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Some profile & page improvements, per your request

We spend lots of time listening to your feedback, and today we're launching some profile and page updates that you've been asking for. These include:

- A new tab for your Local reviews. In addition to your photos, +1's and YouTube videos, there's now a place for all your Local reviews. Highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely via settings -- it's completely up to you.

- An easier way to edit your info. The 'About' tab now consists of separate cards (like Story, Places, and Links) -- each with its own prominent edit link. As always: you can share specific fields with specific circles, or keep them just for you.

- Bigger cover photos, with a better aspect ratio. Cover photos are much larger than before (up to 2120px by 1192px), and they display in 16x9 when fully expanded. This way more images can be used as cover photos, and there’s more room for your selection to shine.

Everything's rolling out gradually, so check back soon if you don't see it yet. Once it’s live (at, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Very nice. It also seems to be moving towards a design that would accommodate the logical ordering of posts by theme or topic, which would be a game changer.
Quero logo essa atualização!!
Awesome, I love the larger cover photo that you've included.  And finally more movement with local reviews/zagat.  Can't wait to see the final roll-out of your improvements.  Keep up the hard work I know how hard it would be satisfying an entire social network.
+Hashim Warren well you can check out some top googlers pages. Should be getting the updates first. I'm guessing here but in a day we should have the new stuff. :-) 
GREAT!! "Everything's rolling out gradually" I just changed it!! Well... back to the drawing board.
Can you make the manage friends easier to access? 
These are some nice improvements! I like the integration across platforms... profile, posts, photos, videos, reviews... the power really comes when I start looking at this content across one or more circles to see themes and trends amongst those people that are important to me.
Looks really great, hopefully vanity URL are not far behind these changes so I can finally print my business cards. :)
Great work! Can't wait to get it.
Really nice. I like it, this is where G+ is really standing itself out from the crowd. More original stuff like this please! ^_^
I just had a thought - wouldn't it be cool if photographers (like me) could turn on a setting so users could use one of their photos as a banner image while maintaining a link to where it came from.
I would turn this on for my profile.
I don't mean to be negative, but can anyone on this thread tell me or give me an example of why I would want this bigger header?

I want more of my content to be above the fold, not taken up completely by a graphic. Love to hear why I am wrong about this?
+Chris Lang I would assume they've been testing this feature and found that it resulted in higher engagement levels.  People are very visual creatures, and the move towards bigger, bolder, higher resolution imagery on social networks is an undeniable trend (well, outside Twitter).
Niyas C
Awesome Update ! Thanks :)
I can see this use for maybe a restaurant +Braden Lancaster, but I hate this layout on Facebook.

What really sucks about the Facebook big header, it says in the TOS that I can't promote myself in that graphic. At least Google gets the fact that header graphics do not serve us if I can't add a pitch and a URL.
Xero Xedd
No one requested an image that takes up the entire page. How about variable image sizes as an option? Small, Medium and Large for a start.
Thanks for the update. The new UI looks great!
+Hans Hong Now that could be interesting. Anybody got a working example yet?

Sounds like being a hot graphics guy on G+ is a good place to be this spring.
Does anyone know how large a file size in MB Google will accept +Sara McKinley - +Natalie Villalobos?

Not sure how many will use this well, and how many will turn it into a pitchfest. 
Oooh cool!  I just received the update and my 1-5 scrapbook pics are still compatible!  I may just keep them for a while.  The update look great +Sara McKinley :)
Liking the new hovercards too!
Guess I have to zoom out on Google+ even more now. 

I realize they can't please everybody, but geez. I was so happy with my profile the way it was. Now it looks awful. 
lovely, are you planning possibility to share posts from personal news feed to Page? Please :o)
Can I get my profile pic and banner back please? Mine just updated and now I have to rework my entire header.

Since I don't have time to do that, my profile page now looks like crap. I absolutely hate this layout and that you forced this on us instead of just letting us make the choice.
I'm seconding +Chris Lang. I really don't want to have to go fool around and make this look good when it already looked great. I have other things to do.
:) in italian: fantastico, ottimo modo per poter potenziare la propria comunicazione professionale, un bel salto in avanti. Attendo. 
Looks nice...but if you manage a bunch of pages this is a major headache. A lot of our pages are now messed up. I guess it'll be fixed over time. 
I think it's Wonderful! I hate pics of myself, so I love the fact that our profile pic is tiny & less important now.
Love the improvements.  Thanks for sharing that, Sara.
Cool, I hope it will draw more people to use it. 
The banner photo is ridiculously huge on my 21,5 inch iMac. What was the idea behind such large banner, +Sara McKinley? It takes a second to load...
Nifty. When will us normal people be allowed to have vanity profile URLs?
I like it. Is there a way to re-arrange the cards in your profile?
Nino, when you see a giant awesome looking picture pop up on your screen, its kinda cool. There doesnt need to a be a reason.
Funny how you've managed to completely mess up my cover pics; please give me the option to go back to the old format - you've made it better for people who want a banner, but ruined it for anyone who had a carefully chosen row of photos along the top
Adam Wade
Trying to change ANYTHING on the "Basic Information" card FORCES me to enter a birth date.  If I don't, I can't change ANYTHING.  It doesn't make sense that I can't change who can view my "other names" simply because I choose not to enter a birth date.

