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Streamlining your life so you can LIVE!
Streamlining your life so you can LIVE!


The 1 degree difference between chaos and success Bob Ramsey @icd #icd2017

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"Procrastination has an emotional payoff" ICD #icd2017 Tamara Rosier

Reimagining Time & Energy Tamara Rosier ICD #icd2017

5 things you would safe harbor (water, food, documents, husband, pets, kids - are covered, don't include them) ICD #icd2017 Judith Kolberg

"Help client's actions connect to people rather than to objects" ICD Judith Kolberg #icd2017 #hoarding

"We need to teach clients about what therapy is and what to expect." ICD Judith Kolberg #icd2017 #therapy

People who hoard may have a special talent for seeing beauty, potential in every thing.Paradox of opportunity. ICD Judith Kolberg #icd2017

"Look for the values that people are expressing even though they are excessive or impotent." Judith Kolberg ICD #icd2017

"It isn't so much the attachment as it is the connection." Judith Kolberg ICD #icd2017
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