64-bit support on the next Android 4.4 version aka. "KitKat" is pretty much confirmed. Let's see when the first Android phones with 64-bit processing will arrive ;)
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Apple will jump up and down, but 64 is the natural evolution.. And Android will make much better use of it... ;) 
+Justin Herrera actually I would disagree. If 64bit appears in 4.4 that means it's been on the drawing board for sometime. You just can't implement this overnight. Particularly when your on the Android OS when you have multiple OEM’s that build on your product 
It's the other way round. Android set trends. Apple follows and market it as if they invented it 
+Justin Herrera It was confirmed by androidcentral itself that Google started working on 64-bit support for Android already in January-February timeframe. Apple raced it out first tho, even when it really didn't need it. Android will put that technology into a better use ;)
+Justin Herrera did you really think they remade android kitkat just because of apple keynote? and we have 64bits since nintendo64.. so it's not a new trend or technology.. it's just an inevitable way to avoid ram and others limitations in a long term
Unfortunately I'll probably be waiting a while.. Don't have the cash for Nexus, so using a Motorola RAZR HD and not prepared to root.. So stuck on 4.1.2 for now! Be nice if +Motorola Mobility / +Motorola Australia could actually commit to getting it to 4.2 at the very least.. ;) 
Also guys, those pictures leaked from FCC fillings were actually taken in the beginning half of August, so a lot of changes to the Nexus 5 design may have been possible. So sit down tight, for a next month or two we are in for a good Android/Nexus ride ;) 
Ram Aj
Nexus 5 would be cool if it had 64bit, but that'll result in lack of apps etc.
Ram Aj
You press + and then the name
I wonder if it's only x86-64bit seeing as this is from an intel presentation
Eric K.
+Rameez Ajaz Doubt it. Android runs apps on a VM, so developers don't need to worry about optimizing the apps. As long as the VM can run on a 64-bit system, it'll be fine. 
+Rameez Ajaz no, it want. The only problem would be drivers. Apps are backward compatible 64-32 by architecture thanks to AMD who managed to do that few years ago when all 64 fuss started. Intel had 64bit long before, but they were not backward compatible ;) 
just rumor that doesn't make sense, cause that would mean that current android phones won't be able to update to 4.4, google's not that stupid. a 32bit os on top a 64bit processor (ala iphone 5s) doesn't make sense but will work, however, a 64bit os on top of a 32bit processor will not work at all.
+J. Nicolas You are wrong. Everything will be allright, don't worry. Android will support 64-bit but it doesn't mean that they won't do it like apple which is run all the 32-bit apps through an emulator or that kind of thing. Either way this is just the support for 64-bit. It doesn't mean anything to us and this is important for manufacturers and when will they step up.
Now we'll be able to do all of those things 64 bit lets us do that 32 bit didn't like.....??  More memory, umm.....?  Well you know
We can all ignore the troll attempt by +Justin Herrera . The fact is that 64-bit is required for any system to begin addressing greater than 4GB RAM memory which will certainly enable more powerful implementations of those given systems. Android is utilized on many more variety of devices than its alternative platforms, and this addition will allow further innovation. It may not be immediately necessary or important for the smartphone market, but when you consider multitasking parallel apps running on devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 etc do, it will definitely be useful to expand that concept as well as potential game systems like Ouya (should it succeed enough to warrant a generation 2 system)
If Nexus 5 is 64 bits, 2Ghz CPU, 3Gb of RAM, 13 Mpx camera, 5 inches screen, 64Gb model and replaceable battery, all this for 500$, it would be the perfect phone for me, for a long time!
Lets take a moment and step back. 64bit processing and support means nothing until phones have more than 4GB of RAM. So what Apple has done benefits nobody at this moment and may not for 6 months to a year if you look at their product cycle.  They were the first to announce a chip that can support it but what good is that when the phone cant. Hence the FOWARD THINKING theme of the phone.

Google MAY introduce this in 4.4 but I say again no device TODAY has the specs to run this tech appropriately. Also, no apps are made to support to this standard yet.

