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Sandro Cafolla
A wildflower seed grower horticulturilist, farmer and Ecosystems technician
A wildflower seed grower horticulturilist, farmer and Ecosystems technician

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2017...We getting ready to open for seed sales.
see you soon
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Passionate about Nature?

Full Time, Part-time and Seasonal, general horticultural and conservation operatives required, For native flora seed business. Immediate start.

DESIGN BY NATURE (est 1990) is now hiring.

A life changing horticultural career working on a small team situated on the Laois/Carlow/Kilkenny border.

This employment offer is only available to proven physically fit and hard working applicants who wish to work with Native Flora.

Ideally you should already have a track record however short, in Conservation, Horticulture or Gardening and or all things nature and outdoor as their primary career route in life and be over 18 years old.

You must be willing to work in all weather conditions. Clean driving license essential, 'speed points ignored'.

Applicants must be able to work alone on your own initiative with guidance, or in a small team and/or with clients and be willing to travel nationwide, including overnights.

You must have a good eye for detail and be willing to quickly learn all about working with native flora. Be able to work hard and keep up with our pace and the seasonal demands of this very physical employment opportunity. Much of the work involves using your hands.

Be able to train on the job, to learn to change work tasks as the seasons progress, from sowing and planting, to maintenance and crop care, to harvest and drying, to cleaning and indoor winter work.

The work includes hand and machinery practices, manual lifting, a range of safe passes and 'on the job' skills training.

All applicants will/may depending on ability be also involved in conservation and heritage activities, social media, using IT, customer support, client projects,

Ideally you should be a fluent English speaker

The ideal candidates will hold qualifications in, Horticulture, and should have awareness of organic and conventional techniques of production, Plant propagation and commercial nursery skills will be very helpful in securing a trial.

Trials, Position and remuneration: The position will be filled only after tests and trials of chosen applicants. Trials will be carried out, in early August and your time and travel paid for, final applicants will then be notified based on an assessment of the trials. Your acceptance of trial period is conditional and is not an offer of employment, it is a trial to access your suitability of employment.

Full time position: a minimum of either 31 to 39 hours per week , with short winter hours made up in longer summer hours To travel nationwide and be away from home mainly in summer for 3 or more days. Start wages. Trial period €12.00 per hour, Normal Operatives €14.00 ph Skilled €16.00 ph

Part time Positions: as above will also be considered.

Occasional Seasonal workers: either Close to Urlingford, Tipp/Kilkenny border, or near Ballon Co Carlow or close to Laois Carlow border pay from €10 starting to €12 per hour,

IMPORTANT DO NOT ring or facebook or any other communication to apply, other than email with your cv and application

ONLINE application. Copy and paste to email for mark email re: Work

Your name Your address

Write a brief paragraph about why you wish to work for DBN and with native flora

attach your cv. Include links to any web based or social media sites, that you wish a potential employer to see

end of employment offer.......................... 

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Native Irish Wildflower Seeds Producer 'Design By Nature' is awarded capital grant assistance from DAFM to upscale wildflower production in Ireland by 2020-2022 to save bees and native pollinators on Irish farms.

The assistance will be used to purchase specilist harvesting machinery.

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During 2016 we held two wildflower growers open days..
Many thanks to all who attended.

Ireland's ONLY Native Sourced Irish Wildflower Seed Producer. (Est' 1990)

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Wildflower seedlings germinating on raw subsoil. 

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Advice on slugs:

Read the following slightly adapted, manifesto and apply it to your life...
This international Seed Savers manifesto has been changed in regard to Irish plant growing and gardening conditions.

I, affirm that I will constantly ;.................

Plant seeds as well as save seeds, and protect them from Slugs

Make the space and time to stay in tune with my higher "Bean", and except my lower "rooty" goodness. In essence I am a slug.

Never let go of the big vision even when the slugs are bigger

Put my values, including integrity, compassion, and love at the centre of my compost making and slug discouragement

Have respect for self, and slugs, respect for others and their slugs & responsibility for all my actions even when dealing with slugs,

Believe in myself so others will, too. Believe in the power of slugs especially on a warm misty night.

Keep humour and laughter as vital ingredients of my business plan, between crying about it and the slugs

Get up early in the morning to catch the slugs

Manifest abundance in all areas of my life except for slugs

Keep my clutter to a minimum to keep slugs at bay.