Edit: Apparently my choices have no effect on the "Links" card either.

Perhaps some of the "feedback" they were "listening to" was along the lines of "please ignore my choices and force me to expose certain types of information about myself whether I want to or not since I'm obviously too stupid to make these decisions for myself."
What the hell my header is a freaking desktop wallpaper now! That thing is freaking HUGE! That makes no sense to me... Why is it SO big. 
Joe Rega
the larger cover photos and centered content are so UGLY! we spent 2 years getting used to left aligned feeds and now you flip the switch on us?
Nice update +Sara McKinley  , but please update it so the photo you choose for you´r cover isnt forced to a square crop.. I am sure a lot of people would like to have a wide cover photo (in my case 2120 x 455 would be perfect as my cover, visually speaking), and in that case, why crop it square, makes it way to big height wise speaking for my taste (to get it as wide as i would like the cover to be)
So far I really like most of the changes. My one gripe is that I would like to be able to adjust the aspect ratio of the picture so that I can make something that isn't as tall. While it is good for some for the picture to fill the screen when they connect, I'd prefer to see the image as a title bar instead of as a whole page.

Also, when folks start clicking around in the profile, it becomes just a glazed black bar and isn't visible anymore. Really cool functionality, but now requires some more scrolly time for folks to see it.
FB Look Alike is what comes to mind instantly... Better cleaner but... it's totally reminiscent of the FB U.I.
Not sure it's the right direction, being compared with something tat bad. 
SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from where can i add you in my circle?? is it hide?
+Brandon Oxendine took the perfect position of the tag circle :) like a magic - your pic is brightened when getting pointer on it.
Wow. it looks great. The person on the local pic is standing right on the middle of the place .
Now Google + looks more sexier than ever.! but what about A double view tab just like in the tablet version of Google +
It looks amazing, I wonder if the android app is getting a similar update?
As much as I think I like the large picture, it was really hard to find a picture that wasn't blurry at that size.
The image upload is not working, keeps freezing when uploading your recommended image sizes. I am not 100% sold on the HUGE image. Hopefully you did user testing to confirm people want to see images this big. For me, I'm all about content and yes, like to see the visuals but with the size you have them it sure is a LOT of scrolling to get to the content / meat. 
the biggest problem is that since a such big pictures are resized for some reason, I should resized as proper size to see  the perfect design :(
I really feel like the older profile pic with info right below it in the white box was more professional and easier on the eyes than the new layout. It also added some depth to the page. It would have been great if you just made the cover photo of the older layout a little larger, but not as large as the current new cover photo is.. Waaay too big, at least on my display (it probably looks better on a newer higher resolution displays, though.)

I really like the boxes for the "about" page, but it would be even better if at a glance I could see what information is visible to the public and what is not, without having to 'view as public.'
+Sara McKinley for us visual artists, this is an incredibly stealable image. Have you done anything about that? I would never put a 2120px by 1192px image on the internet.
So where is the "they have circled you" indicator on the new hovercard?
You have the Verified mark, so why not the "circled" one?

If you're going to go for that sort of card, why not pull in some other data, such as Circle counts etc.?, or provide links to the About/Posts pages?

And, as I'm being a complete kill joy ...
... do people not think it owuld have been better to havea proper G+ Search feature, or a Post Bookmark feature, or even basic post analytics ... rather than "pretty profiles" ???

Negatives aside - good job.
The updates seem pretty cool so far. About the only problem I have is the addition of the 3/4 in header that's left at the top as you scroll down someone's page, including your own. That's taking up too much real-estate that could be used for viewing more of the page you are on. Please fix that.
I got the new profile update. I like the cover photo. But the posts are so small now.
Well, most of it's a big improvement, but my profile photo array looks awful now.  My image panels were designed for the spaces between the panels.  Now I have to go and redo them all.  Would be nice to have an option to keep the old panel image format.
Is it just us or are the dimensions not quite right?
this look ridiculous on my 15 inch display with 720p resolution - there is no visible space below the profile image
Incredible changes, well done.
Rose L.
I updated my cover photo and I'm regretting it. Is there a way where I can revert back to the old cover photo size? 
The collapsed version of the cover image, which you get by scrolling down the profile page, is currently the lower section of the image. It would be useful to customize the collapsed version, because the default one may not be the best option. In my profile, the collapsed version is a mostly black and featureless band.
+Hunter Hayes Normally I would flag that comment, but that is how I feel as my phone keeps ringing with local clients screaming at me about why their local pages are broken.

