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Some improvements to Google+ Profiles and Pages

I’m excited to let you know about a few tweaks we’ve made based on the feedback we’ve received from you. Starting today, we’re adding a sharebox to your personal and/or business profile, and we’re making cover photos easier to manage. These improvements are rolling out globally over the next few hours; in the meantime, you can find descriptions and screenshots below.

Sharing from your profile. You’ve been asking for it, and today we’re launching it: the ability to post directly from your profile. Just look for the familiar sharebox when you’re visiting your own profile, and share what’s new with your circles. And don’t worry, only you -- the profile or page owner -- will see this new sharebox. 

Seeing the bigger picture.  Your cover photo is one of the first things people see when they come to your Google+ profile or page.  It’s an instant visual representation of your personality, interests, and style. Here are 3 ways we’ve made it easier to choose, adjust and store your cover photo:

1) Beautiful cover photo gallery. We’ve added a gallery of cover photos that you can choose from for your profile or page. To choose one of these gallery photos, simply click on “Change Cover Photo” and select “Gallery.” For those of you still using the 5 photo tiles, you can easily upgrade by hovering over your scrapbook images and clicking “Upgrade to Cover Photo."

2) Instant resizing and adjustment.  Now when you upload a cover photo, we’ll automatically resize it to fit within the cover photo area.  You can easily adjust your cover photo simply by dragging it into place so you’ll no longer have to crop - just snap, upload and drag.  

3) Cover photo albums. Now, when you upload a new cover photo, you won’t have to delete your existing photo. Instead, all your cover photos will automatically be added to your new Cover Photos album. The photos you upload will be saved in their entirety, not just the cropped version. 

We hope these improvements make it easier for you to both create great cover photos and share more awesome content. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Ricardo James's profile photoCraig Thompson's profile photofred torch's profile photoBenito Bangcong's profile photo
I love those improvements!  The best one, IMO, is the new cover photo album!

The next thing I would like to see... the black bars on vertical photos to be gone. 
What about the huge #whitespace ? Are there any plans to fill with content?
Keep em coming!  Gotta love the improvements G+ continues to bring to the table...
Steve Braun
Oh yeah… things I've been waiting for so long!
What about real new features, like groups, events, better circle accessibility?
That's all well and good, but it's more important most of us to know what's happening as far as being prevented from adding circles.
I've been stopped from adding circles for over a week now and for others it's been longer. All I get is that I've reached my limit, despite not having physically added any shared circles during that time.
The whole point of Google Plus is this circle sharing idea and if that doesn't work, then we need to know why and what's being done to rectify the situation.
Perhaps it's asking too much for us to have a wysiwyg editor - like Blogger and the Google User Forum have got, but not to be able to use the thing that Google Plus is famous for - circle sharing - is just plain ridiculous.
Are there options to turn any of these off? Or do we once again have no choice, Just like the last design update which i would still like to turn back to the better original.
If you add anything remotely resembling a 'Timeline' we may have issues ;)
Ha I love seeing +Amanda Rosenberg and her honey bear on my stream.  Stoked to see more improvements on an already awesome product.
Nice upgrades. I love how easy it is to work with pics on G+
I like my 5 tiles pictures page...
Good work...
Will definitely love it!
Please don't turn into Facebook.......
Can't wait to get home and start on it. Big thanx
Good work people :) Thank you.
I still wish I could edit my screen name...I have my personal email and would rather use my internet persona so everyone didn't have my real name...
Something is going the wrong way The pics don't fully load in my stream (or don't even load at all) and I can't open posts in another tab or re-share them.
Will we ever be able to share things on other peoples profiles to leave them messages etc?
+Mathew Hanley : You can already leave people messages. Create a post in your stream. Share it only with that person. Voila, a private message to them which can be the locus for a whole conversation you can bring people in on as you go simply by mentioning their names.
Thanks for the heads up +Tiffany Henry and thank you for the updates +Sara McKinley ! Great to see the g+ devs are still listening to user feedback a year down the line :)
Why can't I upload a pic using my G+ iPad app? All it let's me do is add a comment and state my location? Very un-intuitive feature and needs mor work I think.
Thank you for the nice cover photos. It would be nice, if we could access a list of the +1's that we enter in Google Plus.
The thing I like about Google+ (in contrary to facebook) is that user feedback is actually utilized in a GOOD way. I like the new changes. I did not give any feedback, yet if I would have, these would've been the exact things I would've addressed. Way to go Google! +1!
+Sara McKinley Once you upgrade to the Cover photo, can you go back to the 5 photo tile layout if you wish?  Many of us like the ability to have 5 different photos here as opposed to 1 wide photo.
id like the chat function to be more useful.... so i can send files etc
Now I hope these nice profile pics get transferred to your contacts profile pics on ICS without downsizing.  :)
#1 reason why Google+ is better than FB: "I’m excited to let you know about a few tweaks we’ve made based on the feedback we’ve received from you."
Would like to see a better android app. This one is cluttered and hard to read.
I am still trying to figure out how to remove games from the "Your Games" page of mine.

