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Sandra Rodriguez
"Learning, Sharing, Serving, Leading"
"Learning, Sharing, Serving, Leading"

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Pitter Patter

not long ago
amid the din
pitter patter
was the sound
of little feet
upon my floor

they quickly grow
now quiet home
pitter patter
hear the sound
of gentle rain
upon the boards

coming home
my joy expands
pitter patter
is the sound
of my heart song
when they enter
thru the door

#poetry #MothersHeart #motherhood

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Such a beautiful song...

Is He Worthy? He is.


#worship #SundayInspiration

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Written for my dad on his recent 80th birthday:

I so admire
this man I see
who gave to us

Perfection? No
Yet we agree
that love
& character
hold the key
to lessons he
instilled in me
while I sat down
upon his knee

A daddy’s girl
I’ll always be
from birth
until I’m

#poetry #poem #fatherhood #DaddysGirl

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The Sword

Put down the sword
And safely sheath it
Its cutting edge
Will not be needed

Your words have done
What mere blade couldn’t
And pierced me through
Betrayed and wounded

Complexion pales
In wide-eyed stupor
I full believed
We’d have a future

A mortal blow
A hemorrhaging heart
In silence stunned
As vigor departs

"Reckless words pierce like a sword..." Proverbs 12:18

#poetry #pain

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Fragrant heavenly hug
The color of God’s love
Pure and enveloping
The sweetness of early Spring
Oh how you inspire
Precious blooms in this hour
Such power in your tenderness
My joy cannot be suppressed

Photography: Michael Nunes

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