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I was saving my Sedona pictures for later - but today I thought that someone very special here needed something special dedicated to them

+Keith Barrett , the wonderful Disney guy, who selflessly gives up his time for us Googlers. He's at every big show, broadcasting it on his network, spending his time and his energy to make sure that all goes smoothly. He records and keeps these shows after they are done so that those of us who miss things can watch them later.

Always quietly working in the background, Keith is always professional, friendly and such a pleasure.

This on is for you +Keith Barrett . It is a pleasure to know you!! THank you for everything you do - you ARE an inspiration!!!

This is the first location I shot in Sedona - right along the road as you approach - this amazing red rock just comes out of no where and catches you surprise. A truly beautiful place that I am SO happy to have seen with my own eyes!!

I don't usually tag for #plusphotoextract but maybe I'll get lucky with this one!
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Sedona!! Yay! My favorite place on earth!
Great words for +Keith Barrett he deserves them. Lovely photo like how you got the depth. Thank you. Allan
I love natural landscape photos.
Natural earth formations, like Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Nothing to trick or false looking. Except your funny pic. Lol
Miss that place already, such a beautiful landscape!
oh! I see! great! thank you - I love it when it's all right there for the taking! It makes it so much easier!! Glad you are getting a kick out of the profile pic!!
oh +Tim McAdam ! it's beautiful there! I'd love to jump ahead and get them all done now but I have this weird thing about doing things in order... AND saving the best for last! LOL!!
Don't make us wait too long though.... we might die of anticipation ;o)
I do know what you mean.... but I end up out of order most of the time.... sometimes I just can't wait to show the best one, but most of the time it takes me forever to get it where I want it!!
We only planned for one day in Sedona when we went, but after being there.... plans were changed and we went back for more!!
We only had one day there - too much to see in one day for sure!! I tend to want to save the best for last like a grand finale! LOL! I know I shouldn't do that - but I do.. and then before I can get to it I get distracted! LOL!!
WOW Kiddo! I knew this one would Look Great! Great Shot! This might have to be added to my Faves of your!
awww - thank you +Brian Spence !! I'm actually quite happy with this and if the rest of them come out this good I'll be thrilled!! thank you! ♥
LOL! we are a good pair then! I've hardly even edited any of my images from 2011 yet! I have about a year's worth of photos that are just sitting there waiting for my attention! yikes!!

OMG - that one you have with the water!! O_o!!!!
We shot for a good 1-2 hours there!! If I can ever get around to it, I'll post some of the others! I just wanted to learn more in PS so I can do some layer adjustments and masking to get them the way I saw / envisioned them to be... like everything else..... I think that's why I'm not getting much done compared to a couple years ago... ugh!
I know - latley I'm fighting with my processing too and it's making me crazy!!! I'd love to see more of your shots Tim!!
Lately I do my processing at my second job, between parts, so I'll have to pull some off my backup to work on.... :o)
yes - because now I want to see it - but wait... if I compare mine to yours I might not like mine any more!! LOL!!
Very nice Sandra! I'm glad you're finally getting some of these up!
Oh +Richard Brunel !!! yes... every where you turn there, is another one. Hard to screw a shot up in that place! thank you! ♥
You're giving too much credit to the landscape (albeit beautiful). Not just anybody can take a photo like that. Enjoy that new macro lens. I can't wait to see what little worlds you discover ;) :: :
oooh! me too +Richard Brunel !! it's going to be GREAT! .... I hope...

oh, and thank you dear!! :) Did you see that I had tagged you to Steve Boyko the other day ? He lives in The Peg too. I was saying we should all get together this summer for a photo walk or something!
WOW I don't know what to say! Thank you seems so insufficient, You are all much too kind and it means a lot to me! I'm very happy to support you guys!
Nope - no Grand Canyon - we just were too tired to do an 8 hour driving day after all the other stuff we did! Glad you like it!
I am so glad you got to go there! It is so amazing. Beautiful shot Sandra!
This is still one of the most touching posts. Thanks.
awww!! +Keith Barrett what a nice surprise to see you popping this back into my stream again!! You're very welcome.
I would like to send you a print of this (or another of my photos if you like something else better) . Send me your address!!
bryce Canyon? vous y êtes allé-j'espere!
+andre ricard  We only had one day in that area so we missed so much!  I wish we'd had more time there!!
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