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How do birds learn to fly ? ... they fall and in falling they discover wings !
How do birds learn to fly ? ... they fall and in falling they discover wings !


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Improving the Quality of Life for the Disadvantaged while Supporting Local Economy …

I love fresh produce and am supportive of local economy … but whenever I walk around Farmers Market I can’t help but feel into those that can not afford the high prices … and as a result do not have access to fresh food...

Today is Farmers Market day in Santa Fe and coincidentally my Beloved +Cherie Manifest  found a post about “The poor get access to healthy food and farmers markets make more money…”

That grabbed my interest so I “dug in” a bit … 

The United States has ”a broken food system that limits access to healthy, fresh, and sustainably grown food to many low-income families and under-served communities….” .. appears that this is a likely contributor to ” the prevalence of diet-related illnesses and the steady increase of obesity in these communities...” … while unsustainable practices continue to be ”the norm in our current food and agriculture system, in which the average plate of food eaten in our homes or restaurants travels 1,500 miles from where the food is grown.” ( )

These facts are depressing … and indicate a looming crisis that has serious social and cultural ramifications … but it was most heartening and affirming to find that the human ingenuity is alive and well … because ...

”... there is a movement underway to take back and re-design our food systems on a local level that can influence and advance food system approaches both nationally and globally…” ( )

Since 2009, Fair Food Network’s ”... Double Up Food Bucks program makes every dollar of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program vouchers (aka food stamps) worth two dollars. What began in a handful of farmers markets in Detroit is now expanding state-wide and into grocery stores thanks to a $5.1 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture….” ( )

Fair Food Network's solution is a real win-win because ” improves the quality of life for poor people while also providing more income for local farmers. That in turn lets farmers hire more people, strengthening the local economy….” ( )

And the added good news is that such solutions are not limited to Michigan …

Our very own Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute has a ”Double Up Food Bucks” program that provides _”... double value on EBT {electronic benefits transfer or food stamps} cards for all of 2015! One EBT dollar equals twice the amount in Farmers Market tokens” … ( )

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Michigan’s local program is funded by USDA, which recently awarded $31.5 million to local, state, and national organizations to ”... test incentive strategies to help SNAP participants better afford fruits and vegetables…” ( )

... USDA's grant will likely ensure such programs are adopted in several states ... now that's a commendable local and federal partnership !

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

+Vincent Messina  what do you think of supporting local Farmers Market organizations under the "cause marketing umbrella ?"

+Vin Brown  and +Diana Studer thought this might be of interest even though this is a US-centric post :-) ... wonder if your respective countries are dealing with similar issues?

+Marilyn Ritter you love farmers markets so you might appreciate this.

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Image Credit: Take Back Your Health Conference 2015 Los Angeles, by takebackyourhealthconference, CC BY 2.0
From, :

#FarmersMarket #LocalEconomy #HealthyEating #ShopLocal  
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SCOTUS Case to Nullify 2016 Election....

I have not been active here on G+ for a long time - because I just do not have the time ... but ... am sharing this post because this issue is THE MOST important one of our time ...

For me this issue is not political regardless of how this post is interpreted ...

Here's the article (via APW newsletter received yesterday) that got me rolling : ...

My trusted and dear friend (who ran a "Santa Fe & vicinity" local newspaper for 20+ years - successfully) is the editor-in-chief at APW (the source of this article) and he edited this article ... APW's founder directly spoke with one of the plaintiffs ...

Please read the above article as it is most illuminating ... I was completely unaware of this news/effort prior to yesterday afternoon ...

Upon absorbing the links and the REVOTE2017 site, I am convinced that this is a worthy effort despite it getting no media coverage ... so I shared (via email) with some key friends right after reading .. and donated ... and shared on my FB page (even though I have not been on it for years) ... and wanted to share on G+ (both public and privately with some) but could not do so until just now ...

This Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case is REAL : you can check directly at SCOTUS site with the docket # 16-907 ... SCOTUS site's search page for dockets:

Here are some key excerpts from the APW article:

"... Three voters from the state of Massachusetts, Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman and Donna Soodalter-Toman have filed a suit to nullify the 2016 federal election. Allegations are that the U.S. government knew that hackers from Russia had successfully attacked and penetrated the election databases of at least 12 states and did not protect our democracy as required. It was further reported that Russia successfully penetrated both the Democratic and Republican parties but only leaked material damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

In an interview yesterday with Donna Soodalter-Toman, one of the plaintiffs in this case, we learned that the Conference coming up on the 17th of March will be a closed session. All eight justices will decide which cases will go to trial before the Supreme Court. If four of the Justices believe that the case has merit, they can bind it over for a full trial before the justices. The Supreme Court has the power of Injunctive Relief and can order a new election if they deem that the process was corrupted by a foreign power.

The Guarantee Clause of the US Constitution calls upon the U.S. government to defend against any invasion of any state. This is where it gets complicated. When the Constitution was written, an invasion involved ships, cannon balls and muskets. But according to the Appellate Court, there is no precedent to nullify an election even if the Constitution gives the power to the Supreme Court to do so.

The Plaintiff’s in this case say that in the modern world an attack on our infrastructure is a modern day invasion and thus falls under the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution. And there is precedent for this legal line of argument. Individuals have been convicted of attacking computer systems based on the laws of the state where the server resides.

... If the Supreme Court decides that the election was tainted it can issue an order to remove the President, the Senators and Congressman chosen in that election and call for a new Election. Plaintiff Toman stated that they are asking for a “Special Election as soon as possible.”... "
==== ====

Here's two other pertinent links:

a) REVOTE2017 website page with all the latest & key info about this case : ... this is the group behind this effort.

b) GoFundMe (GFM) campaign page: ... this is where they are raising funds for their expenses ... it is most disappointing that they are not getting much media ... but that's not surprising as MSM, in the end, is part of the corporate-ocracy and is owned by the oligarchy.

Please read their entire GFM page as it will give you key facts ... and will show you how far they have come against all odds

This is truly a case of a {small} David against a {giant} Goliath ...
==== ====
snopes fact check: I check snopes for fact checking ... but am disappointed in their presentation of this case ... they are not being a fact-checker but are giving their opinion ... their "mixture rating" is an opinion not a fact ... as is their "What is False" answer ... their title "Did the Supreme Court 'Advance' a Motion to Nullify the 2016 Election?" is a question which has a simple answer Yes ... in my view any characterization of a "slim" chance is uncalled for and shows their bias.

Here's Snopes post:

Also, see my remarks under comments.
==== ====

So, again ... this is truly a case of a {small} David against a {giant} Goliath ...

... IF you are convinced, please donate ... and share ... and help save our democracy ... the more this is known the more people can show up at SCOTUS on March 17th.

Let us have fair hearings ...

... And let the truth prevail ...

We, the people, must all come together to save our democracy because the politicians are obviously drunk (& utterly seduced) with power and are not willing to investigate and find the truth ...

Our party affiliation does not matter ... as citizens it's up to us to do our utmost to ensure truth prevails regardless of outcome ... ...

... Russia's hacking simply can not be overlooked or buried with excuses... anyone in collusion is essentially willing to sell our democracy and does not deserve to be in office (regardless of what that office is - President, Vice President, Senator, House Member, State legislator, etc etc...).

There are too many issues that are being brushed aside with excuses ... let us unearth these issues and ensure that truth prevails.

Let us save not only American democracy but also take a giant step towards smacking the ugly, obscene, and out of control oligarchy.

IF you agree then ... PLEASE share far & wide so we can have an army of people go to SCOTUS and ensure this gets a fair hearing ....
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Trail Blazing: Making Dentistry "Social" ...

Embracing social media can be, and often is, tough for small, local businesses. In some of our conversations within G+ I'd heard that it is particularly difficult for Dentists - because their content is most likely "dry" and might not generate interest - despite Dentists being essential for our well being ! ... after all, who doesn't need a dentist ?

Well, +Charles Payet who has a thriving Dentistry business ( +Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry ) in Charlotte, NC is trail blazing ...

Charles' 1+min video introduction to a Dentistry Video Series is short, sweet, and to the point ! 

