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In 2016, the following suicides were verified:

FIRE - 94
EMS - 34
DISPATCH - 4 was launched and they've reached over 50,000 first responders and provided them assistance. They are $5,000 away from our total goal to turn our tool into a fully functioning app. We'd love to see it happen this year, any amount helps.

Thank you for your continued support! All donations ARE tax-deductible.
You’ve had a long day, maybe you’ve seen some things you wish you never had. What do you do? Talk to friends, family, co-workers? If it’s bad enough, you can go to a therapist and know that you will get the help you need and you can move forward with your life. You may never have another experien...

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Looking for a #PoolTable to round out your entertainment room? Check out the HUGE selection of pool tables available for sale at #OzoneBilliards. They offer traditional, modern, and dining pool tables to fill all of your entertainment desires. Pool tables are made in white, cherry mahogany, black, and antique brown to fit any decor. Visit Ozone Billiards at their Kennesaw, GA store or order online for pool tables, cues, tips, cue cases, pool table felt, racks, gloves, balls, chalks, and all of your billiard supplies. #ad


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When did the church, the place that should be the safest earthly refuge, become a place with no room for the broken and imperfect? How can it be safe again?

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Enter the 365 Days of Pretty #Sweepstakes from Ulta Beauty for a chance to win 25,000 Ultamate Rewards Points!
Enter the Ulta Beauty 365 Days of Pretty Sweepstakes for a chance to win 25,000 Ultamate Rewards Points! #UltaBeauty #Sweepstakes

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Assuming you're a human being, you probably know this story as well as I do: The threads of your favorite pair of socks have worn down and created a hole. You have continued to wear them with your big toe hanging out. Your d...
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Buy a new pair. I have no patience.

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You can now get rides to/from PSTA bus routes for as little as $1.00!

PSTA is introducing a new county-wide transit improvement service called DirectConnect. DirectConnect allows riders to get Uber, United Taxi or Wheelchair Transport rides to and from designated bus stops for as little as one dollar each way. The program is designed to make riding PSTA easier by offering affordable rides to and from certain stops throughout the county. This is particularly important for people who would otherwise have long walks to and from their nearest bus stop or when the weather is too hot or rainy for walking to and from a stop.

PSTA will subsidize the DirectConnect rides up to $5, so some riders will pay about a dollar for their ride to/from the designated stop, while others, who are traveling farther, will pay a little more.

For details on how this exciting new program works click here or visit:
Want to save money? Take Uber, United Taxi or Wheelchair Transport to key bus stops and hop on a PSTA bus to your final destination. FREE BUS PASS PROMOTION. 1/19/17 - 2/28/17 riders who take Direct Connect to a zoned bus stop can show their Uber/United Taxi/Wheelchair Transport receipt to ...

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Brands want to send you free products to review. Sign up now and get yours!

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What? Free Peace & Calming with a Young Living Starter Kit? How awesome is that?

This is my go-to for a relaxing night's sleep. This is a blend that is a MUST HAVE for people with babies, children, jobs, spouses, family or know...everyone!!!

Pop a few drops in the diffuser and voila...instant calm! Or apply topically to skin with some coconut oil...and sit back and relax.

This blend has been out of stock for awhile so this is a really BIG DEAL!! can you grab your free Peace & Calming blend?

First of all...head over to and sign up.

You will choose your Premium Starter Kit and set up your account! Your kit and Peace & Calming will be mailed to you!

What all do you get? Good question!!!!

*10 Essential Oils
*Free Dew Drop Diffuser
*Bonus Stress Away Oil
*Free Peace & Calming
*Sample packets
*NingXia Red antioxidant drink samples
*Roller ball fitment
*Referral number to refer friends and family
*24% off future purchases
*Resource book
*Access to private Facebook group JUST FOR OUR MEMBERS!
*Email educational series
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*and so much more!

I want to support you and help YOU live your healthiest and happiest life!!!

I would love for you to let me do that!!!

**US Only

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Enter the 365 Days of Pretty #Sweepstakes from Ulta Beauty for a chance to win 25,000 Ultamate Rewards Points!
Enter the Ulta Beauty 365 Days of Pretty Sweepstakes for a chance to win 25,000 Ultamate Rewards Points! #UltaBeauty #Sweepstakes

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Today's diffuser oil is a blend called Light The Fire 🔥. I'm going to be in fire for all I do today! This warm, spicy-scented blend is great for a jumpstart to your day, for taking on creative risks, or facing new career challenges. Thanks for friends for sharing some of their bottles!

#EOs #YoungLiving #oilylife #EssentialOils #EssentialOilDiffuser #oils #AllTheOils #NoStress #Oola #oolalife #holisticlifestyle #healthierchoice #crunchymama #essentialoilsrock #oilsforthewin #myoilyday #younglivingoils #naturalproducts #healthierchoice #holisticlifestyle #healthieryou #wellnessjourney #breathedeep #crunchymom #momapproved #naturalliving #toxinfree #oilobsessed #diffuserblends #YLEO #OilyAngel 

Sandy Sandmeyer

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Real food DOESN'T cause autoimmune disease.
The modern diet of processed foods, takeaways and microwave meals could be to blame for a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, including alopecia, asthma and eczema. A team of scientists from Yale University in the U.S and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany, say junk food...More
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  • Christian Life School of Theology
    Master's of Theology, 2011 - present
    Master of Theology 2014 Bachelor of Theology 2014 Associate of Theology 2012 Certificate of Theology 2011
  • Eckerd College
    Bachelor's of Human Resources/Social Work, 1985 - 1989
    concentration in Social Work
  • Florida State University
    Certified Public Manager, 2007 - 2008
    Certified Public Manager 2008 Certificate in Supervisory Management 2008
  • Stratford High School
    1981 - 1985
  • Johnson Junior High School
    1979 - 1981
  • Birdseye School
    1974 - 1979
  • Oldfield School
    1972 - 1974
  • Young Living Essential Oils
    2015 - present
  • Sandy's P.O.V.
    2014 - present
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