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one more share for tonight - sorry for sharing so much - but I really want to show you this.

My friend +Brian Spence FINALLY joined after I nagged, begged and pleaded with him to get on Google+. Now, Brian is kind of shy and I think he needs a bit of encouragement to get going so PLEASE head on over to his page and check out this album. He's an awesome photographer and a really great guy - so circle him even! He doesn't talk much or send out any spammy crap. He's good people! Show him the Googly love I know we are capable of!!
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Googly Love have been givith :) ... I love that Frozen Lake picture.. way cool :)
Visited, added, and loving his photos already! :)
awesome! these are just the tip of the ice berg!! his work is really great!
Hi Brian welcome to G+. I've not been here long but everyone seems very nice and very clever. I'm in awe of most of them.
Brian's got some cool stuff going on so I've added him as well. Well done for nagging him till he joined Sandra
molto bella e reale whit complement
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