You have spoken for all of us that spent money to set up custom banners on business pages.
Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Except for the huge header. The long and thin banner-type headers we've had until now are much more elegant, but I like that at least we have a choice to keep them.
I also quite like the rounded avatars.
Too much. Worse, I have to use a fixed aspect ratio. I can't create a narrow strip similar to what I appear to have now.
+Rose Le Sorry Rose you are SOL like me...My cover photo is Horribly Huge and looks awful...Good Going Google 
+Sara McKinley Any chance the About design is going to roll out site-wide? And am I just imagining it, or does it seem to be slightly Facebook-timeline themed?
It's awful. By blurring the photo and the text you destroy the photograph and obscure the text. Moreover, now I can't see anyone's actual posts on their profile at a glance. You know the content. You guys are working hard at making Google+ as vapid as Facebook aren't, you.
Are the cover photo updates limited to Google+ Profiles, or will Google+ Pages for businesses be able to take advantage as well?
Looks like mixed opinions. Looking forward to seeing my results.
I find the header image way to tall. When I scroll all the way up [Home], all I see is flowers. Pretty, but ...
i hate this!!!! now all my scrapbook photos are mashed up together!!!
This is awsome :) I love it
Although I guess the size of the picture is a little bit exagerated
"We spend lots of time listening to your feedback" If that was the case their would be a dozen other things that would have been way better to focus on 1st. 
+Sara McKinley, huge cover image is a total waste of real estate. Hate the idea. And no way back - messed up rollout, Google.
If I wanted Facebook-like features I would use Facebook more.
You're losing the qualities of clear presentation, attractive and intelligent design sense, and ease of use that made this a viable and refreshing alternative to Facebook, but worse; even Facebook lets you read the posts easily.
So, how did you select from the list of "what we want"? I'm sure I don't want to have my photos blurred and my text made harder to read.
I recall a social media site where "what you want" was the driving force and it was very good for a few and terrible for most.  It was called "MySpace." If you plan to emulate them, at least offer us some ability to change the default layouts.
Goddamit! All that EXTRA space devoted to the new rollover hovercard and you can't even manage to get one line of text on it without cutting it off!
Whoa it's a huge cover photo now. Almost too large. Could it be a little less tall?

Actually if you can just adjust where the cover image starts displaying to be lower at first that would be good enough. If the person visiting the profile wants to see the full image they can scroll up.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the change.
+Sara McKinley Y'all have just killed everyone's taglines on the rollover hovercards. At least Twitter has the decency to tell us how many characters we have to work with.
BIG PROBLEM; updates are being forced too far down the screen (almost 1/3 down after Apple Menu Bar, Crome stuff, Then all the Google+ stuff. This is almost as limited as my iPhone. PLEASE create a tool to allow users to adjust this.
Googles New Cover Photo - This is what happens when you let people work from home...
I love the new changes to the about page and adding the reviews for places on your profile. I don't like how HUGE the picture is for your cover photo. For me it takes up so much of the screen.  Just a little preference of mine. But over all very good improvements! 
Very cool! I want to stay here and play with it all. No work today everyone - all offices are closed....for G+ updates! ;-)
Google is funny... The last cover was ultra thin and the new one is absolutely massive!

The first Version (?) with having a Couple of small Photos to tell your own Story has been utterly destroyed by this Obsession by this "bigger & better" Pixelfest.

Even on a big Monitor you can't read more than ONE Posting when on a Profile Page. Instead there is this giant Wallpaper that does NOTHING.
Can you share dimensions for the new cover photo, so we can prepare photos correctly? 
About 20 minutes ago when I got the new profile update. Post were small and in the middle of the page. Now it looks different . Now everything looks fine. I guess the update does not happen all at once. 
Hello Facebook...I just broke up with Google and wanted to know if you would take me back...Again!
+Sara McKinley needs translator add-ons specially for  communities group  since users use variety of languages for comments, etc. 
Looks good so far. Need to update my cover photo now for the new layout. But +Sara McKinley how can I remove that YouTube link from my profile links? It's only visible for everyone, not for me and I can't edit it. And why is the info section on the right while that usually less relevant persons list comes first? I'd have swapped it around. Albums list much improved.
I agree that the new profile photos are overwhelmingly large. I don't want my whole profile to be dominated and defined by a single huge image.
I like the changes but the COVER photo size is just ridiculous. It is so UGLY and such of waste of screen space! 
new profile cover size is terrible.
i can see only a part of the first post in the feed.
Print on Demand companies see unprecedented surge in 2120px by 1192px images that might not necessarily belong to the posters...
Yeah.  Locked aspect ration is not ideal.
Not good ! Uses a lot of space & needs more scrolling. 
At least there should be a possibility to keep the old style.
But so far there's text displayed in front of the cover picture
That cover photo does look pretty big to me but I like the changes today overall. Well organized. 
Tried to see if I could work around the aspect ratio issue by adding a picture I wanted to use in my Scrapbook Photos, then deleting the others they were defaulting in. It wound up using the last of the original images in Scrapbook, but ignored the image I added. Not good.
I dislike the profile picture in a circle, inset on the cover picture.  The aesthetics can be terrible or nice. Not having a clear frame around it, and taking away the option for square/rectangle takes away flexibility and also means that you have to spend more time coordinating cover and personal picture.

