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So, this was my Jello shot for the March Scavenger hunt. As anyone who did this challenge knows, this shot took a lot of set up time. When you do it in layers it takes about day to get all of the layers to set.

There were supposed to be two wine glasses in this shot, but I had to put them in my fridge tilted on an angle and when I was digging around in the fridge, one of them rolled out and smashed on the floor.

I cleaned it up, of course, but that didn't prevent me from getting a glass shard in my foot the next morning. I couldn't find the darn thing to dig it out and had to put on my shoes to drive my son to school. That was painful!!

Finally when I came home, after digging around in the wound for about 20 minutes, I found it was able to remove it.

There is literally blood, sweat and tears in my photos this time around!!

thanks for looking!!!
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Very nice and colourful.. at least you were able to eat the fruits of your labour! ;)
BTW I want that black reflective thing that you are using...
that looks amazing...
This is reallly goos, +Sandra Parlow! I love the way you lit this, and the colors you chose. Gorgeous!
I spent time layering jello too - seven layers supposed to be a rainbow. But to rush, I froze it, and the result was more "gross" than pretty!
Who knew Jello could be so dangerous! End product=Fabulous!
love it. never saw jello look so colorful
There were some amazing shots in the jello album!!!
Fabulous light - I love how they glow!

I hear you about the dangers of tilted wine glasses. I put my martini glasses in pots in the fridge to chill to try to keep them a little safer!
Suffering for your art! Ouch. Well it looks wonderful.. did you eat it?
I am a very practiced glass-dropper +Sandra Parlow, but I really didn't want to break those glasses - they were a wedding gift!
haha, didn't think so! Well some people eat lightbulbs, I'm not judgemental ;)
Oh +Sandra Parlow I can see the glass now... secret #4566 revealed and annotated in my photography secrets revealed journal
Ouch, +Sandra Parlow but it was worth it! Beautiful! Hope your foot heals well! :) (Maybe snow for us here again this weekend :( )
Very pretty! Sorry you had to bleed for it. Worth it though!
what a story! Beautiful photo and I am telling all my guests now there will be no layered jello it is to dangerous.
Ok, I totally missed this one (I think)! This is awesome! It makes me want to go eat a bunch of jello right now. The lighting on these is great, and I love the reflections! Well done!
I love the stories behind your shots
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