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Who's up for a shocking/scary webtoon?

I translated this late last night, so the translation is likely to be imperfect, but it should be good enough since the webtoon isn't story-heavy or anything.

Have the webtoon ( open on one half of the screen, and this translation at the other half. The story's pretty derp, but it's executed quite well, so much so that I almost shat myself.

Please set your volume to a normal value, before reading the webtoon. The sound fx are minimal, but necessary.

-----Beginning of the webtoon---

This manwha contains shocking and disturbing scenes, thus it's not for the faint of the heart.

Title: Bongcheondong's Ghost, part of Naver Webtoon's summer specials, 2011 Mystery Short Stories.

Written and illustrated by HoRang.

Author's note: This story is an edited version of the one of many local legends.

(scene: MC's back is visible; she's walking down the side walk)

It was around 11:20 in the night.

After my self-study session at the school, I was leading my exhausted self back home.

For some reason, not a single soul was to be seen on my way back that day. I live in a large apartment complex, so there's usually people around even at night.

(scene: profile shot of MC)

Anyways, with a nagging feeling, I was walking while staring at the ground.

I noticed that there was a shadow pointed towards me, even though I was sure that there wasn't anyone ahead of me,

and I looked up wondering whom it might be...

(scene: lamp post, back of someone is shown)

There was a lady ahead, but her form seemed a bit odd.

She was walking as if she had hurt her legs... Stumbling around.

(scene: portrait shot of MC)

The distance between us quickly shrank as she was walking slowly.

As I got closer, I could see her more clearly.

(scene: back of the stranger in pink PJ)

She was wearing pink PJ... It seemed as if she had broken joints at a few places.

Her hair was incredibly messy, stretching in all directions.

(scene: MC's feet)

I got a weird feeling, so I stopped walking.

Something told me that I shouldn't move ahead, and I also didn't have the courage to walk past her.

(scene: the stranger turns around, oh fffffff)

(scene: MC)

"Scared witless that you can't even scream": this saying is very true.

I couldn't even flinch in shock.

(Red text) "Where... is my baby?"

(scene: MC swallows from nervousness)

All sorts of thoughts passed through my head...

Haa... I still don't know why I said that... It scares me to think about it even today.

(scene: MC points with her index finger)

I pointed as far as I could see, and said...

"o-over there."

The woman stumbled towards that direction... and I couldn't see her anymore.

(scene: MC turns around)

Worried that I will meet her again, I quickly turned around to get out of the area.

I couldn't think about anything, but to walk towards somewhere more crowded-

at that moment.

"WHY IS SHE NOT HERE?!!!!!!" (TL: gender unspecified)

(scene: MC looks back)

I could hear her cry of anger.

(scene: oh shi-)

...I couldn't remember anything after that. Apparently a neighbour had discovered my fainted self and carried me back to my house.

Author's note:

In 2007 at a certain apartment complex in Seoul's Bongcheondong, a 33 year old female jumped to her death.

The reason for her suicide was the delivery of a stillborn baby, a subsequent divorce with her husband and the loss of her 2 year-old daughter to her husband in a law-suit.

She was rumoured to have been seen walking around in the apartment complex a few times since then.

Her appearance of dislocated joints, broken limbs, blood-stained pajamas at the time of her death has lead to people present at the scene of her death to suffer from nightmare.
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