Is there a way to remove games I no longer care to play; that I have, in fact, removed privileges for, but they won't go away from that list?

That would be GREAT!
excellent, that is the reason i am in love with google+
Love the way the big G, never stands still..Upwards and onwards! 
Facebook - past
Twitter - now
Google+ - future
The future is bright with Google+
wooooh i don anderstnd!!!!!!!!!
glad to see sharing from your profile, it was getting old to have to change pages just to make a new post
Try to make as much of the accessibility and options available through a laptop through a phone I spend 99% of my time on SNS on my phone.i.e. see my cover photo or tile(whatever its called) on my phone and be able to change it on my phone
mark zukinberg mst b a hpy man to 9 ths hahaha
Still, why can't I put by birthday on my profile? It seems something obvious to put on there.
قال نبی الرحمة*، *محمد صلی الله علیه و آله:
إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ إِذَا كَانَ أَوَّلُ يَوْمٍ مِنْ شَعْبَانَ أَمَرَ بِأَبْوَابِ الْجَنَّةِ فَتُفَتَّح‏
+Frank Uhlig I'm betting that the #whitespace is going to be where the ads are going to appear when the inevitable advertisements find their way to our playground. I'd love it if we could remain ad free, but I fear that may eventually be impossible for #Google
you cant see the whole cover photo coz the profile pic is on the way. I hope they can relocate the profile pic to see the whole cover photo.
+Mathew Hanley then when you post something for someone in particular that you would also like the world to see, the plus their name AND make it public. Problem solved. Good luck. :)
A much better chat, and noise control. Noise control
#noise #control
Yoko T
All great except the text width.  The larger original width was much better.
good if only the video tab would link YT video would be great.
Wouldn't it also be cool if #GoogleTranslate was baked into Google+? I would make it even easier to discover new interests and people from all over the world. You'd be able to read international posts just by clicking "translate". I'm sure it's on it's way at some point. Such an obvious idea for integration for it not to be thought of, yet. Can't wait! Thanks #Google.
If I "Upgrade to Cover Photo", will I be able to return to the 5 tile design I enjoy now or is this a one time one shot operation?
i wish you could switch back to scrapbook view...
pa wee
agree Ressard Sloan,i think mostly of us hope d same 
I would use g+ a lot more if I could update my profile information from my phone & select photos from my gallery to put in my profile.
Thats preety good and I like that. Wilson Chikaunga Zimbabwe.
What if I want the five tiles of the scrap book back?
What will happen to the Scrapbook album?
The next thing I would like to see... the black bars on vertical photos to be gone.
The cover photo is so short that it's quite difficult to find a photograph that can be used for it, particularly since the right quarter of the image is hidden by the profile picture.
Please merger Google Talk and Google Messenger already! It's a mess!!
Not sure how I feel about this.....
The new cover photo feature is awful. 

