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Amazing art for Outer Bounds 2, care of the brilliant Lance MacCarty!  :D
YES! Painted for the Outer Bounds universe for the upcoming second book. An insane and brilliant kid upgrades a deadly robot to fit the legend of "Jedi Wolverine", a comic book in the future. I did not think I would be able to show this for AGES but the author posted it today :D

#scifi   #sciencefiction   #wacom   #photoshop   #digitalpainting   #digitalart   #cyberpunk

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((FREE CHEESE ALERT!!)) Alaskan Fire is free on Amazon for the next 24 hours, in preparation for the publication of Alaskan Fury! Alaskan Paranormal Romance. Currently 15 5-Star reviews, and is in the top 100 books in Romance on Kindle. Tell your friends and go get your free cheese! :)

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Oh my God I am so totally trying not to panic, but it's happening anyway. Oh God oh God oh God... But yeah, I would REALLY APPRECIATE some positive reviews on the book, anyone who's read it. And for the love of God, tell your friends...

THE LIST: Just compiled 'my' version of the List (do NOT ask me how long that took...I can barely see straight right now) and am noting a huge discrepancy between my email records for Fury and those on Facebook who have told me they would like to be added to receive Fury. As in, for some reason, most of the people who frequent my Facebook aren't on the freakin' List at all. Soooo, as David (Aidan) is starting to compile 'his' version of the List, and because I just sent him 'my' version to compile and collate with 'his' version, this is your guys' last chance to get on 'his' List so you can be on The List, if you know what I mean... Oh my gawd I am tired. It has been a long three months. And, after quick FINAL edits on Fire and Fury (once your guys' emails come in for Fury), Fate is next up on the docket. After that, it's looking like Outer Bounds, but don't quote me. David's making the decision, there. But yeah. I'm not stopping until 1) I start making a decent living at this, or 2) I keel over dead. David and I did the math earlier today. 375k-ish words in the last 3.5 months, which brings my total NOVEL words written to about 3 million, NOT including outtakes, short stories, essays, chats, blogs, rants, emails, etc, etc, etc. Man, if I can keep that up for 50 years, I'd catch up with Asimov. :D

ALASKAN FURY IS FINISHED!!! :D :D :D Email David (a.k.a. Aidan) at if you have read Alaskan Fire and wish to continue with Fury. We'll be compiling the list in the meantime and David should be sending out the novel within the next two days. Happy reading! :D (I'm going off to do a final [final] edit on Alaskan Fire, then it's off to start writing Alaskan Fate. I will keep everyone posted as the next novel develops...)

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(Pasted from my Facebook, )

ALASKAN FURY IS FINISHED AT 170,376 words. For four days, I wrestled with the final scenes, wrenching them around, despairing, trying to figure out how to put a proper sex scene in there, failing miserably, and generally wanting to throw my computer through a window. I ended one scene, started another 'final' scene after it, got one line into the 'final' scene, totally struggled with it, and thought, "I need to get Aidan to read this." He read it, loved it, and made a girly squee, saying, "That is the PERFECT ENDING!!!" And I was like, "Huh? What ending?" I was still lamenting how this latest scene was defying me. Then I re-read the second-to-last scene and was like, "Holy shit. Oh my God. I think you're right..." It tied everything up in a nice, neat little bow, and linked it all back to the beginning like it was Meant To Be. I was just needlessly dragging it onward from there. Cosmic.

So yes. The first draft of Alaskan Fury is finished by ACCIDENT. Heh. Now I'm off to drink some strawberry ale and celebrate. :) (On a side note, the strawberry ale that I'd been saving for finishing the draft, which I thought was a twist-cap, turns out to be a flip-top, which vexes me. Sara is horribly vexed...)

Wow, okay. So one month ago, I was learning how to use Facebook for the first time. Today, after several Google+ requests and one very helpful reader, I'm bumbling my way into this whole Circles thing. What's the general consensus on this Google+ thing so far? Is it worth the time?
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