What drew me is Charles authentic manner and the substantive, interesting content he plans to cover : new treatments, new dental technology, prevention, and more ... plus it is participatory - ask your questions and Charles will answer :-)

A very natural use of social media and this is his 1st step!

Should be an informative and interesting series !

---------------  ---------------   ---------------   ------------- 
Full Disclosure: I have no formal association with Charles' business - I love supporting pioneering passion coupled with action :-) ... plus Charles is a fascinating person to engage with and learn from - on many topics, not just dentistry - photography, science, zen - just to name a few!

#DentistryAndSocialMedia     #TrailBlazing      #Dentistry   #CharlotteNC  
Meet Dr. Payet & Learn About Our Charlotte Dental Practice

After more than a year of trying to start doing videos on my own, I finally decided it was time to hire some pros and get some quality video work done.  I'm very happy with our first set of videos and we're already planning what to cover in our next set, so if you have questions about dentistry that you'd like answered - let us know!

#charlotte   #dentist   #introduction  

+Donna Frasca +Jennifer Daugherty +Remi +Walid Muhammad | REALTOR  what do y'all think?  :-)
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Busted ... by a Bumper Sticker ... :-)

... Arent, ya ?


Pinging +Vincent Messina +Charles Payet  :-)

Image: My Beloved +Cherie Manifest  is a curious photographer :-)

#Curiosity   #MondayFun   #BumperStickers     #SantaFeNM  
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To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. (Eckhart Tolle)

A quick hi and bye  ... dear Plussers ... 

Have a restful night, a good day, and a wonderful week !

==== ==== ==== ==== ====


Image Credit: Picture Peak, by +Jeff Pang , CC BY 2.0 ( )
From flickr.com

#Stillness   #StillnessSpeaks   #GoodNight  
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"There is a way that nature speaks,...
... that land speaks
... Most of the time we are simply
... not patient enough, quiet enough,
... to pay attention to the story...
... to be attentive.

Are you listening ... ? :-)

It's Friday ... and it's time to recede and deepen the listening, dear Plussers ... :-) .... Have a great weekend !

==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ====
Quote by Linda Hogan, from, original excerpt from a dialog between Linda Hogan and Derrick Jensen : Listening to the Land: Conversations about Nature, Culture and Eros, by Derrick Jensen ( )

Image: Middle Blue Lake, sunrise by Steven Bratman, CC BY 2.0 ( )
From flickr.com

#FridayFeeling   #Awareness   #Nature   #EarthMyMother  
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Why should Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have a verified, accurate, and optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing? ....

... well, let's answer that by asking another set of questions ... as a SMB, would you like customers to view your business as:

➢➢ Having what they need (i.e., be interested in your business)?

➢➢ Dependable (i.e., trust your business)?

➢➢ Cares about customers (i.e., have a good perception about your brand or business)?

➢➢ I want to go there to buy what I need (i.e, motivated to take the "purchase" action)?

... If your answer is yes (would any business owner say no ! :-) ... then you can start realizing these benefits by having a complete GMB listing ... read on to see that this assertion is backed by real consumer data.

==== ==== ==== ====
This is my post #2 in the #GLOInsights    series posted from +Go Local Online 
==== ==== ==== ====

#GoLocalOnline   #OnTheMap #GoogleMyBusiness #GYBO #GLOInsights  
GLO Insights: Why Businesses Need to Go Local Online? … Search to Store Behavior ... Realize The Benefits ...

In this 2nd post of the GLO Insights series (see bottom of post for series info), we continue to answer the above question of Why …. by considering the broader "search to store" consumer behavior - from initial interest to ultimate action and the key factors in between, i.e., trust and perception.

Note: this behavior is, and has been, further broken down into “moments or micro moments” but that is the subject of a subsequent post - the focus here is the broad behavior.

To underscore the importance of “local online,” it is worth reminding ourselves that ”... words like "near me," "closest," and "nearby" are increasingly common across the billions of queries on Google every month. More and more, people are looking for things in their vicinity…”

And, ”... Google search interest in "near me" has increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled since last year. The vast majority come from mobile—80%...”

So, “...consumers have heightened expectations for immediacy and relevance. They want what they want when they want it….”

