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Did you know that roughly 35 million people in the U.S. avoid visiting the dentist each year due to dental anxiety?

Like most fears and phobias, dental anxiety starts at a young age and is often carried on into adulthood. #dentalanxiety #dentalphobia #dentalcare #dentist #sandyfamilydentistry

Read more about how to help reduce your child's dental anxiety:

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When a child uses a pacifier, thumb, or whole hand to suck on, the habit can cause malocclusion (bad bite) to develop, which negatively impacts the development of your child’s teeth.

#dentalcare #sandyfamilydentistry #thumbsucking #dentist

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Do you find it hard to resist junk food?

Having trouble saying no to junk food may not be simply a test of willpower, as a study suggests the brain may actually enable cravings.

According to researchers, the results of the study suggest that the ideal solution to effective self-restraint lies in optimal brain health. Programs designed to enhance or preserve dorsolateral cortex function could help reduce an individual’s likelihood of developing obesity and other chronic conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, and diabetes.

#junkfood #nutrition #dentalcare #sandyfamilydentistry #dentist

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Greetings from Sandy Family Dentistry! We hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. What are your plans for the remainder of May? If the nice weather holds up, we're going to be outside as much as possible! Call today to schedule a routine check-up before your busy summer begins. 503.668.4655
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