I'm horrified with the new profile about page.  And the hover-over cards are so huge.  Why did you move away from the lovely, clean,  minimalist style you had?  I always saw people in my streams talking about how much they enjoy that about Google.
(NEVERMIND THIS COMMENT -- I cleared my browser cache and it doesn't work that way anymore).

Hmm...   The new cover behavior is going to vary, depending on the original aspect ratio of the photo.

For example, try this...

Click on my pic, to go to my profile -- you will be looking at just the lower half of my cover.  Now scroll your mouse up and the rest of my photo will be revealed.  Now scroll your mouse down to look at my posts and the cover slides up out of the way and you only see a thin banner from the bottom of the photo that stays along the top.

I like how it works.
I have mixed feelings about this.... but that's probably because I'm slow to adjust to change. Give me a week.
Loving the new profile view. Now...where to find a cool photo to use for my cover... Any suggestions?
I resisted the last banner and now really DO NOT LIKE THIS AT just ruined my 5 shots, chosen to communicate my photographic range.
I love the layout, but now when I scroll down on my profile I can only see one post at a time, the space for posts is tiny. The search bar needs to go next to "More" or somewhere up there. :)
+Richard Posey Trying to work out if that's a sideways greenlight to do the same thing or if I should stick to my own stuff!
may I use the word HATE in a nice way:)
+Leon Shaner you are right, it must have been some temporary issue, because the image quality looked horrible to for a few minutes, but it´s now working as per you´r description for me to. So, now i am pleased :) (although i still find the square crop a weird arbitrary restriction)
Nevermind my previous comment...  I cleared my browser cache and it doesn't work the way I described, before.  Now I see what people are complaining about.  When I go to my own profile, I see the entire cover photo, instead of just the lower half (where I had to scroll up to see the rest).
I liked how I thought it was working, but it turns out my browser cache was causing it to work that way unintentionally (probably an artifact of re-using the same photo from my prior cover, but now with the new cover feature).
In some ways, it compounds the previous redesign's error of prioritizing design over usability.
How much longer before the apk is Google TV compatible?! I refuse to use this website anywere other than android/mobile devices
sure would be nice if we were given the option of the new design.
haha that is weird +Leon Shaner it´s the opposite for me, it started out working really weird (as per my initial complaint) and now it works as you described the first time.. lol.. well, we´ll see how it decides to function when the dust has settled..
Thanks, +Michael A Koontz. Yeah, I noticed that +Sara McKinley's cover works like I had first described, but now that I have cleared my browser cache, my own cover shows the entire image all at once (without having to scroll up to see the upper half).  I wish mine did work like Sara's (where only the lower half of the cover shows unless I scroll up).
So, G+ has effectively taken a total of about 1 3/4 - 2 inches from the tops of our pages now with this new update combined with the grey bar at the top. We're running out of room for viewing content.
I'm a fan. Always disliked the banner options because they were too hard to get proper-sized images for. And I like how big and prominent the new format is. 
If you plan for 16x9, you can make it work. However, I don't want to be locked into anywhere near that vertical space. +Sara McKinley can we have some flexibility with the aspect ratio? Down to 16x3 (or 2), maybe? Puh-leeeeze?
uh, this looks weird on my wide screen. i seem out of place!
+Sara McKinley I like the new updates. Is there a way to be notified ahead of time when these types of changes are going into effect? I manage several pages and am having to quickly come up with solutions. I'm a member of the Google+ Developers group, but there was no mention of these changes that I saw.
I also think that the cover photo is being too large. Also, I want that text on cover photo to be somewhere else.
Wonderful work for us .. thank you :-)
Now my profile page looks like utter crap and I have to do more work to fix it. Nice going guys.
No, this doesn't work at all. Putting our avatar pictures on top of our photos? I carefully chose which photos to put up and in which order they would appear and now the left-hand one is partially hidden. Other people's Profile pages that I've looked at are ruined by this effect too.

Google has an annoying tendency to take things that aren't broken and fix them until they are. This 'beta-mentality' only works if you make improvements, in other words make things better.
Alex Reusch
Sorry, toooooo big. How can I change this. I don't want a background image at this size. It's just a background, nothing more. And compared to this, my profile picture almost disappears....