Now lets be honest, with the army of OEM's that support Android and with the way Android devices are built currently. I feel it's safe to assume that though Apple said it first Google will be the first to implement.  Google has an army of OEM's that run android and these very OEM's build chips for Apple.  
I don't think that Snapdragon 800 will be able to support 64-bit, but please correct me if I'm wrong? Don't you need some physical improvements into the SoC architecture to enable true 64-bit processing? +Brandon Kearns Maybe you know about this? Or maybe you +Jamaar DeBoise  ?
+Justin Herrera
you cant retroactively set trends, and apple has been years behind on everything for the last 5ish years. Apple didnt invent 64 bit, they just came out with it before it was useful in any way so the could claim to be first. Android will actually make use of it
I agree. It doesn't make sense to introduce 64bit processing without an overhaul of native apps and third party support. That's a big undertaking. Also RAM would be an important component for 64bit support and ideally should be scaled up from 2 to at least 4Gb.

Nexus line of phones hasn't been one to lead in hardware. It wouldn't make sense to start now unless Samsung or Qualcomm is ready to push out new processors which seems unlikely given a refresh is just being manufactured with the introduction of Octa and Snapdragon 800 chips.

Can't wait to see what 2015 products would look like. Perhaps we might get upgraded hardware earlier?
+Santeri Liukkonen Other things need to be implemented to support a 64bit architecture. Far more than just the chip. As I said this 64bit speak is simply a perk, that's not a perk. You cannot use 64bit architecture because the RAM is simply not there in any of the smartphones out today. It doesn't matter if it's a Snapdragon 800 or an A7 or a whatever. For mobile devices the hardware infrastructure is not there yet.  The Software is definitely not there yet. This article will help you understand more. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-11/hardware/41969402_1_iphone-5s-new-processor-architecture

In short, what Apple did (and nothing against them doing this cause it's a brilliant way to sell phones) is they basically said. We have placed one element into our phone that will open the gateway for a 64bit future. They never said it would work, or you would see it soon, or it would even be used with this phone.  They simply threw it out there and allowed consumers to make up their own fantasy about what it meant.  This is why the experts are out there now telling us the truth.  We may not see this fully implemented for about a year or so.  
The next nexus phone will most likely not have a 64 bit processor due to the snapdragon 800 being based on a15 architecture which is 32 bit.

Though 4.4 might support 64 bit you'll have to wait until processor OEMS base their processors off of arm cortex A53 and A57 which is not stated for commercial release until 2014.

I'm excited to see if android 4.4 supports new types of devices such as laptops which would be good for Intel if android 4.4 supports 64 bit because bay trail is 64 bit.
64-bit architecture is the new standard.  Onward to 128-bit!
+Santeri Liukkonen as i know it the hardware/architecture has to be able to run a 64bit os. if the architecture is 64bit, then it can run either a 64bit or 32bit os, but a 32bit architecture, all phones but 1 has as of today, can only run a 32bit os. i guess i misread your post, i thought you meant 4.4 is going full on 64bit.
+J. Nicolas Like your comment. Just to add. Without all the tech speak or BS. Nobody has a 64bit environment today. As I keep saying We will not see a 64 bit environment until first we get the hardware.  My guess is that Samsung will be the first to release a 64bit capable phone.  Android 4.4 may introduce the capability to support it. But then we still have to wait for the apps to upgrade.  This may not happen for at least 2 years because most people will still be running phones still in a 32bit environment.  

