Google, please add a WYSIWYG editor

I do a lot of posting in Google Groups and GMail and really love the What You See Is What You Get editors there.

I want this on Google+ as well. I don't want it to be that featured, but in a limited way. I can see a great usage for some basics like bold italic stroke through , sorted and unsorted lists, in text links and quotes.

A lot of users don't even know that they can kinda format their posts to make them more readable or structured. To create a list you have now to kinda use fancy Alt+Num Pad codes for some list icons.

And the most important reason for me is in-text links to don't mess up your post structure with links or short links.

This is my proposal to Google to include a limited WYSIWYG editor on Google+ to make sharing more fun, more readable and more structured......

Some people don't just share pictures, they share stories.

I hope that I have support on this from +Anna Piechulla and +Natalie Villalobos

Please spread the word to make this happen. Google is listening to us!


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