Any designers here? Anywhere? +Matias Duarte what do you think about this?
I wish you added support for Animated PNG instead of this old GIF.
aaargh - toooo big. the idea is nice but i want to edit the height. 
Oh my lord, what is it with the new profile preview when hovering over names? I just tried to reach someone's profile via their name, and I couldn't click it because that huge thing popped up. WTF, Google? Things don't need to be that big.
Sorry, that's a step in the wrong direction. That cover photo is much too big and has to look good in several different views and crops. If this were just an option as opposed to the only choice, that would have been better...
My god what the hell have you done? That's FAR too big - it looks awful and dare I say it.... even the Facebook Cover Image is a better look than this. 

I was worried that it would be meddling by design teams which would end up ruining the Google+ experience.
OK, it doesn't seem to be a very good workaround.
+Sara McKinley : i am afraid i am with +Chris Lang & +M Sinclair Stevens : the cover photo is too big and the sensibility behind the redesign is alarming to those hoping for more thoughtful content here.  i know you can never please everybody and that a network aiming for a billion member must promote visual candy but i do think you went overboard on this one.
Please allow for smaller cover images without scaling them up to fill a whole page. Having the option for big profile images can be real nice, but should not be forced upon everyone.
Great UI, great product, how can I help convince people to move over?
Nate B
looks like facebook but more google employees
Ummm...we wanted larger cover photos yes...but ones that literally take up the entire screen?  No....sorry, that's poor design.
This is why I hate Google services. Every time they update, something that was private is shown to the public automatically. Now I have to go into settings and hide it. Same thing happened to my YouTube profile. All my likes were public. Fuk you Google.
So essentially, by rolling this update out, Google broke everyone's custom header, literally overnight without any warning. That was NOT a good move, +Sara McKinley 
E conomic survay of pakistan 2012
its too big, i dn't wanna scroll down page.
+Bill Hartzer Agreed...and on all of my pages I had a creative layout on them so that the profile pic and the cover photo interacted with each other...visitors to the pages liked that.  You could have fun with them.  Now...not so much.
What's with the obese Cover photo?
It's too tall.  I have to scroll down to see anything.
Why can't I set my Links to private? I am about to delete this piece of shit social site.
E conomic survay of pakistan 2012
Can you guys make google groups more customizable by the way ?
Some suggestions :
1.Different sizes of the avatars
2.Members of the forum to be visible for not registered members.
3.List of online members.
4.More options about anything :)
Disappointed in the new cover picture.  It completely removes the option to use the several smaller pictures.  I like the option to do 1 large picture or several small.  Why limit my options?  Unless I am missing how to do the smaller pictures.
Bug: When constructing a 1600x900 image (to match the expected ratio), the left border was cut when displaying my profile. Checking the image file revealed that it was mostly ok (but misaligned), but still 5 pixels were truncated from the left border. A lot more than 5 pixels were not displayed.

And again: Please allow for smaller images, not exploding to a nearly full-page view. Not everyone wants one big image to dominate the profile.
i get the idea behind making it big. but its not an album where i show off my photos, its just my cover. and it is TOO BIG!
IM A LIFER ON G+! ....... This social Site is so much more "ALIVE with Cool Ass Posts & their not as anal as #FORGETBOOK  & #TWIT
Don't get me wrong Google+ team I love the bigger, wider more viewable cover photo design change, but on larger monitors the image is huge and rather ridiculous!
+Chris Lang I agree with you. I find the new images obnoxiously large. Even at a reasonably high resolution you have to scroll to even see the whole image, not to mention actual content. But it's primarily a matter of taste, I guess.
wow...that's HUGE.  Is this heralding back to the days of yore (MySpace)?  What's next? Audio tracks playing in the background as soon as you load up the page?
+Hans Hong Oh god no, make it stop! I used to unfollow people on Twitter just for having an animated avi.
+Sara McKinley, the profile "ViewAs" feature has a bug - People in circles views are flipped between myself and public. Examples here

Good thing the actual public display is not showing circle names.

The design of main profile picture is horrid the way it now is. You had to introduce interactivity where it is not needed, take away valuable real estate, give nothing back. More complexity, less value, harder for users to make it beautiful.
I had to remove the cover images from my profile and my page because they take up way too much space now, practically my whole screen (1440X900). The small, circular profile images also look pretty bad compared to what we used to have.

Ever since G+ came out, it's been my social network of choice because of looked nice and clean and was user-friendly. Even though I hate the left-aligned posts, I got used to it and it still looked good. Now, G+ just looks awful to me, we seem to be getting less and less interacting real estate on screen, a.k.a. the posts area. I already have all this wasted spaced with the top bar, side bar (home, profile, etc.), and chat/hangout thing over there on the right that I have never used. Now add to that the new cover area, and not just the gigantic images, but the header that stay when you scroll down the page. I don't view profiles often and this pretty much guarantees it'll happen even less because it looks so awful and takes up so much space.
The new profile image size is AWESOME!
+Sara McKinley, I'd like to read all the feedback that said "Make the cover image the same size as MySpace and crop the profile picture into a circle."