Once everybody upgrades which i'm gonna say 4 years. Then we will be in 64bit and by that point nobody will care. It will be Apple or Google or Samsung marketing all of these great software strides based of the 64bit upgrade we all forgot about. We will once again wonder where this magic came from. And so on.
Considering that ARM announced 64 bit processing in the ARMv8 architecture last year it shouldn't surprise anyone that mobile OSs are going 64 bit. If Apple wants to pretend they pioneered it well...that's just Apple being Apple. 
+Justin Herrera a bit like Motorola used a fingerprint sensor on their Atrix phone 2 years ago? Yeah I guess Apple innovated there. I wouldn't bite, but go and troll somewhere else if you haven't done your research.
Facetime...Sony Ericsson k800i was already rockin it prior to apple 
+Justin Herrera 64 bit cannot be useful with its full potential with less than 4 GB of RAM. Therefore, android phones will have 4 GB of RAM soon and will actually be able to 'use' the 64 bit architecture. On the other hand, the beauty of open source means that when android goes 64 bit, most apps will not need to be recompiled to take advantage of it. where as in ios, all the apps will need to e updated to take advantage 'once' it gets 4 GB of RAM
Be being dumb, already thought they had 64bit processors, (dual/quad core)
+Jamaar DeBoise ios might get there sooner than android. in 1 year, apple will release the 6 and will most likely have a 64bit chip. by then almost all the 5c people will upgrade to the 5s or 6 and a great percentage of the iphones will have a 64bit processor, then they can move ios to 64bit.

the apps don't need to "upgrade" to 64bit. they can stay 32bit and still be run by the 64bit os with no problems. hell, all the apps can stay 32bit until android gets to z. the processor is on the threshold as apple has shown with the a7 but useless without the 4gigs of ram (which we may have to wait 2+ more years maybe) and the 64bit os.
+Derek Burke has it right. Saw an article on The Verge (I think?) Dated from last year outlining 2014 CPU roadmap which included 64 bit processors. Of course apple will get the credit for "pioneering" it.
+Frank Summers as much as i hate apple, i'll have to give it them. they might not have been the first to make a 64bit processor, but they're the first to put one in a phone.
+J. Nicolas Well, it's all guess work currently. I am betting that iOS wont get there first because it's one manufacturer in a closed system with products that are higher priced than the competition.  Most smartphone owners have on-contract phones and with iPhones not being cheap I don't see their full base able to fully utilize 64bit for about 3-4 years because of contract and product cycles. Android products can be brought off-contract at quite a cheaper rate than idevices. With open-source development and multiple OEM's that manufacture their own chips and hardware I think Android has more of a shot.   
If kit-kat has 64 bit compatibility then the iPhone had nothing to do with it. Your talking about months of development
Ram Aj
More likely Samsung to figure it out and be the first. I'm hoping the Nexus 5 is the First
dav M
The thing I don't get is how/why the apple iPhone 5s is 64bit but with only 1gb ram
Ram Aj
Most Apple fans won't even know what 64bit processor is and does lol
+dav M my bias side says "They ran out of ideas and had to market something, and a fingerprint scanner in todays news cycle and a 15% better intake of light into a camera sensor aint' gonna sell more iphones".

My non-bias side says "They were thinking about the future, and they are working on somethings that are still in the pipeline that we just don't know about.  So they are preparing for that. But without the 64bit tagline the phone may not have sold as well because people would have went to the 5C not seeing much of a difference in the two phones and with the price difference that matters.
+Rameez Ajaz But they did hear FASTER and 64bit. They will associate those two as meaning that the phone is faster because of this and sense it's future proof I don't have to worry and that fingerprint scanner means this is the phone of the future I can show all my friends. The iPhone has become a status symbol in the US it's sad but true.
+Jamaar DeBoise true it's all guess work, but apple can control where it goes and how quick it gets there. google has to work with all of these manufacturers, which will slow them down a bit. if the manufacturers are still making profits from 32bit hardware they won't be as motivated to produced more costly 64bit hardware that's going to cut into their profit margin. let's face it, a vast majority of smartphone users aren't tech savvy and aren't pounding on the door asking for 64bit this, 64bit that. even the tech blogs are saying "meh" and "so what" to apple's 64bit announcement.

