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Quite a while ago, I posted all my snapshots of food in Japan. That was probably my most popular social media post ever, so I thought I should maybe add all new pictures and re-publish the album. So here we go...

Depicted is mostly food that I ate (in the past ~2 years) myself, but there's also the odd peculiarity that I just found special enough to take a snapshot of.

Note, that I generally prefer simple (cheap) dishes, so if you're looking for fancy (or otherwise expensive) food other than sushi, you better look somewhere else.

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Pictures I share from Japan are always hugely popular, so I thought I'd share some snapshots from today's Sumida River Festival Fireworks in Asakusa.

I just let Lightroom do some auto-adjustment (which was an improvement for some pictures, but not for others I guess) but no other post-editing - and I picked pictures by the fireworks on them, not their overall don't expect more than seeing lots of fireworks.

In case you wonder, the temple in the foreground is the famous senso-ji with it's five-storied pagoda.
Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2015
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Dear Layzweb,

Paying Berlin a quick visit in early January, I was wondering what the cheapest/best prepaid (voice and) data SIM options are?

I'll only just spend 4.5d in Germany and should have wifi access most of the time anyway, so 200MB should be enough already. 3G is good enough (I might lack the necessary 4G frequencies anyway). The easier to get, the better - at the airport a bonus. Arriving at TXL on a weekday and won't leave the city center otherwise.

Any tips are appreciated!
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