I'm guessing that there really isn't a lot of it.
San Francisco, is in her post. Great city.
Ty, for the information. You, and Alex Garcia, rock
okay, I decided to stop being a hater, and join the BORG New photo now in place.  It works.  But I still like my 5 photo option better.
Nice amendment! I already updated my cover and I like it (Y)
okay, now I am confused.  I followed this link of you  and see a much larger profile picture.  This is so nice... much nicer than the little circle profile picture.

So our layouts look like we can no longer design... but the hover thing works.  really well.  I like that.
Is there any way to resize it? As it stands now it's absolutely awful. 
Thanks for the update, +Sara McKinley! The cover photo is a tad bit on the huge side, although I still do appreciate it being larger than it previously was. Overall, the other design changes are nice. I can see why the team is moving in this direction.
+Georges Abi-Aad welcome, sorry to be the messenger. In this design nothing with people will work - as you never know how Google will butcher the image in misc. devices/screens/browsers. I went with a pattern.
Hi Sara - I've made my new header and I'm really happy with it.  I do feel that it's too large and I think I'll have to change the screen resolution on my computer so that I don't have to scroll down so far to see the posts.  I never liked that vignette that twitter started using and I can see why google have used it in the new design.  I've managed to make my design work around it - but for people who don't have photoshop it might be quite difficult for them.  +Sara McKinley  I have to say that I like the new hover card.
Wow, same size cover pic as Facebook.  LOL
AWESOME new design, I love it! But how do I switch back to the smaller cover photo temporarily until I design a larger one?
I feel sad.  Like I no longer want to use my profile for a calling card....I guess I can do a Photoshop montage...but my feeling is that this new big layout  with its tiny profile picture  really limits the kind of photo your can use for impact.  Ie  A good photo should NOT have real content at top... because it will be hidden unless you scroll up... Nor should it have  busy content at the bottom of the photo because it will garble the print.   Nor should your photo be  too busy at or around the profile picture or your teeny profile picture will get lost...

Suprisingly, this change favors people with design skills and penalizes those who don't have the option to create or submit a photo with these criteria
I can't wait until Google changes it again so people can tell them how awesome this one was.

You won't hear about it after a week.
I agree with you +Kirk Jordan  - I'm a designer so it's easy for me to change things but it's going to be so hard for others.
#feedback I miss the privacy hint icons from the previous version. The icons that hinted if I was sharing it publicly or privately. Found some creative use of the space for hover cards. :)
IMO, the implementation is only suitable for a bland "screen background" type image, without real content. The initial profile view chops it in half, really destroying images designed to be seen, and the very different placement of the mugshot image (between profile and hovercard) also makes it unreasonably difficult to arrange things to look nice - except when only using it as a colorful image to be ignored.
Wow, this is really terrible. I “upgraded” my cover photo. It's larger than the damned browser. With all the vertical space they're already wasting on the stupid toolbars, the whole photo doesn't even fit vertically in the browser. You can't see anything else without scrolling.

Then, when you scroll someone's profile, they add another section at the top of completely wasted vertical space. You're looking at the profile though a tiny slit, too small to even read a single post without scrolling.
+Michael A Koontz THIS. What Michael said. On LOAD it should be like 2000x400. Like what it looks like for people who haven't changed their cover yet. I did change mine and now mine loads scrolled half-way down the image! You should have to scroll up to see that much! Any graphic designer or person in the art department would never have made this grave error is aesthetic. It should look like what it looks like for people who haven't yet changed their cover photo.
I love the 'About' tab...
But perhaps some people with low connection will having a hard time load a profile because the cover photo is way too large... xD
Do people really want a cover photo that takes up half the screen?  No thanks.  Waste of space.  
This is great! I really like it! Thanks!  
Like however don't like the "circle" for profile photo. Would prefer it to match the rounded square to the left of this post.
So after I fielded 10 calls from clients, quite unhappy that their business pages took them away from business today, I am much calmer now. Unfortunately now I am a day behind in what makes me money

If you are a custom graphics guy with an eye on conversion marketing, PM me, I probably have some business for you.
completely ignoring the elephant in the room (the mega-ginormous cover image size) - now they layout shows the 5-photo strip again... but there's no way to edit which photos show up in the strip!  I have several clients who are showing publicly uploaded photos instead of their own photos, and there's NO WAY change it!  Shame, shame, Google...
Hmmmmm....intresting but I'm not exactly a fan, the profile pic is too small
It seem like everyone don't knowwhats going on what new $%2013 car u got out there on the street
+Chris Lang Can you send me some links to profiles that look bad with their old cover photos in the new layout? Sorry to make you do some extra work today!
It looks nice, and it's really distinctively different and Google-y, but I'd like to be able to have a smaller cover photo.
The cover photo seems REALLY big. I'm not entirely sure why it's so large, but I'll happily try it out.

