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See me first so you don't finish last
See me first so you don't finish last

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Don't let your emotions control your actions.
"Avoid dangerous and self-defeating coping behavior.
When one is hurting, one can be tempted to do most anything that promises to remove the pain. The problem is that some solutions for removing pain work well in the short term, but can be dangerous in the medium and long terms. Failure to use judgment in deciding how one will cope with emotional hurt can result in negative, sometimes severely negative, outcomes:
Avoid using drugs or alcohol or gambling or promiscuous sexuality as a means of coping with pain or loneliness
Avoid diving into a new intimate relationship just because you're lonely
Avoid acting on angry impulses you might have towards your ex-spouse
Avoid stalking your ex-spouse
Avoid cultivating revenge fantasies involving your ex-spouse. Your successful life post-divorce will be your best revenge
Avoid making large decisions for a while after your divorce (divorce arrangements notwithstanding)."
Mark Dombeck, Ph.D.

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This is one slimy car wreck. Could you imagine such a thing?

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Here are some tips to lessen the impact of divorce on your kids

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Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!

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10 Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney (6th of 10)

6. Can anything be done to improve the chances of the case being successful?

Many people think that as soon as they hire an attorney, they can sit back and wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. The attorney will probably need you to see a number of doctors, talk to investigators, and remain involved in your case until its conclusion. Remember, your attorney is trying to help you, so be willing to help him help you. Legal Resource

10 Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney (5th of 10)

5. Does the attorney work on a contingency basis?

The vast majority of personal injury attorneys will not charge you for their services, but will take a portion from any monies you receive should you get a settlement or a positive outcome at trial. This is known as a contingency fee, where the attorney getting paid depends on (or is “contingent upon”) you getting paid. In fact, most personal injury attorneys will also pay for doctors visits and other expenses as your case progresses but before you have received compensation from the person who caused your injuries. If your attorney charges an hourly fee for a personal injury case, it could become very expensive for you very quickly, and at a time when medical bills are probably also mounting. Legal Resources


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10 Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney ( #4 of 10)

4. How long does the attorney think it will take to resolve this case?

As medical bills and time out of work pile up, it is often important to get a feeling for how long it will take before you are compensated for your injuries. It is also important to know how long your life may be disrupted by attendance at legal proceedings, investigative doctor visits, etc. There are a number of factors that will affect the duration of a trial, so no attorney will be able to give you an exact time frame, but they should be able to give you a general estimate based on how long cases similar to yours have taken in the past. Legal Resources



10 Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney (3 of 10)

3. Will other attorneys be working on this case?

Many people hire an attorney they see on TV thinking that person will actually be representing them. In reality, much of the work is often handled by non-attorney case managers, and hearings are attended by junior attorneys in the firms. These junior attorneys and staff people may be completely qualified and do a phenomenal job on your case, but if it is important to you that you get a particular attorney, not just the firm in general, this is an important question to ask. Legal Resources


10 Important Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney (2 of 10)

2. Has the attorney taken cases similar to this one in the past? How many? How did they turn out?

Just because someone specializes in a particular field does not mean they are particularly skilled at it. They might be new to the area of practice, may only do it part of the time, or might just be generally bad. Most jurisdictions now allow attorneys to provide information about prior cases and results, so when possible you should inquire. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but at least you will have a better feeling for what has been possible for this particular attorney of firm. Legal Resources


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