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Sanyam Jain
Recognized Contributor at XDA-Developers, Paranoid Android Legacy Official Maintainer
Recognized Contributor at XDA-Developers, Paranoid Android Legacy Official Maintainer

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Awesome :)
Hey all, so...v128 release...and...

Recently, I had many personal life issues and have dedicated more time there. I would just like to verify that I will continuously support the theme, as long as you guys be patient on me. 

As many of you know, I don't advertise the theme at all with fancy banners or gifs, as well as never resharing my update posts all over the place to get new reaches. All I usually do is keep to the community, post a screenshot on the update and let the update speak for itself.

I made this theme series because I needed ONE theme I felt which fit exactly what I wanted on my perfect phone, and I never joined the scene for any sort of economic profit. I want complete control, I want everything perfect (or as close to perfect), and I want resolution to unthemed things that don't even relate to me remotely (like theming apps I don't even use on my DD). Many people know how anal I am on my code and files, as well as commit history using Git.

I'm not selling a design here, there are many other themes out there with funky designs and what not, and I would like to mention that my users support me not only because of supporting what I do, but because how I treat my work, from visuals to back-end coding. 

I've went through a lot in this past year, through all the accusations and bashers, to the thousands of Hangouts I've gotten because of the guides I have written. Within the year, I made enemies,  and the enemies became friends after a while. These were all life experiences ever since I revived my XDA account and started theming again, and I am very grateful to everyone.

I'd also like to thank all my contributors (even though I was quite pissy the past few weeks so I revoked ALL access to my private repo, and sent upset messages to certain people), please look at the bottom of this post for my reconciliation. 

So after reading all my bullshit paragraphs as usual. I want to mention I will be giving away 20 promo codes for akzent and 10 promo codes for BO!D (there's a possibility here in BO!D for an Arcus update) for Dark Material's 1 year anniversary, and nearly 1 million total downloads for the Dark Material series. All you gotta do is +1 (as usual), reshare and comment. I will be using an RNG tool to pick the users, and multiple comments won't increase your chance (so pray to the RNGesus - to all my gamer users!)

The latest update notes as followed...

- Update Gmail Overlay to 5.11.114210608
- Add readable notification text for Metal for Facebook thanks to +Nam Nghiem!
- Fix unreadable account text color in drawer for Chromecast App
- Add themed Google Pinyin Overlay based on Cantonese Input
- Partial fix for Youtube unreadable dialog
- AICP: Add themed Recents ClearAll Nav Button
- MM6.0/CM13: Add themed Caffeine QS Tile (17th nightly)
- MM6.0/DU: Add expanded desktop nav bar button
- Change all blues to theme color in Twitter
- Brighten up shift key on AOSP/Google Keyboards
- Fix Boxer's Account Set Up Unreadable Texts (95%)
- MM6.0/DU: Add BT and Notification Panel Nav Bar Buttons
- Fix failed to install due to Sony Walkmann
- Add themed ResurrectionOTA overlay
- Reshift reboot power menu icon animation
- Fix ResurrectionRemix Configurations FC in System App Remover
- Fix unreadable attachment box in Gmail
- Fix mis-merge on notification background
- MM6.0: Make Dialer block action consistent with other buttons
- Add invisible notification icon in Metal (Only notification icon)
- Add themed StatusBarColor for FB Messenger
- Theme MediaRouter Dialog in YouTube
- Update Google Messenger to 1.7.049 (
- Fix invisible YouTube Actionbar Search Controls
- Bliss6.0: Add tintable Settings icons for cLock and System App Remover
- Fix invisible Google Messenger Resend Actionbar Button
- Change notification big picture background color to new color
- Fix unreadable Subject editor bubble in Google Messenger
- Fix Play Store button sizes
- Add themed chips downdown in AOSP Email thanks to +David Wilson 
- DU: Update QS tiles (Themes, Fling and SmartBar)
- SystemUI: Change brightness dialog background to primary background
- MM6.0: Remove buggy SystemUI notification swipe due to new notifications (akzent)

PREVIOUS CONTRIBUTORS: Due to rebasing the theme and cleaning up the people who can push directly into my repo, if you are still interested to contribute to Dark Material (again), please message me again and hopefully we could talk about it.

Finally, I would like to mention why I am doing this giveaway. Although I am happy that we're so close to 1 million downloads for the series, as well as one year anniversary, I need to find myself again. I have been lost for a while. Although I love what I am doing, I want to show myself that I have greater potential within myself, and I want to show a specific someone that even though I haven't ever changed in my life for the better, this time, I truly believe that I will be a better person over time. I love all my users, I love my supporters, I love my testers. I won't quit theming, don't you worry, the team has been very supportive on my decisions and theming is my stress relief.

I have poured my heart and tears into the theme, and I hope you all are enjoying what I'm doing, because they contain experiences and memories of which I will never forget. Although you might not understand how I poured these things into the theme; every drawable and every line of code has an emotional attachment to me I hope will never go away. 
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Giveaway + Release of Black latern cm theme :

Hi ,
I'm very proud and excited to announce my new theme Black Latern which is made with full of dedication and hardwork , Inorder to just concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

I'm also giving away 30 promo codes since india have won the match today. (based upon the share, I might increase the promo codes)

How to win promo code?
1. +1'd This post
*2. Share this post (once you share i will be noting down the names ) *
3. Add me to your circle if you haven't

Winners will be announced by online random number generator website . Giveaway ends on *4.01.16

Remember if you win then you will have free access to all the updates for one year
My thanks goes to +Hiten Soni +Nicholas Chum +Pete Nolan

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Originally shared by ****
This really is a amazing device. Like amazing. 

5.2 - 1440p screen
4GB ram.
Fingerprint sensor..
NICE 21MP camera. 
Runs CyanogenOS
It feels really good in the hand..

You indians are lucky people. 
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Nexus 4 Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM already uploaded online

By +Robert Triggs 
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Easter eggs have been hiding in every #Android  release since 2010. #NatandLo hunt them down: 
Animated Photo
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New BlissPop Build is Up For Yureka aka Tomato


Grab it and #StayBlissed  :)

Sanyam Jain aka Men_in_black007
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