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Well, I'm sticking a fork in this scavenger hunt and calling it done!!!!

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Awesome. Can't wait to see!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's too!!
WOO HOO!!!! that is so cool! Congratulations! +Gary Munroe guess this means you need to get your butt in gear!!!!!!! :D
A little piece of me just died. Who am I to wallow with now?? :(
NO more wallowing +Gary Munroe - the clock is ticking and it's time for you to get your butt in gear!!!!
I guess I can start posting some of my rejects now.. ;) (ones that were totally different ideas than what I used..)
Although it may look like it sometimes... my butt does not take the shots! It's the void between the ears that needs to get in gear! :P
I still feel the need to apologize to people for my gross photo though.... O_o
+Sandra Parlow - Yea.. I expect that name-calling will continue... after I see your gross I'll probably have a name for you too. :)
blech... I'm not going to include it in my album - so the only way you'll know which one is mine is if I win with it - which I doubt! :P
What ?? Done?? I only have half my photos... which is a mayor improvement from Friday.. when I had 0 photos (I had 1 previously but discarded it) ....... so 5 for me!
I am trying to.... my goal is knock them all out by this weekend... I have shot 5 but only post processed 1... and It Is a Killer!!!! buahahahahaha
I dialed back the scary for the safety of my wife, dogs, house and neighbourhood! :) Still havin' fun though!
LOL! not me - I went allll out!! ;) I just hope that people will still respect me in the morning!!
I was doing so well, I got the first 7 done in record time and now I'm stuck on my last 3 :(
There are always a few stragglers. I kind of gave up the ghost on one of them just so I could be finished!
awww- no you don't- you still have time +Chris LaCour ... I thought I'd be done mine so much sooner than this but as I shot more I found myself slowing down. I was stuck on a few of them and ended up shooting them again and again....
I have shot several again and again.... and I am only half way through!! [Sigh] -- that is unacceptable
Thanks for the encouragement. I've just been busy, tired and uninspired. I'll get it done.
Can't wait to see your shots!
ANd I can't wait to see yours +Chris LaCour !!! I know the feeling - which is why I wanted to get mine done sooner - but I ended up dragging my heels at the end!
Congrats! I just got on G+ to upload my second photo to my scavenger album. It's a bit of a gagger.
LOL! it's hard to put that one out there, isn't it??!!
OMG! yeah- mine's kind of "personal" too! LOL!
I'm really starting to think that my gross shot isn't nearly as gross as everyone else's. And I even thought I was maybe crossing a line with mine!
I think we are all going to think ours is really gross +Keith Johnston - because we're not used to shooting that kind of stuff. I think I cam crossing the line with mine too - but we'll never know just how gross is gross until we see the whole album all together... shudder
Eww! I don't want to see the whole album together.
+Keith Johnston I am considering re-engineering all the grossness I was considering shooting... to level it up... because apparently it is not game enough!!
Well, I'm looking forward to seeing your whole album of shots +Ricardo Williams, so, in the immortal words of LarryTCG -- git'r'dun ;)
(me too, still not finished shooting and some post work to do, I'm just not telling anyone :) )
I'm not done.. and I even got a note from +Chrysta Rae asking how I was doing... Oh the pressure.
LOL! +mel peifer .... and here I thought you were so sweet and kind!! I like the nasty you!! ;)
I've got my bullwhip and am making the rounds. puts on thigh high size 13 boots be afraid.
+Gene Bowker - All of us slackers did.. "Listen, and understand. That terminator +Chrysta Rae is out there. It She can't be bargained with. It She can't be reasoned with. It She doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it she absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead have submitted your photos."... Quote seemed appropriate with slight adjustments. ;)
i'm not nice. at all. ever.

i'm especially not nice when i'm way behind...
look. i have two that are kinda done...and i've posted three that i shoulda kept to use but didn't think of it till someone would mention it...
just whip him while you stick your stiletto into his neck +Chrysta Rae ... he likes that .....
LOL! Mel- put them in a separate folder so you don't "use" them before their time!!!
i know! but i took them as part of my 365 project...looking back at them, yes, green-frosted cupcakes coulda been 'green food'. and purple and black tights coulda been 'purple' and yeah....i just don't think.

i just get so excited!
Yep, I used what I should of kept for soft already <sigh>
+mel peifer I did the exact same thing....the first comment on something I posted....was "soft" I was like doh!
right +LaDonna Pride! and after i would post, someone would be like...

uh...ya shoulda used that for <insert stupidity here>

and i'd scream D'OH
and the worst part +Sandra Parlow! they were actually GOOD photos too!

(hence why i got so excited in the first place...)
Wes Lum
Good for you Sandra! :)
I guess on a positive note I learned how to use my 7D to trigger the 430ex flash remotely =)
i love how g+ has taught me how to use my camera more than the dang manual. i'm always forced to, what's that called? try NEW things??
LOL! exactly! I've learned a lot about my camera because of this place!!!
It's all this damn peer pressure! I can't take it! :P
Because I'm DYING here with all things I'd like to say!!!!!
+Chrysta Rae you and your 13 dont scare me.... Try 15 for a change... in case you are wondering yea... that's me and my shoe size!! ... Bring it, Bring your whip just to make it fair
Uh... I never waver... I may produce inferior work.. but never waver.... Geeze!!!! Get your mind out of the gutter +Sandra Parlow!!!! :P
+Sandra Parlow - I now fear where those things you were wanting to say are going!! You know you want to say something! :)
i am just uploading my last set of photos to see if they turn out good. If they do, then that's it for me too.. can't wait to submit the album - just so it's out of my system once and for all :-)
THat's how I felt +MG IK I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
A little advice for the newbie here.... when I submit the album should it only be shared with +Chrysta Rae ?? I need to find those rules and regulations!!! ...........
or it is back in here stream somewhere
+Richard Ball - Thanks... I'll take that as a compliment. :)

+Sandra Parlow - It's okay.. I can guess... but write them down.. you may want to use them in a hangout sometime. :)
naw - spontaneous insults ae always way better!
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