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Sara Del Valle

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"But here’s the thing the anti-vaxxers need to know, for the one billionth time: You’re wrong. Really, it’s that simple. You’re trafficking in junk science, in thoroughly debunked science, in the dizzy stuff of rumor mills and conspiracy theories. And about nature? “Messing with nature” is the whole point of medicine, given that it’s nature that cooked up every disease that ever existed. You want pure nature? OK, die young."
‘Messing with nature’ is the whole point of medicine, given that it’s nature that cooked up every disease that ever existed.
Parents who oppose vaccines are not only misinformed, they're spoiled, having grown up in a world that stands behind the berms built by the scientists and vaccine developers who came before them.
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Wow, if they would take that much precautions with vaccinations i'm sure there would be less controversy and more scientific evidence.
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Sara Del Valle

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No dog left behind! 
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no doge :)
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I've been very busy lately but I've been meaning to complain about this issue. WTF is going on with G+? Lately I've been getting so many hangout requests from Indian and Middle Eastern looking names. I'm getting so TIRED of this shit and I don't see a way to stop it. I've tried to change all the settings possible but I'm still getting 2-10 requests a day.

I'm so glad +Kimberly Chapman wrote about this issue! I hope someone does something about it!

#GoogleHelp #google+ #harassment
Riddle Me This, G+

I have always set my hangout settings to as minimal notifications as possible.  I have the Hangout Tool bar signed out 99% of the time.  You can see from below that I have every circle set to the minimum for hangout requests and I do not have the box checked to allow hangout notifications.  I also have all phone notifications turned off and no allowance for email hangout requests, as you can see by the other screen shot below.

I only ever want hangout requests to come in the form of pre-planned events.  I never want to hangout with anyone on someone else's whim.  Ever.  I'm too busy.

So, G+ overlords, please explain to me why at least once daily lately some Middle Eastern or East Indian dude whom I do not and never have had in circles is able to send a hangout notification to me here on G+ and why those also get through to my phone?

This is yet another shining example of how G+ policies do not allow anyone to protect themselves against harassment.  Rajeevs are getting through to women constantly this way.  Yes, we can block them but we have to search for their name first since as far as I can tell there's no clickable link to their profile in the notification (and I haven't figured out how to do it at all on the phone).

Five months ago I posted a big rant about harassment and trolling issues on G+ ( and a string of executives came out to be seen to be answering, but as far as I know not one single suggestion was ever implemented.  All promises of further contact were broken.

Once again as mentioned there, I don't even have it that bad.  One or two hangout requests a day are deletable.  But I know women on here who get a lot more than that, and nobody seems to know how to stop it.  If our settings say NO NO NO NO then it doesn't mean YES, FFS.  You'd think that message would have already gotten through, but apparently not.

And given that dedicated harassers can all too easily get account after account even when you block them, they are able to launch sustained, repeated harassment attacks against people this way.  If your inclination is to think it's not so bad to get a notification, especially on your phone, you have not been the victim of a really scary harasser.  Lucky you.  Many of the rest of us aren't so lucky.

So +Google+ Help and other associated folks: what are you going to do to fix this?  No photo ops, please.  Don't bother showing concern if you have no intention of following through on promises.  Don't pander. DO SOMETHING.

#harassment   #spam   #googleplus  
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+Zoë Prytherch has been having similar issues... :(
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Sara Del Valle

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"Get on Google Earth and type in Pulau Langkawi and then look at it in relation to the radar track heading. Two plus two equals four. For me, that is the simple explanation why it turned and headed in that direction. Smart pilot. He just didn’t have the time."

Also available at
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May be a stray MIRV reentered the atmosphere.
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Have her in circles
35,928 people
A very cool illustration of mortality trends over the years. 

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The infographic is really well done. Thanks +Sara Del Valle, if you'll excuse me for redirecting people, here's a post about Alzheimer's Disease.
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Sara Del Valle

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So true! 
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Sara Del Valle

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Ha! :)

Source: gizmodo 
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This is a good link explaining in more detail why selfies suck: 
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Sara Del Valle

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Red velvet cupcakes with sleeping baby done! :D 
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Sara Del Valle

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"Dude, wait -- I'm not American! So my risk is basically zero!" 
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Knowing the statistic they have collapsed the wave function.
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  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Scientist, 2003 - present
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Los Alamos, NM
I'm a mathematical epidemiologist, a science geek, and fashion enthusiast.
I work on developing and analyzing mathematical and computational models for infectious diseases. I also study the role of social behavior on disease dynamics. 

I'm passionate about increasing the number of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and making a better world for future generations. 

I strongly believe that you can be a scientist and still be fashionable. 
Bragging rights
I was an extra in the movie "The Avengers". My Erdös number is 4. I got to ride on a fire truck when a firefighter offered me a ride.
  • University of Iowa
    Applied Mathematics & Computational Sciences, Ph.D., 2001 - 2005
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Applied Mathematics, B.S. & M.S., 1996 - 2001
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Sara Del Valle, Ph.D. Scientist/Team Leader Energy & Infrastructure Analysis, D-4 Los Alamos National Laboratory Mail Stop K488 Phone: +

We used Kira for our maternity shoot session and had a wonderful experience. She provided guidance throughout the session and was able to incorporate some of the ideas we had in mind. The result was beautiful, effortless, and unique pictures that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We're from out of town so she allowed us to view the pictures right after the session so we wouldn't have to drive back to view them. I should note that it was late at night and she had not had dinner yet. I think this clearly shows her commitment to her clients and work. We were back in town a couple of weeks later and she made sure our prints and CD were ready for us to pick up so (once again) we wouldn't have to drive back to pick them up. In summary, she's friendly, easy to work with, and very professional. I highly recommend her!
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Worst Service EVER! If you want horrible service and average food, this is the perfect place for you! I've been living in Los Alamos for over 10 years and my husband and I eat out at least once a week. We like to support local businesses and since we have a very limited selection of restaurants, we were excited when the Dixie Girl restaurant first opened. I've been to the Dixie Girl several times (4-6) both with my husband and with colleagues from work. The food has always been OK and COLD, the service has mostly been average, however, all that changed on August 14, 2013, when the service from HELL emerged. We had a summer student and a research scientist who were leaving on August 16 so my team and I decided to take them out to lunch on August 14. I made reservations for 8 people at 11:30 am, we decided to go early because we didn't want to bump into the lunch rush hour. Our server took our order by 11:45 and we had to remind her to bring some drinks for some of us but that's alright. 45 minutes later (12:30), we still had not gotten our food, we had to go back to work by 1:00 pm because we had some meetings so I asked our server. She apologized and said that they had had some issues in the kitchen but that our food was coming right out. We got our food around 12:40, and she said that due to the long wait, that they were going to apply a discount to our bills, which I thought it was reasonable. However, when she brought the checks, there was NO DISCOUNT, I inquired about it and she said that her manager hadn't done it and if I wanted to get a discount, that I needed to talk to the manager. I had a meeting to attend and I honestly didn't care about the discount too much, but I think this is clearly unacceptable. I'm never going back. It's a shame that my options have been reduced. I always felt like their food was just OK so I don't mind not going back but the managers and servers both need to make sure that if the food takes more than 30 minutes to come out, that they reward the clients with something.
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