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We are all on our way to somewhere.....
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How precious is this ladybug portrait! Great macro work!
wait!? are we supposed to take our spots off again? or was it my pants? i get the two confused some times
quickly changes lenses and gets out the extension tubes...
wait... did she say macro?? damn - if I use that lens I'll have to stand way over on the other side of the room!!!
Oh, +Mark Rodriguez You know I'm just messin' with you! And laughing so hard my sides are hurting!! ;-)
We love you too, otherwise we could never get away with this kind of cutting up! :)
+Nicole Burgoz I have no idea what decision you're trying to make- but I wish you luck in making the right one!!
Didn't take you long to get the hang of that macro lens!
Ahh - yes +Robert Moser ! it looks like you could use a few of these little ladies!!! THanks! I'm glad you are enjoying the series!!
it was a bit frustrating when I first started shooting these guys +Nick Gatens - but as I kept on it I got some better shots! it's definitely a different lens to shoot with - but I am L♥ving it!!
Great shot but I keep noticing those Canadian ladybugs seem to have round spots whereas the ladybugs I see in California seem to have square spots. Weird! See my photo from a few days ago. 
hmm - they do look square!! and there are a lot more spots on yours too! Interesting!! Even the shape of the body is more round on yours and he head is quite different +Dean Sonneborn !!
D''awwwww... a cutie! I don't know where she's going, but it looks like you're going to find out!

I also don't know where I'm going, but I promise you that there will be much laughter and awkwardness along the way. I love it, +Sandra Parlow :)
I bet your journey will have all of that and so much more +Jeff Moreau !!! ANd I love THAT!!
It is so nice to see, those macro,s. Thank you very much!
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