Breaking out the "About" into sections is nice, but it's still not clear to me that the info is utilized well enough. Be that as it may, step in the right direction.

However, it still has the problem I've listed here (, where App Activity is not featured at all and is effectively buried.
Love it...thanks for the heads-up!
The header is too large. You (Google+) are wasting place – not only on small screens.
I like it, and I like seeing everyone's profile previews even more now. 
We should be given the option as to whether we want to use the new layout or the classic/older layer
Now if only you added the option to make + 1s visible only to certain circles 
I still don't get it, and probably never will G+ looks to me like working on my work software, it should be way more simple and not that crowded, I know it's handy to have all services within reach but I mentioned above already.
Nav H.
img.PtcBuc {height: 300px;}
Sean S
Love it but on large monitors, it the cover photo covers the entire screen.  
The text is hard to read on some people's profile.  Should add a semi-transparent box behind the text.
Sean S
Wonder how it would look if the profile photo was centered at the bottom of the cover photo with "Works at", "attended", etc. to the left of the profile photo and buttons (add to circles, +1, etc.) to the right.
can the cover photo still be an animated gif, Sara?
Nice work, and yet, still no hot key to mute posts. Pretty please with sugar on top?
Any chance of getting the old profile image style back? For me, it worked much better.
Sean S
Cover photo could be smaller.  Not sure why it should cover the entire screen.
the new cover photos are way too big they take up the whole fold. I don't know who provided feedback for this.
I have been requesting the local tab on the profile for ages! Thanks for actually listernig! 
Take at least 25% off the height of the cover photo as its too big.
I really don't like the cover photo. And I also don't like the centralised column of posts (white space now on both sides, and why so narrow?).

Love all the other changes though!
It's about time Google did something.  I wonder if it's too little too late though.
Wow! So many angry people. And I just thought it was a cover photo. To some it seems the world has ended. 
+Jake Coventry In a few months when it changes again you'll hear about how great this design was. Hell, you won't hear about it after two weeks.
But why does profile info editing not show up on the hover card?
Those circular profile insets! Yuck! Bad move. Circles crop far too much, and make a big mess of some shots, so we should be allowed to choose the existing shapes. How many people have circular photos in their hard-copy albums? Very few. We have squares or oblongs, with sharp or rounded corners (as Kodak used to give). Never circles, because they fit so few photos.
Where have our albums gone? Not in Photos on Profile anymore?
I reallllyyyy realllllyyyyyy love this new update to the Google Plus profile page!!! Great job guys!!! :)
A far more welcome change than all that stuff would be to make it possible, on the stream page, to share the original post by adding a share button next to 'xxxx originally share this post', then if someone has reshared a post as Limited, but the original was Public, we don't have to mess about getting the original in order to reshare it Public rather than being restricted to Limited.
the cover picture  is too big - huge :  -1 
Nice to have the choice to have your entire page covered with a fat banner but please fix this so we can crop it to an aspect ratio that allows our viewers to get in and see our posts without scrolling for miles. A fast fix on this would be really nice please.
How to delete google cover photo that i have uploaded.
FB actually looks better now than G+, and that's saying something. Whoever designed the new G+ layout needs to be sacked. It is unwieldy, unclear, unappealing, low quality, sub-standard, unattractive. The G+ designers are utterly clueless.
as usual, unnecessary, and not based upon user feedback. I guess Google feels they have to keeping making changes to justify their income. absolutely stupid to have such a large cover photo. couldn't even release templates?
On the upside, the huge cover photo that takes up the entire screen does come across as a glossy magazine cover. I've calmed down now that I've looked at the pages of a few of my favourite photographers. So this is your magazine. You can use the cover to make a montage too if you don't like a single powerful image. It is growing on me, but I didn't like the surprise earlier today when I clicked to upgrade ("you can't go back") and I wasted a ton of time trying to figure out how to get a different aspect ratio.
I  like it so much My only issue is the lack of instructions as to how to tweak the hovercard.
I can't use 'J' or 'K' to go to next post any more?
+Sara McKinley No.  I cannot imagine that many users have requested a HUGE USELESS photo with an incomprehensible grey overlay and very small round profile pictures. The 25 Language Practice Hangouts pages I own aren't about pictures, they're about people and this arbitrary design change has lessened their effectiveness.  Here's my post on the subject
It's amazing . A great thanks to Google . Actually I love to use Google products with heart . Hope here in Bangladesh G+ now is going to take a big support from Bengali people like FB. Once again thank you so much .
AFAIK the new layout was opt-in, with a warning that it was not undoable?
+Juan Ochoa No, the only choice you had was to have a bigger cover photo or a huge cover photo.
Absolutely no thought has been given to the thousands of business pages who without updating the cover photo will now look very amateurish, I think this is a big step backwards for G+ and I’m very sad to see such a thing.
The whole thing is awefull, big image headers are a thing of the past, we want to be able to see content without scrolling down. Why does the top part of the cover photo sometimes disappear and only appear if you scroll down anyway?