Recognize my gifts and delegate the rest, and like us delegate to the slugs that which you will not do

Look at difficult situations from all perspectives even the slugs

Welcome in mentors and mentor others in return, show em' what a snail is

Light candles every day and surround myself with fresh flowers and slugs

Give people more than they expect, slug traps that work

Talk slowly but think quickly, like a slug

When I lose, don’t lose the lesson, just the slugs

Know my industry, sluggish

Keep improving my technology skills, Microsoftslug

Smile when picking up the phone there could be a slug between you and the earpiece.

Remember my body is my most important tool— stretch, exercise, breathe, go for a walk, dance and pick slugs

Every day try and read a poem, listen to an inspiring piece of music, look at a wonderful painting or go into nature to find the great slug

Drink six to eight glasses of pure water every day and eat slugs dipped in chocolate

Listen as well as talk to slugs

Learn the rules, and then break some "slug butt"

Know there is nothing more sexy than confidence and slugs

Remember that no-one, not even myself is perfect, but I’m doing the best I can, or in slug terms I may be slimy but I am going to eat tonight

Advice on slugs:

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The essentail weed guide
Redshank, black bindweed, knotgrass, orache, sun spurge fool’s parsley, hemp-nettle, hedge mustard

Spring to autumn: Corn marigold, charlock, corn spurrey, fat hen, annual nettle, sowthistle, for-get-
me-not, mouse-ear,fumitory, deadnettle (especially autumn)

Spring and autumn:
Cleavers, ivy leaved speedwell, common poppy, field pansy,

All year round:
Chickweed, groundsel, annual meadow grass, mayweed, common field speedwell, shepherd’s purse

Spring 2016'.
Breaking News: Wildflower Open days
Venue: Urlingford Wildflower Farm
see for dates

Contractors News: We planted the Aughoose re-instatement of native bog species on the Corrib Gas Field Onshore Pipe Line,
Client Roadbridge, EACS and Shell/Sepil.

We designed n planted a solution to use over 160,000 cotton grass plants to cover 44km2. We sowed over 70kg of native heather sp, molinia grass and a few local bits and bobs.

In Laois ............
during 2015. We started testing circa 100 acres of SAC of wild-flora. to see if wildflower seed production can be successfully carried out, without deterioration of flora or fauna... more on this as it unfolds

Simple and unchanging...
Wildflower seed mixtures are beautiful, educational, inspirational,
great for wildlife and amazing to 'Bee' around.
Wild flower meadow mixtures are far less work than lawns,
or grass margins and can save you lots of money and time.

GO ON - CHOOSE... DESIGN BY NATURE .... Everyone does

Est' 1990. Mr. Sandro Cafolla t/a Design By Nature.
60+ Native Irish Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mixtures
Over 180 different species, as seed, plants or bespoke.
160 acres farmed to produce seed.

3 Year Guarantee:
We guarantee all seeds, if you control the weeds.
Read More A seed cert is supplied with every seed product.

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Best Garden Meadow Photo/email Winner
Dear Sandro. I try to get as many bee-attractant plants as I can find. I sowed two of your seed mixtures.
The garden exploded into life and every square inch was covered in a riot of wild flowers, some of which I'd not seen before.
Over the summer the flowers attracted seven different species of bee, up to about twenty different hoverflies, three types of dragonfly, damselflies, shield bugs, butterflies and moths, and many insects I couldn't begin to name.

When the foliage died off in late Autumn I left it there and the tits and finches feasted on the seed.
All in all an unqualified success. Many thanks
Derek Martin, Irish Wildlife Trust Longford/ Westmeath Branch) 
Ps. I did better than my friends who also sowed your seed. 


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GO ON - CHOOSE... DESIGN BY NATURE .... Everyone does

Est' 1990. Mr. Sandro Cafolla t/a Design By Nature.
60+ Native Irish Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mixtures
Over 180 different species, as seed, plants or bespoke.
160 acres farmed to produce seed.

3 Year Guarantee:
We guarantee all seeds, if you control the weeds.
Read More A seed cert is supplied with every seed product.

Breaking News: 2016 - Wildflower Open day
Venue: Urlingford Wildflower Farm
July 26th, 2016

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