I'd like to have Twitilla included in that.
Thrilled HootSuite is a part of this great launch! +1!
Everyone at HootSuite is beyond stoked to be involved in this! Amazing!!
Congrats G+ team! Everyone here at HootSuite is super happy to be involved!
Congrats to you and your team, Sara. I'm thrilled +HootSuite is a part of this integration!
Huge congratulations Google+ team. One more +1 for awesomeness and supersauce. Excited to be involved at +HootSuite
What an awesome release this is! +1 for +HootSuite Proud to be part of such an amazing company and excited to have +Google+ integration within my HootSuite dashboard!
Double plus! Gratz to the awesome release
G+ looking awesome on HootSuite! #oneup
HootSuite += Google+
Congrats Sara and team for making this possible!
I really need this. I have 7 pages so far and growing. Using HootSuite to manage them would be so helpful. Only thing I am concerned with is, how much will it cost once the "honeymoon" period is over?
Congrats Sara and Google team! +1 for HootSuite!!!
the HootSuite/Google+ integration is so slick. really really excited for this. +1 to everyone!
integrating G+ and hootsuite is a good idea;Kudo's sara HOOTSUITE gonna be my "social media dashboard" for life !
Brands are sure exited to see G+ on HootSuite! Lots of positive feedback! Great work team.
Involver has an interesting take on Google+ integration, check it out!
Awesome! Finally we have some social network diversity!
Involver rocks!
Awesome! This partnership with Social Media platforms such as +Involver will help Google+ appeal to the biggest brands.
We're thrilled to be part of this launch ..... especially so my brother can finally use the social network of choice!
Interesting, does it mean that a Google+ API that will allow write access to G+ is in the works?
Awesome that Involver is in this. Great stuff!!!
Good Morning from Greece!! many thanks to the G+ team :) !!! I can't waiting ....
+Sara McKinley I am looking to integrate Google+ into a project I am working on. Any chance I can send an email to ask a few questions?
Sara, this is really exciting! It would be great to have a non-profit as a test as well. I'm the director for online and community for +Direct Relief International which is a really innovate non-profit and ranked highly amongst Forbes & Charity Navigator. And we're really into G+. So if you're looking for a non-proft test, let's talk! :)
Sara, I am a professor of Instructional Technology. My research is in knowledge convergence as a result of group socialization and learning. I think that Google Plus would be a wonderful vehicle to use to foster, create and promote group learning and online communities of practice. I would like to test and research the effectiveness of Google+ functionality in my graduate level classes.
Socialbakers is definitely missing in this launch. What can we do about it?
Lots of SMMS tools missing, including Awareness. Why so closed?
Any updates here? Feels like Google has picked their favs and left the rest of us to wait. What is the requirement to be in this program? I can't even get a call returned from Google?
Any update on this program? Is it still closed, exclusive, handpicked with no documented requirements for entry? Yeah I'm getting a ittle annoyed with the silence
Any ideas on how soon a public or broader Beta version of the API will be available. Would love to ramp up our 900 clients on Google+.
I would love to know if ANYONE on this thread has seen a response from Google on this? Is anyone seeing financial impact on not being part of this hand picked list?
so what should I do if I want to create an app that sync with G+ ?
Still looking for ANY update from Google?  When are other companies going to gain access to the API tools?   We have hundreds of clients on our waiting list to get started with G+ and thousands have expressed interest AFTER we have specific details to share.
Please release the tools or at least comment back.
fine, thanks for the information.
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