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Sandy Hook Facts
Welcome to SandyHook
Welcome to SandyHook


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It was well past time to expose the dangerous hoaxers for what they are - of course, we know this 20 minute video is merely the tip of the ice berg as to how dangerous, coercive, and violent these hoaxers are:

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#AlexJones lied about #SandyHook when talking to @megynkelly - debunked lie he told before

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Lenny Pozner releases full documentative proof of the life and death of his son, Noah, murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary, in hopes of quelling online conspiracy theory.

Noah Pozner can debunk the entire Sandy Hook Hoax meme that is pushed by the collective hive of opportunists, liars, nutjobs, and frauds we call "hoaxers".

In an effort to quell online conspiracy theories, Lenny Pozner has taken the step to go above and beyond, and to publicly release very private information related to his son Noah. Lenny has also released dozens of photos of his family. If you put the information Lenny has released in one presentation of evidence, we have undebunkable proof of the life and death of Noah Pozner. Noah was killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The hoaxers, in return, will doubtless do what hoaxers do about the information. They lie.

The following documents have been produced regarding Noah Pozner, victim at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Noah Pozner Birth Certificate
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Parent's copy that includes social security number.
Noah Pozner Death Certificate - Current, publicly available copy obtained from Newtown Town Clerk.
Noah Pozner Autopsy Report
Noah Pozner Postmortem External Exam
Noah Pozner Report Cards for Sandy Hook Elementary School
Noah Pozner Passport
Copy of the official Master Social Security Death Index raw file for Noah Pozner

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Fred Grimm nails it perfectly- we must continue to speak out until the harassing grief trolls and stalkrts are put in prison.

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The dirty and criminal world of Sandy Hook hoaxer stalkers gets exposed by Lenny tonight on Darknet!

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