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Anurag, I didn't have time to listen to the whole thing. Did you cover off on your pickpocket comment? Which part of those words were doctored?

That's one of the biggest issues, that you'd be willing to sell the country in lieu of electoral and other funding. That's PRECISELY what Congress does. That's why I fought against Hiteswar Saikia, who tried to get me to award a large cement contract to a party that was not the lowest. ALL corrupt parties do that. LSP too has such people?

I don't feel sorry at all that you've been expelled. It is people like you that I've fought against. There is no half-integrity in public life. Either you are honest or you are not. I suggest you wind up your political goals and contribute in other ways to public life from henceforth. 
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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A car without ALL four wheels won't go very far at all.  These are the four wheels. They are self-explanatory. After identifying leadership as the key gap, I established FTI to focus on leaders first. That has provided the greatest "bang for the…
A car without ALL four wheels won't go very far at all.  These are the four wheels. They are self-explanatory. After identifying leadership as the key gap, I established FTI to focus on leaders first. That has provided the greatest "bang for the buck" so far among all liberal political groups. Not much of a 'bang', you say, but…
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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As expected, the socialist AAP's agenda was extremely thin on economic or governance reform. In fact AAP's agenda was a big disappointment, given Laveesh Bhandari had 'slogged' for such a long time on this agenda. I'm sure he was…
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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THIS BLOG POST – TWO DAYS OLD NOW - WAS 'LOST' DURING THE TRANSFER OF THE DOMAIN. I've recovered the code from Google cache (what a wonderful thing), and posting again. I'll try to make sure that it regains the original permalink, and…
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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I'm linking two interviews re: Arvind Kejriwal below by Ashwani Upadhayay.​The matter is shocking, to say the least. The integrity of Arvind is now seriouisly in question. I've already heard a lot about Arvind from sources but these…
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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Chanced upon an interview of Friedman by Gary Becker. A two minute extract regarding NIT: It is very important for those who haven't understood it, to listen carefully: a) Once implemented, ALL OTHER welfare schemes must be abolished. b) It is a…
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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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I'm placing below extracts from a couple of conversation from FB here for the record, to allow further exploration. My comment at the very end. Madhava Turumella My sincere advise to Congress Party big wigs, and all other political parties in India:…
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  • Department of Treasury and Finance
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I was an Indian bureaucrat. I joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in September 1982 and resigned in January 2000. Now I'm a political philosopher and Indian politician.
My email: sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com 

Please consider reading this interview before reading further.

I was an Indian bureaucrat

I joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in September 1982. In that role I held many senior executive positions in the public sector such as the District Magistrate of Dhubri, Professor of Management (Deputy Director) at the National Academy of Administration, and Secretary to the Governments of Assam and Meghalaya.

Now I'm a political philosopher and Indian politician

My role in the Indian bureaucracy gave me an inside understanding of our governance system through close interaction with India's bureaucratic and political elite. As I studied the issues further, including through further academic study, it became clear to me that India's failures of governance arise from bad policy. It is notpoor implementation that causes India's problems - for bad policy can NEVER be implemented "properly" in the first place. Bad policy that is to blame for at least 99% our governance failures. That is a key insight that most 'educated' Indians still don't have.

In February 1998 I concluded that our bad policies can't (and won't) be changed by our existing political or bureaucratic leaders. I therefore needed to join (or form) a (classical) national liberal political party and become a part of a political alternative to transform India's governance using evidence-based world-best policies

In pursuit of this goal I resigned from the IAS in January 2001 [India Today report].

Since then I have worked towards the reform of India's governance from the "outside" - as a politician. 

I'm not a typical politician but a political philosopher and politician nevertheless - focused entirely on forming government in India. I am convinced that no existing political formation or leader provides India with the kind ofviable solution that I do. I am therefore determined to work with you to reform India. 

But you may well ask in bewilderment: "But how can you be (or become) an Indian politician when you are not even an Indian citizen?" I agree that you have good reason to ask this! For late in 2005, after three failed attempts to form a liberal political opposition [see this, for instance], I decided that given the lack of interest among Indians for good governance I should quit this ambition and take Australian citizenship. 

However, I soon also took Overseas Indian citizenship which entitles me to "recover" my Indian citizenship within one year, should - in my lifetime - India actually want to become a modern, ethically governed prosperous nation.

In late 2007 I revived the political strategy with a revised platform (Freedom Team). Should I receive CLEAR signals that India needs me, I will return to India, resume my Indian citizenship, and contest elections. The window of time for that is now rapidly shrinking, however: just another ten or fifteen years remain, outside of which I will not be able to (physically) participate in the political process in India.

My detailed political plans are outlined here and here.

Why do I matter (to you)?

What I bring is critically important for your survival and success in IndiaI offer the ONLY viable solution to India's pathetic mis-governance (Breaking Free of Nehru).

All other alternatives have failed - and will fail. Socialism, colonial bureaucracies, communalism: none can succeed.  Other alternative efforts - including those of Baba Ramdev (or even JP of Lok Satta), that don't focus SOLELY on increasing freedom (subject to accountability) - could well create more problems for India than they (may) solve.

It is therefore in your interest to join hands with me - with the Freedom Team of India, where leaders who will offer India a truly modern governance system are now assembling. Please support FTI in every way that you can.

More about me

Almost everything about me is publicly available - so you can check my authenticity and credibility. For instance, you can find out more about me here. My educational and career history is detailed here (on Linkedin). 

Most importantly, however, please read my book/s and writings to understand me (and my vision for India) better. If you wish, you can browse through these blog posts that have some autobiographical content.

Given limited financial resources, I actively use the internet to reach out to those who are interested in a better India. You can easily find me on Facebook,TwitterPlaxo,MyspaceSulekhaOrkutShelfari,Yahoo, and Google Page. I'm here to help you help yourself. 


I welcome your feedback/comments at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com.

Join the Freedom Team of India or become a Freedom Partner.
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