I don't want a cropped view of my pictures. Its enough to make me quit G+ and say goodbye to 33,500 followers I have on here
people who complain about these changes are RIDICULOUS. It's a free service for cryin out loud. If you don't want to use it, don't. (and as for "Don't make it look like Facebook" ... oh c'mon, that's an idiotic sectarian argument. Obviously it looked like Facebook from the very start.
i guess those are just just sounded like a complaint.. :P and yeah this is similar to facebook.. lol
Cool. But I am still waiting for a post to someone's stream feature and Google groups integration.
I use mobile so I'm fine, cuz I probs won't get any updates. 
Sounds great. Just don't add those foolish apps like that other social networking site. Google + is the best way to do social networking hands down.
Love you for this,next would be the black hate on the profile pic,make it transparent or five or give it a glassy border
it's incredibly stupid how I can't zoom/crop the cover photo, only move it up and down. 
Sara, What's a good place to make feature suggestions? You know how you can share google drive files by contact/email/group? How about by "Circle" too?
I was having a lot of trouble with Cover !
now that's seems great improvements  
Next up please teach me how to geotag photos in g+ and then how to mass replace a name tag.
it would be nice to have a share box on other's profile too.
Any chance of a wall posting feature in G+?
Hi Sara, thank you for your post, very neat. I have one question if possible. Why my profile photos are shared without me asking for it?
so weird, i just made some adjustments and comments and things like that on the back ground and over suddenly whole bunch of my friends started responding to me with the comments on something i never shared with anywone. happened twice already.with the gallery photos too. Does it mean everytime i change my gallery or profile  pic the whole world gets notified except for me? I know there is an option to share but i click cancel when it asks me as i don't want to share at that time and people still get the post!? well i just hope noone is doing things on my behalf as it is weird unless i dont know how thigs work, please explain if possible.
thanks +Sara McKinley and...I desperately need a force desktop that works for my tablet. I can not manage my page from my ipad, because it keeps reverting to a weird mobile version. Even if I force it with a desktop soon as I click manage page it goes mobile... and thats make me represent my clients less on googleplus than on other platforms..which is too bad because I like gplus a lot more!
gud bt i d'nt know hw enjy it pl. ...
Wow! It looks great im Ali from Mombasa kenya
" Nick Byford " You are right. G+ is now just for posting pics. It dose not accept famouse paintings. In the other hand most of the comments are from person to another. No space for thoughts. And if there is a space it is for local American matters. But I like G+ more than facebook ande twitter becaous G+ now it is for peoples older than those in facebook and twitter. More than that when I read tweets in twitter I do not understand any thing. And as facebook they talk to each other or comment on a very sily things.
In fact G+ can be better than what is it know if they pay attention to what the people say,, they must open a window for them to see what is in the mineds of peoples.
yay!!!! new things are added!!!! THANKS G+ TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why cant you post on other peoples walls? that should be a basic feature! and how do u pm people!?
just like Facebook.
When will we be able to have more than 500 comments on a post?
in my opinion i love Google+ way better than Facebook (no offense)
I wish the cover photos were easier to swap. Why not just make a simple drag and drop format so it's easier to customize?
+Sara McKinley I love the changes, however I'd still like to have a sharebox on other people's profiles with the text "Send Sara a message" (instead of "Share what's new") that, when clicked, would automatically add that person as a recipient.

That would make contacting a specific person easier for people unfamiliar with G+.
Wow, good job! It would also be nice to be able to filter with an option to only see our own comments.
Also, please add Emoji. Let's just make it an international standard.
Its looking dam good so far.
It would be also great to have a proper iPad app, rather than just the iPhone app. 
+Steve Braun I think the point of g+ is for people to make friends universally not mainly the people you already know. I find it is used to focus on your interests hence the +1 feature it helps them know what to show on your what's hot. I know a lot of users don't use this but I think this is Google's main interest to suck people in by making a social network about there passions to share and see new ideas. While having the people you know to share with.
How about getting rid of the tracking cookies?!!
Real nice. And iPads don't suck.
amazing how Google+ has grown... keep up the good work...
Love the cover photo improvement! FAB!
I'll say it again..... google don't turn into facebook....I loved the experience you aleady had going...... not complaining... just a gentle heads up.
What about the comments? How come we can only do 500 comments.
I still think it would be a good idea to have a local table on ur profile which has all the places u have reviewed, been and even a list of places u want to go.

