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Sandy Suryadinata
Virgo, bergolongan darah A, menulis dengan tangan kiri, mencintai dengan hati
Virgo, bergolongan darah A, menulis dengan tangan kiri, mencintai dengan hati

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menyapa google+ ! haaaaeee! :))

ya walopun jarang disambangi, semoga sosmed ini jgn ditutup yaa

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million thanx to +Urban Icon#indoicontrip #indonesiaonly
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Yuk, Dapatkan Oleh-oleh Cantik dari 13 Travelers Wonderful Indonesia

13 Travelers Wonderful Indonesia sudah melakukan perjalanan mereka ke seluruh penjuru tanah air selama bulan Oktober 2014 lalu. Tidak ketinggalan mereka juga membawa oleh-oleh untuk kalian!

Kamu berkesempatan untuk mendapatkan salah satu dari 13 paket oleh-oleh ini juga. Caranya sangat mudah:
1. Cukup beri tahu kita, hal apa yang membuat kamu bangga menjadi orang Indonesia
2. Berikan jawaban kamu tersebut melalui kolom komentar di
3. Jawaban diberikan cukup 1x saja ya
4. Jawaban ditunggu dari 15 November - 25 November 2014
5. Pengumuman pemenang di akun Google+ ini pada 29 November 2014

Nah, jangan lupa ajak teman kamu juga buat ikutan ya!

+Achmad Alkatiri +Alderina Gracia +Aryanata Razki +Dian Adi Prasetyo +Badut Romantis +Indohoy +Fellexandro Ruby +Marischka Prudence +Swastika Nohara +Tekno Bolang +Ariev Rahman +Barry Kusuma +rahne putri +Indonesia.Travel 
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Somebody went to the movies . . . again.
Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson 
- In #Interstellar: All leading characters, including McConaughey, Hathaway, Chastain, & Caine play a scientist or engineer.
- In #Interstellar: There’s a robot named KIPP. One of the Executive Producers, a physicist, is named Kip. I’m just saying.
- In #Interstellar: And in the real universe, strong gravitational fields measurably slow passage of time relative to others.
- GPS satellites, located farther from Earth’s center than we are, keep faster time than do our clocks on Earth’s surface.
- GPS Satellites are pre-corrected for General Relativity, allowing them to beam us the accurate time for Earth’s surface.
- In #Interstellar: Experience Einstein’s Relativity of Time as no other feature film has shown.
- In #Interstellar: Experience Einstein's Curvature of Space as no other feature film has shown.
- Relativity. Gravity. Quantum. Electrodynamics. Evolution. Each of these theories is true, whether or not you believe in them.
- In #Interstellar: The producers knew exactly how, why, & when you’d achieve zero-G in space.
- In #Interstellar: You observe great Tidal Waves from great Tidal Forces, of magnitude that orbiting a Black Hole might create
- In #Interstellar: You enter a 3-Dimensional portal in space. Yes, you can fall in from any direction. Yes, it’s a Worm Hole.
- In #Interstellar: They reprise the matched-rotation docking maneuver from "2001: A Space Odyssey," but they spin 100x faster.
- In #Interstellar: Of the leading characters (all of whom are scientists or engineers) half are women. Just an FYI.
- In #Interstellar: On another planet, around another star, in another part of the galaxy, two guys get into a fist fight.
- In #Interstellar, if you didn’t understand the physics, try Kip Thorne’s highly readable Book “The Science of Interstellar" ) )
- In #Interstellar, if you didn’t understand the plot, there is no published book to help you.
- REMINDER: Never look to me for opinions on new films. All I do is highlight the science one might or might not find in them.
- In #Interstellar: They explore a planet near a Black Hole. Personally, I’d stay as far the hell away from BlackHoles as I can


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Infographic: Smart tips and tricks to packing efficiently for travel

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makasih mas bro :)
The awaited day has arrived! We have picked the winners from our travellers +Ariev Rahman +Achmad Alkatiri +Aryanata Razki +Alderina Gracia +Barry Kusuma +Dian Adi Prasetyo +Fellexandro Ruby +Indohoy +Badut Romantis +Marischka Prudence +rahne putri +Swastika Nohara +Tekno Bolang  followers that will get Urban Icon bags or watches! for the winners please email with your details and ID copy and we will let you know how to claim the item ;) Congratulations to all winners! Thank you for all participants who have shared our #wonderfulindonesia  to the world !
#indonesiaonly   #indoicontrip  
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