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THis was the photo I was most disappointed in, that I submitted to the scavenger hunt.

I had run out of good ideas by the time I shot this one and I just settled for this. It's actually quite pretty, and I do like it - but it's just not scavenger hunt material!

#flowerfriday by +Tamara Pruessner !

GAWD I hate how it looks with those black bars!! Takes all the "subtle" and "gentle" right out of it... sigh
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lol...It's a beautiful photo, but I know the feeling you are talking about. Something about being in the scavenger hunt makes you want to push yourself. There is some good work that comes out of that contest.
Well, it's much better than anything I submitted so I'd say it's definitely hunt material! Sandra, your photography is just beautiful, you know.
Aww - thank you +Jason Kowing !! That is incredibly sweet of you! And I bet your submissions were wonderful! have you posted any of them to your page yet?
Oh, I have! I enjoyed "Lace" and "Drinks on fire" but the rest of it just... (shakes head, makes face)
+April Joy Peterson-Gutel - yeah - it's like you get a bit of a punch in the gut with each album you view that tell you that you'd better step it up! It really does make you want to raise your own personal bar!
I think it's beautiful +Sandra Parlow but I really DO hate the black bars. They just take so much away from the photo.
Jason said all important ... so I only can add: the softness is incredible and the bars only disturb in the small version in stream
+Jason Kowing - every shot can't be the best - I have a few that were just "meh" for me. It's interesting to evaluate how you feel about your photos before and after the reveals - but not to get down on yourself. I did that really bad the first time I did it and I beat myself to a pulp over it. The main reason I participated this time was to see if I could handle it better now that I knew what to expect.
I had some surprises. EG - a lot of people commenting on my meh shots and people not saying much at all on shots I much preferred. It's a good education in how to self curate!
Nice pastel colors. Works great with the soft look.
It is very interesting +Sam Breach ! This time it was hard to comment and stuff though because of the limits and not being able to view the full album. I plan to go back and take more time to go through them once it all dies down!
I thought it was floral friday +Tamara Pruessner but it wouldn't come up in my hashtags and this one did so I thought it must be it!!
Well I love it +Sandra Parlow! And blown up to full screen it's even more beautiful! Wonderful job!!
Forget the black bars...I see subtle, gentle, and perfectly delicate quite easily. Lovely shot!
very nice, thanks for sharing
Now this is a dreamy and soft shot too! I love the focal point at the bottom and the top all pastel bokeh. You even left the 'ad space' ;)).
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