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Sara Hawkins
Social Media & Business Lawyer. My goal is help my clients do amazing things.
Social Media & Business Lawyer. My goal is help my clients do amazing things.

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Do you run sweepstakes? Then you'll want to make sure you know about the concept of Equal Dignity.

What is Equal Dignity? It's the principle that all entries have the same chance of winning.

Why does it matter? Because if you're running a sweepstakes you're obligated to comply with all laws and regulations.

The question that sparked the post: Can sweepstakes entries have different values?

In case the 1300 word post is tl:dr, here's the abridged version: NO!

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About a month ago, Facebook changed up how it manages brand and influencer content marketing. If you're not up to speed on it or find it confusing, check out the article I did for +Shelly Kramer and make sure you're doing it right.

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Facebook Branded Content Policy: Just in case you missed it, here’s what marketers need to know about the NEW policy: via +Sara Hawkins  #facebook   #socialmedia  

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I've been working with +Lany Sullivan and +ReachConnectUpliftWomen to share legal tips to help entrepreneurs feel more confident when it comes to some of the less fun parts of being a business owner. My latest is about having your website scraped, which, unfortunately, is happening much more often.

Subscribe to the channel to get all the new tips!

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Legal Tips with +Sara Hawkins

As we all know there are pitfalls all around us in business and some of them can cost us legally which can be expensive. We have been working with Sara to bring you bite size pieces of legal information (this is not legal advice, hire your own attorney for that) that can help you make decisions in your business to reduce your legal exposure.

Check out this playlist we have growing with Sara. There are lots more to come!

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Understand what the new Facebook Branded Content Policy means for you and your business.

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Both ESPN​ and Domino's Pizza​ should know that the FTC requires disclosure when consumers may not know the mention is an advertisement.

This is blatant disregard, by ESPN, Domino's, the commentators, and the ad agencies of well-known FTC regulations. In addition, a Domino's rep stating that next time they'll use a custom hashtag further proves their inability to understand what disclosure means. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your promotional hashtag IS NOT appropriate disclosure.

+ESPN #FTC #Legal #Disclosure #digitalmarketing  

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If native advertising is part of your business or marketing program, you'll want to bring yourself up to date on the NEW FTC rules and guidelines recently released. In an effort to break down the 16 page policy statement and 11 page business guide, I've written an article to give you the details in plain English.

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Want to know what blatant Federal Trade Commission​ disclosure violations looks like?

Then take a look at this AD from +Mashable​.  It's not disclosed as a marketing/ad piece and the supposed disclosure at the bottom of the piece is not very clear as to what exactly it is that we're reading/seeing (which, of course, is after the fact.) Then there is the +iJustine  video that is just an ad that has absolutely NO disclosure at all (I won't get in to the stupidity of trying to connect Wheat Thins to CES).

#legal #FTCDisclosure   #marketingtips #disclosure  

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"All the single Jewish people, up in the club ...."

Lyrics, if Six13 had parodied the popular Beyonce song.

I'm working with JDate to help my fellow tribesmen and women find their true love. You can only go to see the big movie this weekend so many times before Bubbe thinks you're avoiding her questions about you not dating, which is why +JDate's new mobile app is a great tool to have so you can show Bubbe your new friends.

So while I'm heading in to 22 years of marriage, if you're looking for your beloved (or just someone to give your mom something to talk about a MahJong) check out the new JDate app. (ad)

#JDater #Dating #Jewish

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There's a lot more that goes in to a legally compliant social good campaign that many of us know. As you support #GivingTuesday and think about how cause marketing may fit in to your business model, consider that there are a host of legal considerations woven in to cause marketing programs.

In addition to the standard marketing rules and regulations, there are over 20 states that regulate these type of promotions. In addition, if there is a sweepstakes or contest component those laws must also figure in.

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