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Sandro Magi

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Easily compose Dapper queries for incremental development, while minimizing roundtrips:

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Investigative Capabilities in a Digital World - My Responses
A thread on reddit pointed to Canada's consultation on what sort of legislative framework they should create to facilitate investigations in the digital world. Many of the questions are leading and borderline deceptive in their phrasing, but if we're being ...

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Most approaches to tabbed panels seem to assume that a list of some type is the appropriate element to use for a tabbed interface, but I'd argue that lists are not semantically descriptive of tabbed interfaces. Instead tables, whose cells name their associated headers keep the separation between tab and content we expect, while still tying them together using semantic markup.

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Pipes.NET: generic and extensible streaming computations based on "Streams ala Carte"

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Versioning Domain Entities
In any system with mutable entities saved in an object store, it's inevitable that you'll want to audit the changes made to a particular entity. Explicitly versioning your entities solves this problem, and it's often pretty useful to end users of a sophisti...

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Efficient Curried Application
I just wanted to jot down some thoughts on compiling eval/apply curried application using an efficient register-based calling convention. This translation is actually quite simple once you get the trick. Leroy's Zinc abstract machine showed the way: evaluat...

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Algebra.NET: A Simple Algebra eDSL for .NET
Algebra.NET is a simple library designed to facilitate easy expression and manipulation of algebraic functions. For instance, here's a simple function: Function<Func<double, double>> a = Algebra.Function(x => 2 * x + 1); We can compile such a function to ef...

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Sasa v0.17.0 Released
A few new features in this release, and a few bugfixes and enhancements in MIME parsing. The changelog: * sasametal can now replace columns and FK associations with enums that are
provided separately
* sasametal can now output an interface file, which g...

What's the general position on inherently safe but unverifiable code on the CLR? Do people use or try to avoid such libraries?

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Sasa v0.16.1 Released
Just a bugfix release, mainly for the MIME parsing. Changelog: * added support for 8bit transfer encoding, even if not supported by .NET <4.5
* support content types whose prologue is empty
* added support for arbitrarily nested multipart messages
* added a...
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