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This is hilarious on so many levels! 
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In Canada many people will tell you that french for team is équipe and there is an I in there :P
One day the world will be run by smartasses, and it will be a better place.
There is no'me' in team! Oh... Wait a Minute! >:-) 
AMAZING.  Saved for posterity.
KC Blake
I must print this out & hang it on my desk for the whole company to see in the morning! lmao
In relation: There is no "I" in the word TEAM but there is a "ME" if you jumble the words up.
This is gonna be useful in the future!!
so cool miss, i like so much and look like so fresh.
Ok 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 great lost count
Its cool and the best when someones not putting in to.
Like it . . . 
What about individual project 
So how many of you are here right now
There is no I in TEAM, but there is an M and a E
Actually its TEAM as in E before M
Correct, May be good logo for team.
Wish I could show this to my old football coach, he would tear his hair out, as that was his favorite saying.
That's awesome! It was there all along..., freakin coaches.  I knew it was a conspiracy!
But there three i's in individual; how does that work?
Great post Sara:) thx for sharing!
right there in A Hole... Ha Ha... Lol!!
great discovery...... liked it..... 

I couldn't breath for 10 minutes after seeing that.!
Finally found it!  Great find!
Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Sooooooooo everlastingly EPIC!!!!!!
ha ha and they said you couldnt spell i in team!
Every team has an A-hole. If you can't figure out who it is, it might be you.
great to spot it. Now we understand why the team never manages to stay together 
Or. the A-Hole Team!

There's no 'I' in Team! (There's no 'U' either...)
Always knew it was there. Thank you for pointing it out!
Thanks for the good laugh Sara. ;-) 
Wat if u write In lowercase ?
The " I " vanishes! :P
Well Der is 3 "I"s in your name as well! :-P
And in English alphabets. ..
Der are two "I" s & not a single "a"
The biggest LOL :-P
This made my right cheek go up fo 2 secs ty
Really... Hidden in the "A" hole? Could you have made it sound any more perverted?
Definitely funny... Never thought I would see an i in team, but it makes sense that it's hidden in the 'A' hole awesome post 
however I is part of team... only in uppercase :D
Yeah, I agree, Sara.  There is not just one 'I' in team.  There are a lot of 'I's in team!  Think about any sports team, and we see the head coach having to content with disparate individual personalities, talents and egos. 
Allen Iverson has his mind set on it the whole damn time.
i also wanna but saveral write
+Sara Del Valle thank you for sharing this ingenious break through that will now cause sports coaches/trainers to change their saying
???? Im LOst Real Talk...
Add Team#Mayhem #1598033
male model
That's where we all are when its alk about me.
Nice. I know there was a ME in team.LOL
Jesse H
Ha ha !!! Funny :)))))
make the best of your time, evry single second is precios, so do good which adds to the comfort of human beings
()(). There is a bunny in this one
cool my friend what prlm tell me
Hum...teamwork makes everything better....
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 
 r u mathematician and i also luv applied math.
  why do i ask u you question if  u do not mind
   Super storm sandy was a  calculated storm, everyone but public  knew it at least a  month ahead of time
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Kobe Bryant will surely applause on this
wow tht is something i did not expect(: now i have an excuse for teamworkLOL HAHA
Yep...just as I suspected 
I can recall someones saying " Every Impossible says I'm,possible" . Im found there too :)
Thanks i am just telling the truth.haha lol
Thats really funny.. I have been remembering that all night
Nice Post. "Togethere Everyone Achieve More" is called team. So "I" include in team, thats is not team...
Sometimes I feel like that too.
this may lead to an explanation to how women think while in a relationship
brilliant discovery
I have had some of those on my teams in the past  lol
apearently all the teams ive been on knew this 
another truth has been revealed.. nice work..
Very Hilarious!!!! and often very true!!
Why is it the other three letters don't have hidden part?So sad that only letter "A" is being taken too special . .
Agreed, within a team Humility greatly lowers the coefficient of friction. 
Hidden in the A hole, right where an A hole would 
No surprises its right up the a hole
Somewhere Kobe Bryant is saying.... see I told you so.
Now I guess the only question Left is where's the "i" in "we" 
Exactly wat the world needs
and there actually is an tEaM . If u noticed theres an M and a E and tht =ME
"A" hole is hilarious...nice stuff..!!
there is a 'me' in team, and there also isn't a 'u' in team either.
ah ah ah
that sure made my day start right
LLovely! I likee! 
That's one in the eye for all those pompous HR managers round the globe! Lol!!
I would have never thought of that
Great that means in my team I comes first
yes it is true because of 'i' our team win if i was not there team will lose..there is always one person in team the captain have that thought  team will never win 
I always knew there was an 'I' in team, and this is the proof!
great post... thanks
its an optical illusion though. hahahaha
HOLY SNIKEES'... you did it. I was one of those 'A' holes. I will get the word out.
Nice. But it's a lot easier to just say that there is a 'me'.
There is much to understand from a photo ;)
thanks :)
There is no Team in I.

But there is a ME in tEaM.

And don't forget the MEAT.
Hahaha!!!! Yes u r correct! ;)
Oh boy, am I going to enjoy heckling, with this.
And the 'u' around the 't' from XD

I love this! An old boss said this to me once and when I realised he wasn't joking I had to rush off for a quick vomit.
Clever sight ! One for all &all for one.teaching for anyone
my son spoted it also. :) awhile back
Well u sure did have an I for tat... Lol
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