Local is a very cool feature but it still seems like it's a link to maps and not completely integrated as it should
Didn't realise that the sharebox wasn't there when on my own profile page!
Fantastic, Ive been wanting for these features since day 2.
Where do we add suggestions for future updates? My suggestion would be the ability to respond in post with a picture. I have many occasions where a picture response would bring a bit of humour to a post and can't be that difficult to implement surely?
I really loved the scrapbook. Why did you remove that?
Thanks for the new/improved features!
+Sara McKinley thank you, nice to use a SM tool that is working hard at being better today than it was yesterday!
It's Getting more attractive day by day. Kkeep up good work. ;-)
You have buggered up a lot of peoples hard work by removing the five seperate scrapbook photos. At least let people still have that option.
Thanks though I agree with +Sophia Burns about the background color. It's odd that you have to upload an image (bigger than 1x1) just to have a uniform color in the cover box.
+Sara McKinley Could it be possible to bring back the 5 photo tiles option? I have always preferred it to the cover photo option, but would love that I have a choice to choose between the 2 depending on my mood.
+Sara McKinley If Google is not going to bring back the option of going back and forth between a Cover Photo vs the 5 Scrapbook Photo tiles, they need to provide a "tip" for users who presently use Scrapbook Photos.

That tip needs to explain to them how to go to their Scrapbook Album through their G+ Photos tab, add new photos, then organize the album so that the desired photos show up on their profile.

The way things are now, confused users of Scrapbook Photos are clicking on "Upgrade to  Cover Photo" and selecting an image that they want to include in their existing Scrapbook Photos.  They are then losing the ability to use their previous Scrapbook Photos instead of a Cover Photo.

I would venture to say that many users considered both of the previous "template" options to be "Cover Photo" options and thought that the 5 photo tiles was a "Cover Photo."  They do not realize that "Upgrade to Cover Photo" means that they will lose the ability to use the previous template they had selected that incorporated 5 Scrapbook Photos.
I find it amusing that +Sara McKinley hasn't replied back to one person.  I really hope she's allowed to interact on here.  People, read into this whatever you wish.
I actually just put in some effort last week to rearrange my 5 pics.  Guess I'd better not click on Edit My Profile if I'm going to be forced to change them.  Gah, what a pain.

I do like being able to post from my profile page, but I don't see why I'd have to switch away from the pics I want up there when the functionality was already in place.  Grr.
PS See what I did there with the +Biscuit Brothers page...I put the four cast member photos in a way that looks like they're looking around.  Specifically, the three humans are looking toward the main profile pic but the puppet - who frequently gets stuff backwards - is looking the wrong way.

That whole vibe goes away if you make me eliminate the multi photo thing.

For my own profile, I've got five photos representing some of my different areas of interest/expertise.

Please turn that feature back on.  Give folks a choice.  Thanks.
Sid J
Couple more suggestions:
1) When sharing photos I see only Instant upload but I would like to share from any album
2) In the Android app when the number of comments get long it's not easy to look for just one particular one. Browsers already have a find in page option but the app needs something similar.
Can we please update the mobile app. The new design is awful. I like the old much better
+Sara McKinley I like the new cover photo functionality, but am not a fan, at all, of losing the scrapbook option.
Love the improvements +Sara McKinley, +Natalie Villalobos and the long list of developers making this happen.  It's great to see updates on all the developments and get new features as they happen.

There's only one feature that's frustratingly absent at the moment and it was voiced by +Burak Bilgin in an earlier comment.  The frustration is not being able to view a list of posts (or other items) that I've +1'd here on +Google+.