Above three quotes are excerpted from : I-Want-To-Go Moments: From Search to Store, April 2015, by  +Matt Lawson   ( ) at

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

The broad "search to store" behavior can be characterized by : Does it have what I need (interest)?, is it dependable (trust)?, does it care about customers (perception)?, and should I go there (action)? …

Of course these questions can be addressed by reviews and/or by getting references from “trusted sources” like friends and family on social media .. but …

What if we did not have access to these other sources … OR were not interested in such input ?, i.e., a complete listing was the only basis ? .... so …

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

The assertion is: Complete listings engage interest, establish trust, create positive brand equity, and motivate action… i.e., 

1) Complete listings engage interest ... Why? … because 
”... 43% are more likely to view it as has what I need”
”... 79% are more likely to view it as a place for someone like me”
”... 51% are more likely to view it as worth reading more information about”

2) Complete listings establish trust ... Why? … because 
”... 197% are more likely to view it as a place I can depend on” 
”... 91% are more likely to view it as knows what it’s doing”
”... 201% are more likely to view it as current”
”... 215% are more likely to view it as offers the latest products or services”
”... 78% are more likely to view it as well-established”

3) Complete listings create positive brand equity (or perception) ... Why? … because 
”... 199% are more likely to view it as cares about its customers”
”... 501% are more likely to view it as well-liked”
”... 204% are more likely to view it as offers quality products or services” 
”... 94% are more likely to view it as is a reputable business”

4) Complete listings motivate action ... Why? … because 
”... 29% are more likely to visit the business  
”... 29% are more likely to consider purchasing from this business”
”... 38% are more likely to view it as a business I would visit ”

==== ===== ==== ==== 
➢➢➢➢ So, above facts provide compelling reasons for business owners to have complete listings and thereby realize the key benefits of engaging consumer interest, establishing/building trust, creating positive brand equity, and motivating action.

NEXT Up : Reviews in complete listings lead to a higher likelihood of consumers using that business ...

==== ===== ==== ==== 

For 1st-time readers: this series intends to answer the question, in the post's title, for small businesses by providing “easy to digest” information that consolidates pertinent definitions, technical details, and relevant trends/statistics. This series is primarily targeted towards the USA businesses - and the quoted data is for US markets. 

Previous post : # 1: GLO Insights: Why Businesses Need to Go Local Online? .. The Basics :

==== ===== ==== ==== 

Authored by  +Sanjiv Manifest   for  +Go Local Online 

==== ===== ==== ==== 

Above % numbers are from a Google/IpSOS consumer behavior survey ( ) except where noted inline.

Image: by +Sanjiv Manifest  ... Background grey world map image is Map of the World, by Woodpuncher, ( ), CC0 Public Domain ( ), and GLO Logo is by +Sanjiv Manifest   and +Cherie Manifest  ... The composite image designed using  +Canva 

#GoLocalOnline #OnTheMap #GoogleMyBusiness #GYBO #GLOInsights 
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Santa Fe Sunset ....

.... just before a thunderstorm!

#SantaFe   #SanteFeNM   #Sunset  
Our evening walk tonight - just before the thunderstorm!

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Empathy Humor ....

"Before you criticize someone, try walking a mile in their shoes.... because, then you are a mile away ...and you have their shoes!"

We were going through some 2014 photos and my Beloved +Cherie Manifest  found this bumper sticker snap that she'd taken during our daily walks (here in Santa Fe, NM) ... and I just had to post it .... :-) .... :-)

Pinging +Vincent Messina  and +Gina Fiedel and +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales - my fellow "empathy interlocutors" who might appreciate this .... :-)

===== ===== ===== =====

#TuesdayTip   #EmpathyHumor   #Empathy  
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Why going “local online” is essential for small businesses …

A small business going “local online” means it can be easily found in local search ( and with accurate, verified business information). The minimum required action to go “local online” is to have a verified, accurate, and optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing.

This “ease of findability” has enormous benefits for the business. 

For some puzzling reason the beneficial implications of this fact are not easily understood and/or appreciated and/or accepted … so ... I’m doing a series of posts that will ...

