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From back in my early days when I thought they should all have borders and titles! I still love it though... it's a happy photo!!
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A happy happy Photo indeed. And a great point of view!
Thank you +Ron Clifford Nothing like lying in your front yard in your flower bed on your back shooting the bottoms of your flowers! LOL! My neighbours think I'm nuts!!!
I love the low perspective here--nice shot!
there`s nothing wrong with borders :)
Good shot Sandra, you want clouds, I've upload 2 to photos.:-)
Nice shot.

So, you've changed your mind about borders and titles? I'd be interested in hearing your reasoning, both before and now.
I loooooooove the sunlight through the petals! Such a lovely pure white!
Thanks +Mike Spinak

I'm not exactly sure when or why I decided not to use them anymore.

I think that at first I just thought they "completed" the photo. You know, sort of gave it a frame, and I could choose the border colour that I thought would best compliment the photo.

Then somewhere along the line I began to feel that it was a distraction, and that maybe it wasn't necessary to have it. One thing that I find borders do, is reduce the over all size of the image, which, say in a place like the Google lightbox here, which isn't very big - really cuts down on the photo details.

I guess I just decided at some point that I liked the image to stand alone.
Striking. It's one of those photos I call a "happy" one for the emotion it elicits.
So lovely and amazing..awesome photo. :-)
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