I was saving my Sedona pictures for later - but today I thought that someone very special here needed something special dedicated to them

+Keith Barrett , the wonderful Disney guy, who selflessly gives up his time for us Googlers. He's at every big show, broadcasting it on his network, spending his time and his energy to make sure that all goes smoothly. He records and keeps these shows after they are done so that those of us who miss things can watch them later.

Always quietly working in the background, Keith is always professional, friendly and such a pleasure.

This on is for you +Keith Barrett . It is a pleasure to know you!! THank you for everything you do - you ARE an inspiration!!!

This is the first location I shot in Sedona - right along the road as you approach - this amazing red rock just comes out of no where and catches you surprise. A truly beautiful place that I am SO happy to have seen with my own eyes!!

I don't usually tag for #plusphotoextract but maybe I'll get lucky with this one!
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