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So, I draw now and again... Not often.

I realize that most of the people who circled me, circled for photography so I hope you don't mind that I posted this. I may post more now and again, but not very often as I don't pick up the pencil very often these days.

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Beautiful and perfect for the season. :-)
Holy Cow!! This is amazing. Perfect for the halloween season.
This is awesome. So multi-talented. You should draw more often.
Great drawing!!! I haven't picked up a pencil for drawing for 18 years
oh wow!!! Thanks guys!!! I'm glad you're not all pissed that I posted it to my photography circles!! (they're all I've got, after all!!) ;)
Thank you +Mark E Tisdale Yeah - I drew this for the Halloween season - I later converted it to a Cross Stitch pattern.
Confidentially, I only have an art circle, I don't differentiate. Visual is visual.
+Sandra Parlow Post all of your art (cooking, drawing, photography, etc..) I someone gets pissed, I would drag them into the naughty circle :D Your drawing is beautiful!
+Jason Dell Thank you so much Jason - I actually drew a lot before I picked up the camera! I later converted this drawing into a cross stitch pattern and it's been one of my best sellers. I really do enjoy drawing and I know I should be doing it more often! I just spend too much time on photos and online!! ;)
Uncircle any cretin that doesn't appreciate this! =)
Awesome. That's the only word I have for this!!!!
Good to hear that +Mark E Tisdale My whole Google existence is visual - but up until now mostly photographic! I follow a few artists but not many yet...
+Kerry Murphy Thanks for the tip Kerry - she is wonderful!! Instant circle there!! Thank you for the kind words!
Glad to hear it +Ben Latterell I'm going to be uploading lots of cemeteries and stuff all month long! LOL!
Well, you obviously don't draw often enough...coz I had no idea that you did !! Love this Sandra, and cross-stitch too (I'd love to see this stitched!) - you clever woman you!
Wow Sandra! I'm so impressed!! You know we could be sisters, right? LOL I love all those things too!I've designed a couple of cross-stitch patterns but never got round to stitching them....I like the drawing and designing part more I guess....but I have quite a few patterns that I've stitched over the years! My dream was/is to have an art/craft shop, but there are so many now, popping up all over the place...:( Should've done it years ago! <3
Really?? wow!! that's so cool!! I've been designing for about... 13 years now. I am a bit out of it lately though. I am supposed to be working on a new Christmas stocking but I'm procrastinating and playing with my photos instead and spending tooooo much time online!! My publisher is going to kick my butt!!

I'd love to see what you designed! We sell XS supplies in our store - but the sales are very slow. Not something we could run a whole business out of for sure!!
I knew it +Joanna Wedrychowska ! I haven't been watching you there but I will be now! I think I've seen mainly your portrait work so you must be in the pencil portrait group.
hmm - well, I've seen some of them somewhere! Thanks!
I love these sketches Sandra!
Thank you very much +Kurt Harvey ! I'm glad you like them! I was afraid to post them because all my watchers are photographers!!
This has all the makings of a great childhood spooky story book that you stare at the illustrations before turning the page. Fantastic.
Thank you +Armand Salmon ! I really appreciate your comments!! I would love to do a story book one day - but I'm afraid that will never happen!
I have seen that site +Armand Salmon it's a pretty cool idea. I've even seen a couple of the books printed there. They do a really good job on them!

I'd need someone to write a story first though! ;)
+Jason Dell Naw.... maybe I did once upon a time when I was much younger - but not any more. I've been taken over by other interests - like photography! LOL!
Fantastic! I hope my drawings get to a point where I am THIS good! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!
Thank you so much +Shauna Dominguez ! I kick myself because I quit drawing for about...... 15 or 20 years. I could be so much better if I'd stuck with it!! I just do it for fun now moslty - and still not often enough!
WOW +Sandra Parlow! That's amazing that you quit for so long and then you produced this. I truly do love it and aspire to be better. I don't think I could ever quit drawing or photography. They keep me sane-ish. LOL
+Shauna Dominguez LOL! it's not THAT great! It's one of my own faves, but there's MUCH better out there than this! I think that creative people have to have an outlet or they'll go crazy. I know that I certainly need one! Do you have any drawings here?
No, I haven't uploaded any of my drawings to G+ yet... I do have some up on my website if you are interested in viewing them: They're nothing special but I'd love to know what you think.
ok running off to work now - I'll try to remember tonight seeing as this notification will be gone. If I don't - remind me, ok?
I can't believe I missed this post & I'm glad you commented on my picture so I found this! This is very inspiring work!!!
Thank you +Attila Acs I don't draw nearly as often as I should. I spend too much time on Google+! LOL! I'm glad you found it too! ;)
never saw any of this before, you are one talented lady...not that i didn't already think that anyways
awww- thank you +Mark Rodriguez !! I used to draw all the time and I gave it up... :( but I do miss it and I hope that I will get back into it some day..
i had gotten away from it too and getting my tablets kick-started that desire again. do you have one?
I do - but I find it very hard to draw with. It's getting better but anything that needs to be a straight line almost drives me bonkers!!
smart ass! a stylus? no.. just the pen...
oh my bad, no i was talking about an ipad or Android tablet (i should have clarified) i have a stylus that i use with mine
oh - I dont have an iPad or any kind of tablet. I have an intuos 4 that I use for my computer.
yeah i use a cintiq for my work. but the ipad/android tablets got me going again with the hand-drawn stuff cause i can grab it up and go lay anywhere in the dark and scratch away
ooh - a cintiq.... I'm so jealous!!

I can see what you mean though - after spending so much time sitting at the computer it's probably nice to be able to take it somewhere else..
LOL! just don't drool on it... it might short out..
I had no idea you had drawing skills too. Love this series!
it's time for me to get at a lot of things! lol!
Haha isn't that the truth. Not enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month.......
never has been.. never will be... especially with G now!!
I actually started something last week - worked on it for an hour, and haven't touched it since +Mark Rodriguez !! crazy!!
please keep on drawing ,u are very awesome,love your dragons,ur a great artist
wait.... What? You drew this? My ffing eyes almost popped out of my f&#k!nG SKULL! AhhhhhMaaazing!
lol!  yeah +Steve-Maxx landeros  I drew this a few years ago - made a cool cross stitch pattern out of it too - might be the best one I ever made, actually.

Thanks, dear ;)  ♥
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