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Police brutality right here in the good 'ol #USA   
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This bill, brought forward by #Colorado   #Democrats  is terrible and must be stopped. Whatever you can do, whether it is send an email, call, fax, or be present must be done. This Wednesday, April 9th at the #Denver  capital at 11 a.m. Protect Parents, protect patients, protect our plants! #mmot  
#cannbiscommunity  unite! 
#parents4pot   #marijuana  
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Sara Conrad

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what happened to #Twitter ? Did Justin tweet and bring the servers down again?  #FailWhale  
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Sara Conrad

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Wow. When they get this to something I can wear on my wrist, chart my activity, sleep, and heartrate, I'm so in. 
Google is ready to move forward with Project Ara, which would allow users to assemble their own modular phones from individual parts: 
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Congressman Yells At Official For Refusing To Answer A Simple Marijuana Question -

This gives me hope.

If your representative can't give you a straight answer, call them out on it. We must vote them out. #Hemp #marijuana
#cannabis and support the good ones!

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Yeah i guess u right. 
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Sara Conrad

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Short videos!! #marketing
Daniel Glickman is CMO of PowToon, an animated videos & presentations platform. In this brilliant digital era, consumers are watching more videos now than ever – in ...
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Sara Conrad

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Losing someone because you break up with them/divorce is not the same as a death. Having experienced both, a traumatic divorce and a sudden death of a parent, the death of my mother has affected me the most. #death   #grief  
The psychology of rituals in overcoming loss, restoring broken order
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Sara Conrad

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Well, here you have it. Safer than a plastic bag. 
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Sara Conrad

commented on a video on YouTube.
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#Girls but the lyrics... The lyrics made me find it.
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SaraCsit because that's how I 'C' things. Social Media/PR/explainer of tech/ Fingers on pulse of the world. Connector. #Cannabis Activist
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Boulder, Colorado
Walla Walla, WA - Anchorage, Alaska - Reston, VA - Burke, VA - Burlington, VT - Vail, CO - Eschenlohe, Germany
Fingers on the pulse of the world..
Sara Duncan Conrad - Lived in Anchorage, AK, Reston, VA went to high school at Herndon High, colleges in VA and then Vermont. Worked in the School of Medicine/Pediatrics at UVM. Skis Dynastar. Moved to Vail. Moved to Germany. Lived in a farm village. Can drive through cows. Skied amazing places. Switzerland, France, Austria,  Moved to Boulder. 
Boulderite as of 1995, put myself through Cisco program at FRCC, passed CCNA with practical & written. Worked at IBM, bought a SunKey (yes, $$$$), worked at Sun Microsystems as Network support engineer, certified SA & network admin. 
I really like traceroute and snoop.
Sr. Technical analyst at Visa for 5.5 years. 


My motto these days is everything is out there already and I can't erase it, then /shrug, it's too late now. 
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  • George Mason, NVCC, Champlain College, FRCC
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Review of Longmont United Hospital: 1) My mother went into the emergency room with her wedding ring and engagement rings on. She came home without the engagement one and with someone else's cheap wedding ring on. The hospital is very, very, very quick to say, not our fault, not our fault. Then who took off the rings? Who put the ring that didn't belong to her on her? 2) Biopsy's were scheduled twice, one for Friday - that was cancelled/postponed because they had her on blood thinner (she came in with a mild stroke) (but they had it scheduled while they had her on Heperin??) No one works there on the weekend so the biopsy was rescheduled until Monday. And then on Monday, they somehow remembered to ask her if she took aspirin or blood thinners on a regular basis. Well, yes, she has/had been taking baby aspirin and aspirin at home. Can't do biopsy. Why didn't they take that information earlier??? Really? 3) the neurologist that came into the room to get my mother to test her WHILE HE WAS ON HIS CELL PHONE. He didn't apologize to her or me nor did he end his call until he was having too much trouble talking and making her move with one hand. It was a personal call. I did complain to the patient person on the 3rd floor and was told, oh really sorry, we don't have on staff neurologists and just get who we get. That doctor was the worst ever and shouldn't be allowed near patients. Some of the nurses and staff were too bothered to be polite and answer questions and once they knew we wanted to take my mother home to be with hospice, they pretty much stopped all pretence of being interested in how she was doing. My mother died yesterday, 15 days after being admitted to Longmont Hospital. She had pancreatic cancer that had already spread to liver. She was given 4 months to live. I do not believe any of the treatment we received at LH would have extended her life, but it would have given us more time with her at home. Would I recommend this hospital? Nope. Go to Boulder.
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I went on a Saturday afternoon and bought one of everything! The 7up pound cake, the sweet potato, all so yummy. I was trying out cupcakes, cakes in Oakland and this was on my list of places to check out.
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I've been shopping at PC's for years now & don't go anywhere else for my pet food, supplies and just fun. The selection is amazing and they really know their stuff. The sharing and caring of the staff and the customers is wonderful. A++++
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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