… answer the basic question : Why Businesses Need to Go Local Online? … or another way of asking is : Why have a verified, accurate, and optimized GMB listing? ....

… from various perspectives, ... starting with some basic definitions and some key statistics (i.e., The Basics post below) … and I will build upon these in subsequent posts.

#GoLocalOnline   #OnTheMap #GoogleMyBusiness #GYBO #GLOInsights  
GLO Insights: Why Businesses Need to Go Local Online … The Basics...

This GLO Insights Series intends to answer the above question for small businesses by providing “easy to digest” information that consolidates pertinent definitions, technical details, and relevant trends/statistics This series is primarily targeted towards the USA businesses.

The Basics, is the 1st post in this series covering some definitions and key statistics  …


Going Local Online means that the business is “known” in the Google “eco system.” … which in turn means that the right information about the business can be easily found on Google Search (particularly local search), … on Maps, and … on Google+.

The “becoming known (or Going Local Online)” is achieved by ensuring the business has a complete Google My Business (GMB) listing with accurate and verified (by Google) information … there are more details to this which will be covered in a subsequent post.


Maps: Increasingly people are searching businesses and looking for information on the go and are more likely to visit the business right then so being found on maps is important.

The “... verified business information can appear in Maps, helping customers find directions to your business. They can also find contact info as well as ratings and reviews of your business.”

Google+: Allows business to “get close to the customer” and directly engage by “sharing news and other content, responding to feedback,” and even face-to-face engagement … thus building a deeper (and potentially lasting) relationship. 

G+ is also a platform for customers to directly engage with the business e.g, leave reviews, comment on whatever the business has posted, and more. The business can showcase its products/services through photos and videos …. there is lot more to this which will be covered in a subsequent post ...

IMPORTANT NOTE: +Google+  is undergoing changes and more will be known about this in August so this aspect of Google+ and "Going Local Online" will be covered subsequently - in a separate post.

Also, the Google+ reference here is part of the broader objective of building relationship with customers, which is done using all (or the pertinent) social media platforms, e.g., facebook, twitter, etc. ... more on this topic in a subsequent post ...

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Based on Google's recent survey data, one can make the following assertions:
➢➢➢ Local businesses get more customers if they are findable.
➢➢➢ Online presence helps businesses grow.
➢➢➢ Map sites/apps are very helpful to consumers, helps save time and prompt in store visits.
➢➢➢ Incomplete or incorrect listings drive consumers away.

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

Assertion 1: Local businesses get more customers if they are findable. … Why? … because:
“... 4 out of 5 people use search to find local info like business hours and directions …” and ...
”... 73% try to use a business that is closest to their location…”
”... 2 in 3 consumers looked for local business information on map sites/apps…”
”... of those looking, 90% found info on maps/apps…”

Assertion 2: Online presence helps the business grow. Why? … because:
”Businesses that are online grow 40% faster than those that aren’t. ….” (Google’s

Assertion 3: Map sites/apps are very helpful to consumers, helps save time and prompt in store visits. Why? … because:
”... 97% of those who used maps to gather information say maps helped them…”
”... 70% saved time…”
”... 41% prompted to visit a business/store in person…”

Assertion 4: Incomplete or incorrect listings drive consumers away. Why? .. because:
”... 77% would continue looking after seeing incomplete listings… ”
”... 77% would avoid a business whose listing information turned out to be incorrect… “
”... 65% would avoid a business with little to no information on the search engine results page… “

==== ==== ==== ==== ====

My next assertion: ... Complete listings (i.e., an accurate, verified GMB listing) ... engage interest, ... establish trust, ... create positive brand equity, and ... motivate action…” ...

Why? .... well, that's NEXT IN THIS SERIES … so, stay tuned ...

==== ===== ==== ==== 

Authored by +Sanjiv Manifest  for +Go Local Online 

==== ===== ==== ==== 
Above statistics (except Assertion 2 - where source is quoted inline) is excerpted from a Google/IpSOS consumer behavior survey (  )

#GoLocalOnline   #OnTheMap #GoogleMyBusiness #GYBO #GLOInsights  
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