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If you are an Indian you are safe.

If you are a Muslim and suddenly start feeling unsafe in country where you lived for more than thousand years..

If you are a Hindu and suddenly start feeling that cows are being slaughtered everywhere...

If you are a Christian and you keep reading that your religion may be marginalised...

If you are a Jain and suddenly start feeling that your religious piety is being compromised...

If you are a Dalit and start feeling insulted on every moment of life..

You just need to do one thing...

Stay away from social media...
Don't watch news...
Don't believe politicians...
Stay away from debates on religion...

And you will find that you are living in one of the safest countries of the world!!

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क्या अब तक इन्हे खुदा ना मिला

इस तरह खुदी हुई है हर एक रास्ता!
घर से निकलते है लेके मा का वास्ता!!
यह खुदाई का कब तक चलेगा सिल्सिला!
खुदाई की कसम, क्या अब तक इन्हे खुदा ना मिला!!

तेरी गलियों में आने से कतराते है हम!
घर पे बैठे दिल मे दबा लेते है ना मिलने का गम!
हिल हिल के टूट जाती है हर हड्डी और पंजर!
ज़रूरत अब नही मारने को कोई छूरी या खंजर!!

BMC की वजह से धेकेदारों को मिल रहा भरपूर नीवाला!
गाड़ी रिपेर करवा के हमारा तो निकल रहा दीवाला!!
जनाज़े के भी पैसे ना बचे भरके म्यूनिसिपॅलिटी का कर!
अब शयाद किसी गड्ढे मे ही होना है हमे गिर के मर!!

गिर कर मर जायें हम अगर इसमे खुदा ना ख़ास्ता!
घरवालों को दे देना खबर, हम निकले थे लेने उन्के लिए नास्ता!!
हिम्मतवालों को भी है अब चलते चलते गिरने का डर!
खुदा से रोज़ माँगते है हम हवा मे उड़ने के पर!!

जब हर तरफ है खुदा तो हमे क्यों किसी बात का डर!
खुदा के वास्ते अब नही जाना मंदिर, मस्जिद या गिरिजाघर!!
यह खुदाई का कब तक चलेगा सिल्सिला!
खुदाई की कसम, क्या अब तक इन्हे खुदा ना मिला!!


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Check out my journey in the blogging world in my candid conversation with influencia

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Five-Number Test

We all worry. Worrying has become an integral part of our life. The reasons that we all get worried about may be different.

We all feel that it is natural to worry. There is no shortage of reasons to get worried. It can be as trivial as missing a bus or as serious as losing a job.

By taking this five-number test, we can cut off lots of unproductive hours in our life, which we waste just thinking and worrying about the past, things which are really not going to make any significant difference in our lives for the future.

If it is not worth our thought, let’s stop thinking about it. If it is not worth our worry, let’s stop worrying about it.

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Understanding the new Section 269ST of the Income Tax Act, 1961

INR 3 lakhs ceiling on cash transactions

In the Union Budget, 2017, Finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley had emphasised the need to address black money formation and had proposed a ban on cash transactions over INR 3 lakhs.

To enforce this, a new section 269ST has been proposed in the Income-tax Act, 1961.

This new Section states that no person shall receive an amount of INR 3 lakhs or more from another person in a single day, for a single transaction, in any other form other than a cheque, bank draft or an electronic bank transfer.

The provisions of this new Section explained lucidly for the understanding of the common man:

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There's no such thing as a superhero. It's all fantasy; it's only in films and books. There are no super powers, they are abilities. On this planet that we live, everyone has these abilities. And if everyone is the same, no one is really super. We should only learn to use it when it is required for us and for others.

A story on the fantasy of super heroes and their super powers.

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A Lovelier World of Indulgence

I believe that happiness is the ultimate form of indulgence. So, anything which makes you happy can make you indulge in it, without any bounds. Now, indulgence can come in many varieties; a week of holidaying in Las Vegas or Paris or getting an hour of uninterrupted time to be engrossed in a book. For some, it may mean the freedom to enjoy their rights and to others, it may just be a plain desire to evolve.

Some days, all you need to do is stop and take a deep breath, wake up to the golden glaze & watch the world for the beauty it is. And then get ready to begin a new journey on a happier & indulgent note in the limited edition Dzire Allure. You will realise that you too will be living #ALovelierWorld.

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How can I make a difference? Just I alone cannot change the world!

These are questions and phrases that we hear every day. Let us be a bit more honest about it. We don’t just hear people saying these words, we ourselves say this so often.

We feel that we are not one of any importance to make any impact. We feel that no one would listen to us, but really so wrong are we. We fail to realise that the world is just waiting to hear from each one of us, because each one of us can make

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Check out the link below to understand better, the impact of the Tax proposals for the Individual and Corporate Tax payers, which has been explained by me for lucid understanding:

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