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Another one from last night's shoot at the cemetery! I was so glad that there were still a few trees with leaves on them. The moonlight really brought those fall colours out of them. I had to darken the sky a bit because it was a bit too light and almost looked like a twilight shot rather than a full dark of night.

Long Exposure Thursday
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Wow! I love everything about this. The moon glowing on the path, the bright clear blue night sky, the fall color in the trees... and then you see the gravestones...
WOW! this opens memories in me... so weird!!
Oh, getting cold fingers was so worth it. :)
Love the color!! I'm hoping to get out this weekend and get a little myself :-).
Fantastic clarity of night - much better than my own eyes, to be sure!
That is amazing. Great job.
Thank you +Catherine Vibert When I was shooting these and seeing the image on the screen I was so excited! I was just praying that they were really going to look as good as on the viewer - because they seldom do!
Thank you +Lori Seebeck It all seems to come together - which is lucky because it was so dark out there I was having a very hard time trying to set up my shot! Glad you like it!!
Go for it +Jess Sturgeon I almost didn't go out last night but then decided last minute to go - I'm glad I did!
Thank you +Seth Appell It was very dark - hard to compose shots it was so dark. Next time I will take a flash light so I can make sure I have all my settings right and see where the infinity is!!
Fabulous shot Sandra. Real quality shot all the way around. Glad you stayed out to take it!
Thank you so much +Kate Church ! That's so nice of you! I would have liked to stay out later but I didn't have a phone I was starting to think that hubby would be worrying about where I was! I hope to go again some night soon!
Great shot +Sandra Parlow , wow beautiful colors, great shadows. Those wispy clouds, super!
Sandra, this is just a magical shot! Nicely done!
Just wanted to say hello. Love your pictures. :)
Wow - just wow! This just says "fall" to me in such a spectacular, beautiful, way! Love!
Thank you so much +Suzanne Haggerty I'm glad you see "fall" - most people see "spooky" which I suppose could be both... but it's good to hear another point of view!
This is awesome. I need to find a cemetery near me. 
Great job with catching that light.
+Sandra Parlow We don't get leaves changing color here ... the moonlight on the leaves really struck me. In Orange County fall is often our hottest time of year - it was over 100F here the last few days ... so yes, this photo said "fall" to me. I love it! : )
That's the best of your night shot pictures so far. The light is gorgeous (except the splotch around the moon, but that's really hard to avoid), but the composition that resembles a stained glass cathedral window is just brilliant. Well done!
Thank you +Lars Clausen ! There was a bit of a hazy cloud over the moon so it did make it looks like a big splotch. Thank you - I have several more to edit still, but I think this is going to be one of the best of the lot! thank you!!
Great job!! You are brave! And I loved your post that I just read about how many photos you take and taking your time and making them count!
Thank you +Daniel Schwabe It was a full moon so there was nice light - I was still surprised at how the leaves lit up though - it felt SO dark there in person!
+Jim Gibson Thank you Jim! I'm happy to hear you say that it looks romantic. Most people hear "cemetery" and automatically think "spooky". It really is a beautiful spot!
+Sandra Parlow google had a major glitch and deleted me from your circles! Would you please add me back? I like your posts. Thank you, Loree
Oh WOW, Sandra!! Breathtaking!
Gavin S
How did you know the amount of time you should open the shutter? Or do you take a few at different times?

Again - BEAUTIFUL photo
Again - THANK YOU +Gavin Steiner !

It's really just trial and error. I usually start off at about 30 seconds and then go from there. It's a bit of a PITA to stand around and wait for so long to see if you've got it right but after a while you start to get a feel for it!
Gavin S
Well at least there are lots of people lying around to talk to!
This is so bright and leading. The path in the moolight is so beautiful. Brilliant sky and such a beautiful photo!
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