I've +1'd just under 4,000 items on the site and a few days after doing each one it feels like it's gone forever (apart from the count in Google Dashboard).  There isn't anyway for me to look back on all the funny Caturday photo's and laugh to myself at how crazy it's got over the last few weeks.  There isn't anyway for me to look back at the post I +1'd on my mobile earlier and view it on my PC.  There isn't anyway for me to easily find this post or this comment I've just typed.

Google+ continues to rock my world, a year in it remains a breath of fresh air from the other social networks.  Thanks again for all your hard work :)
So by saying we can go from 5 photo tiles (or 5 photo gifs) to an "upgrade" of only one that a PC way of saying we can't have 5 tiles anymore?
I was just trying to set this up yesterday on a new page and had no option for the now I know why
fwiw, I don't see that as an improvement....unless our cover photo can also be a cover slideshow.
+Sara McKinley I would like to keep the option to switch between 5 (editable and rearrangeable) scrapbook photos and 1 cover photo. I also agree with +Kaleh Kohler 's idea for a tip for users of the scrapbook format. We need both the option to switch formats *and* instructions for maintaining the scrapbook format. Thanks!
I'm also agree with the idea to let users the ability to choose between the five pics scrapbook or the large profile picture, with the option to switch from one to the other permanently.
I'd quite like to have the scrapbook images option back. I have one page which should be using scrapbook images but isn't; so, as things stand, I'm going to have to fake it. Which is less than ideal, considering that I did once have it as I want it.

I have another page which is, correctly, using scrapbook images – handy for screenshots, and that's what I'm using that for. Hopefully, I can still re-arrange things – not tried yet…

Specifically: cover images don't provide space for CLICKABLE IMAGES. And it's clickable images which I want there.

And not necessarily photographs either.
Exactly +Kaleh Kohler I am in agreement with you. I just followed these stupid instructions and lost my 5 scrapbook photos I had of my family. Instead now I have one photo for my cover photo. +Sara McKinley you need to respond and tell us how to get our 5 scrap book cover photos back that I had in Picasa. Now I have one dumb cover photo instead of my 5 photos of my family. Response and Resolution needed ASAP.
+Ricardo James - The solution is simple if you really want your 5 photos to be the cover photo. Just go to the Cover photos album in Picasaweb and download the photos and stitch them together to form the style you want and choose that as your cover photo. :) 
+Karthik Nagaraj I know that but the photos that I stitch together are now going to come up as one photo when someone clicks on it. Before it was 5 different photos with the capability to click on each one for a larger view of a particular photo. Now those photos won't be as large when clicked on as they were previously. I understand the change because I read the post about better viewing for mobile devices, etc. The 5 photos were able to be viewed on PCs and Tablets perfectly fine and now I follow these instructions from +Sara McKinley and now my 5 individual photos are gone. Google should have still left the option for the 5 scrap book photos instead of eliminating it completely. This SUCKS!!

Hey +Google please bring back our 5 photo scrap book option
Now I'm trying to crop and edit a photo of my two daughters because the photo with one of them is hidden behind my profile photo where you can't see her. With the 5 photo scrap book option all you had to do was upload the photo and boom done. Now I'm here on a Sunday wasting time trying to make this photo fit properly instead of my youngest daughter being hidden by my profile photo. If it's this tedious for one photo and I can just imagine the headache to stitch 5 photos together...

The cover photo "instant resizing and adjustment" feature you promote doesn't work. My cover photo, no matter what size does NOT instantly resize or adjust. Additionally, no matter what size or editing I perform the cover photo remains the same. Another key issues is the lack of automatically linking and displaying of existing Picasa photo albums. If I already have Picasa photo albums they should show up in Google+ and not require reuploading to Google +. I find Google+ to be non-intuitive and difficult to use compared to Facebook and in general have found that the user intuitivenes and interface to Google products is poor. It's the typically designed by software engineers for software engineers rather than end users!
Nice exciting...waiting for the new improvements...
Nice exciting...waiting for the new improvements...
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