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Another one from the archives! One of my favourite places to shoot - 10 minutes form my home.
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Love the sky and everything. Peace is in the air.
oooh!! That's so exciting... have you ever read my entry regarding buying a new camera? probably not - I didn't know you then. I'll have to repost it for you! I bet you'll be able to relate!!! ;)
Thank you +Jose Vazquez - the sky was beautiful that night - I really like the pink "wall" in the back ground!
I love how the tree stands out so crisply
LOL! well, yes, this on is "at home"!! LOL! thank you! I'm so glad you like them!!!
Beautiful album. Thank you for sharing. The depth of the colors is breathtaking.
Samer K
Such a wonderful album you have there! Keep up the good work.
Amazing gallery! It's like there isn't a wide enough lens in the world for your skylines!
Thank you +Shawn Manson !! I wish I had a wider lens for sure - but sheesh- those fish eyes are damn pricey! I was drooling over one today but it will have to wait.. MUCH longer!
Thanks again!
I recently picked up a 10-17 fisheye for my K-5 (Canon/Nikon equivalent would be the Tokina 10-17) and I'm loving it! It can be tricky to manipulate the horizon, but if it doesn't turn out you can always correct in PP. Just started into time lapse photography (today) and I can tell I'm going to LOVE it.
THat's something I've never done but it's so awesome! It looks like a LOT of work though! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I'd love that lens.. I borrowed one from a friend once and it was awesome!
Actually, I was surprised how easy the post production work for time lapse really was.. I was expecting long grueling hours of work.. yet I fumbled through my first attempt in about 2 hours total.. now I could do a clip in about 20 minutes or so.
wow! that's not bad at all! Have you posted any here yet?
Wow +Sandra Parlow that was such a great set of images. As Canadian expat in Tokyo that was extra special to see. Thank you.
Hi +Jeff Austin wow - thank you so much!! Thank you for taking the time to look through them all and + them! Glad to bring you a little reminder of home! Have you been in Tokyo for long?
About ten years. Now that I have kids I hope to get back to Canada a little more often.
wow - that's a long time! You haven't been back all that time? What province did you come from?
We have been back a few times, but nearly as often as we would like. Originally from small town Ontario.
I imagine it's quite a trek! I have a friend who I went to high school with who moved and teaches in Japan. He has the same problem - doesn't get home nearly enough! Funny thing is - we met online (on another site) both using pseudo names and became friends and THEN we discovered that we once knew each other.

Weirdest thing EVER!!!
I love this album. I actually can't wait to move to Texas to get a chance to ake the same type. Living in CT doesn't offer much of a chance to get good horizon images.
That's one thing we have a lot of here +Shaun Klinefelter !! Sometimes I wish for other things, but I really do love the big open skies that you can see for miles!! Good luck in Texas!
I love the sky. these are photos after my own heart! so beautiful...
Sandra, I am so impressed with your photography. My style. Thanks for sharing.
Stunning! What camera do you use?
Gaetano Bianco: il miglior commento a queste foto sono i versi de' "i giardini di marzo" di lucio battisti : cieli azzurri e colline e praterie, dove vivono dolcissime le mie malinconie, l'universo prende spazio dentro me...
I like it very beautiful pictures. where you captured it?
I live in the the Canadian prairies! thank you!
They are perfect.I heve no words to explain my feelings
D Smith
Beautiful!!! Are these done as HDRs in camera or after shoot productions? Gorgeous!
+D Smith A few of these are HDR but not many. This shot is not. Just basic post processing on this one! thank youL!
This whole album is just unbelievable. I'm just snooping around the judges pictures to see what they shoot to get ideas as to what I should try to capture in the hunt...
lol!! well, you DO have to shoot a landscape - but a long exposure one.... I haven't done a lot with that ... yet but I finally have a ND filter that I'm dying to use this summer!!

I'm glad you like the album!
I have a couple dark filters I have stacked and I think they will work as ND so I want to try that as well. It will be a new thing for me. I also just bought me a nice Micro Rack (Super Mag Slider) for some closeups too maybe. New toys oh boy!
Wei Z
I like this album
Me gustaron todas las fotografías, quien las tomo tiene un gusto fantastico para los paisajes
Great album, a bit overwhelming first time thru
Oh!  thank you so much!  that's very sweet of you to say!  Your work is so amazing - that's a wonderful compliment!!!  
Fantastic Pictures!  You have created such a big sky feeling and the colors just jump out.
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