Whoever requested such an improvement needs exterminating :0)
The about me section update is very good though.
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The new display photos with 16:9 are way too large. Please allow to use an aspect ratio which takes less screen space.
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I like these changes, but tired of writing black notes & titles.
Just black! Its enough!
Why dont you friends work on a little box for fonts and colors?
which we can choose from?
Thx sis.
Love the improvements to the about section!!!!  Great work!
Request: I want the ability to embed links like you can into YouTube banners.
Everything is beautiful; great improvement!
The cover image is far far too large, over 50% of my usable screen on a 17.5" laptop!!! Google have completely messed this update up. As a business user I now find the Facebook cover image size far more acceptable.

Stop trying to keep up with Facebook, you had a perfectly great product before this cover image update. PLEASE before you destroy business user confidence fix this image issue soon.
+Malcolm Oakley "KEEP UP" with Facebook? Kind of like comparing Friendster to Twitter.

And you're not honestly suggesting that users will turn away because of this simple update, right?
Certainly am +Matthew Sabia  I have a lot of business contacts, as I use G+ solely for business. It is very hard to persuade fellow businesses to move from Facebook to G+ and network with me that way.

Not just me either, more and more comments appearing on the G+ discussion forums -

When they now see a cover image that loses 50% of a screen, they will think, let's stay with the devil we know, Facebook.

So yes, this latest G+ update will not convince businesses that G+ is an alternative platform for their brand.
What a nonsens!

I am in panorama photography. So I want a wide cover image (4:1 or 5:2) and not a rectangular image wich covers the whole screen.

And as a photographer I do not want Google to blow up any image because it looks awfull and people will think I am a bad photographer. Blowing up is not done and a violation of photographer rights! The same goes for the dark shade on the bottom of the image.

And why does Google not mention the pixelsize in the upload window? Why do I have to find this myself?

Last, I a missing the option to remove the cover image so only the name and the circle image remain.
+Ko van Leeuwen you can use a default Google image for the new cover image until they see sense and fix this terrible update.
+Malcolm Oakley Thanks for the advise. I can be a solution for some people, but a as photographer I like to use my own pictures ;-)
+Sara McKinley Frankly for me it's awful - you should have allowed people to keep their old banners, my decent resolutiion photos now look blocky and horrid - thanks a bunch.
+Ko van Leeuwen I'm a photographer too and am using one of my own images, it's huge! Nearly 50% of my screen lost.

Business users of G+ really will lose confidence in Google's ability to listen and understand their needs.
You totally screwed up everyone with a screen smaller than 15"
Increasing cover photo size is really a bad idea.....Cover Pictures are used just to put a background effect on your profile picture not to show some real pictures...Even photographers don't get this....Please Let me know how can I revert this change back to my normal cover size picture...
I seriously can't use it anymore. There no space left on my screen for the actual content....
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By size I mean the space cover photo has taken on my profile page. It is still the same. This is not working for me.
I don't see any flexibity in cover picture size. If they have provided this option then it should be flexible enough to meet people's different requirement. 
Great changes. To me, the biggest thing to change is that permanent search box at the top of the page, remove that please.
500 million people arrange their profile photos for a nice, normal square photo, then Google unilaterally crops it down, crunches it down, hacks it down to a stupid circle. Please!

What happened to do no evil?
I think the circle profile image is even more annoying than having to spend 1/2 the day cropping my scrapbook images to get a sensible sized cover image.

A complete screw up by Google with this update. Not like them at all, perhaps we have new people in the G+ development team?
Still require many more features.. but good going.

Did I mention how much I hated the GINORMOUS PHOTO? 
Oh great. Now both of my business pages are looking like a 10 year old has created them with the headers totally messed up, cut into two pieces. And the round (instead of square) photo looks terrible.

Hi sara very niec profile
I'd like to change the size of the cover photo, its way too big!! I dont like t at all!
That cover photo will get smaller or this person will GET GONE! Whoever thought of a photo that large is an idiot. Get is smaller now, it embarrasses me that it even up there. I would go with NO photo over that.
+Alvaro Zúñiga
 totally agree with you. I spent an entire day redesigning my banners for 2 accounts after they got messed up due to the change. Now they are messed up again because the banners became much bigger.
Not sure how to get this changed. They (Google) think they did such a good job, to busy patting each other on the back to fix the damn thing!
Y when I try to leave a comment it won't post 
why and how some picture looks double big in Google plus home page?
I would like the photo in my how can i do it?
I just don't know why Google does not listen to us. Plenty of folks hate it but we get as much movement as Congress.....
+Sara McKinley How to get reviews to show on my google+ page? Already placed a check mark on reviews in setting, but it doesn't work. 
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