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Sanjeev Kumar
A Mentor of Mathematics
A Mentor of Mathematics


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It seems to me that mathematics is the most exact metaphysics.

A mathematician remarked, "mathematics is for those who want to climb up the intellectual heights".

Thanks for inviting me to your community +vijay bharathi 

Let a = x + y and b = xy. If S(n) represents the sum of the nth powers of x and y, find a relation between S(n + 1), S(n) and S(n - 1), by eliminating x and y.

Can you integrate dx/x on the interval [-1, 1]? If yes, what is its value? If no, why not?

Lines 3x + 4y - 5 = 0 and 6x + 8y +10 = 0, both are tangents to a circle. Can you find the radius of the circle?

Good Beginning.

Hello friends, I find music helpful in remembering the emotions. Today, while listening to songs which I used to hear long ago, I could feel almost the same way as I felt when I first heard these.
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