+dav M 64bit can use up to 4gigs and beyond where as 32bit can only use up to 4gigs, in the case of iphone 5c and below.
Apple is just using this 64bit chip to create a buzz around the new iPhone. It's useless to the new iPhone for now and it will b a while before they actually use 64bits. We all know that android will have the specs and partners to get 64bits working on a mobile device long before apple. Android has had everything before apple in the past and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
There are Apple fany pack boys that swear Apple created 64bit processing.. I'm not sure if I should laugh or be disappointed at the lack of knowledge these guys posses. 
+J. Nicolas So now that are predictions are out there. Lets place the bets. I'm betting you a Mountain Dew (Not a Sponsor). But we have to lay out the terms of what we consider a complete roll out. :P
its not the right time yet for 64 bit not now
+Jamaar DeBoise sir, challenge accepted, lol. to me a complete roll out would be 64bit processor, at least 4gigs of ram, and a 64bit os, and for android's sake it would have to be a motorola nexus to make it official. i also wager that we'll forget about this wager before we see any of that from either google or apple.
Stop saying bullshit even tho Apple have a 64 bit cpu the OS is still 32 bit so It's useless 
64 bit with less than 4 GB ram, that's just dumb. 
+Google , please remember #Apple invented 64 bit technology. As a matter of fact they are about to sue all PC and software manufacturers who are unlawfully using it right now. I heard they also invented waffles and shaving cream.
The most interesting news is in my opinion here that Google is building Android on top of Linux 3.8 now. (Instead of 3.4 or so..) This means that the next version of Android might be very much rewritten to be a lot more efficient and powerful. Messy code is the main reason why Android has always been slower than for example iOS. We will see.. :)
Awesome! Its about time Intel got its act together and target the mobile industry aggressively. I'm a huge fan of Qualcomm chips but I welcome Intel with open arms. This is great for Android OS itself but even better for consumers. A chip war between Qualcomm vs Intel could lower smartphone prices even more and push the technological envelope even further.
Guys... I know that this is an unpopular opinion on here, but here goes

I think Google is better than Apple
Josh D
I'm just gonna wait until 64-bit processing is the new standard for EVERY PHONE. :3
+Luke Esau still Apple got lot of developer for making their apps and games. 

But android phone wins in hardware manufacture. So much choice, still I love nexus device :-)
+J. Nicolas I accept your terms with one request. That we don't limit the Android roll out to Nexus. Nexus has never been the hardware leader. Let's make that extend to any Android OEM and you got a bet. I also suspect you maybe right that we may both forget this before we see it 
Its pretty close to the top comments where there is my comment regarding the source.. should be in one of 10 first comments in this post. You will find it :) +Alwin Crasto 
"Apple sues Google; says they have patent on 64 bit mobile OS's"
Good luck to apple, 64 bit computing regardless of platform has been around long enough.....
Wait, wasn't everybody hating on apple for having a 64-bit processor? I say good job and good luck for both android and apple
Adnroid is allways the best on the market and then WinPhone. wayy down @ the buttom we have Scrapple
64 bit is so cool, if our devices are going to be used for serious computing or gaming. I am not sure if the whole world needs 64 bit, but its a natural evolution of computing or marketing. 
I'm interested in the battery picture hopefully this will mean much better battery and looking forward to the highly tuned dalvik runtime.. 
maybe they should use 63 or 65 bits, to avoid lawsuit kkkkkk
+Eric Chung Hey, can you explain please what you think of dalvik runtime? What would it affect if they "tune" it up? Looking for info :)
I know but glad to see they are not trying to hide him like they usually do.
+Jamaar DeBoise since the #Nexus4, Google has used the top SoC available at the time, and #NexusNext appears to be going in the same direction.

OEMs have always been free to use the latest Android version, but they never pick up the ball and push for it.

Only #Nexus for me from now on.
+Rodrigo E. De León Plicet You are correct. But when you look at what device has the top of the line first it's not the Nexus. Since I have been with Android (12 months) it's been Samsung. The Nexus has inherited the specs of whatever phone it's been built off of in my experience. 
+Rameez Ajaz unlike Apple there is no reason that would happen, it could easily emulate a 32 bit environment with little to no hit in performance
I'm surprised we don't have 64 bit already. That's not like new technology. Game consoles were 64 bit 16 years ago.
+Hendrick Marthapang I don't think the Nexus 5 will be 64-bit, it might just be a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core but there might be a possibility if its in the next version of Android 
+Nicholas Layton Look it up in the source. It might not say straight away that this is with the next version, android KitKat but you can use common sense and come to the conclusion that 64-bit will be there.
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