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Either you do or you don't.

Your choice.
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That's a great shot Sandra - nice to see some defocus there too!
This is beautiful. Love the softness and muted look of it.
Great colors, I like the purple haze. Was it foggy that day?
Wonderful pastel like dreaminess you got here Sandy!
THank you so much everyone! this photo is quite different from my usual style. I always say that I want to shoot more "pretty" but I seldom am able to pull it off. maybe that should be something I aim for in my work more!

Thanks so much!!
ooh - thanks for the heads up - I could use some gratuitous male nudity! good! and you!!??
I heard that Sherlock Holmes is really good! I'll have to go see that one for sure!!

Glad you have enjoying your time with your friend! But look after yourself too! LOL!!
LOL! she needs to come visit more often - or you need to go visit her now!
yes! that would be awesome! YOu must be getting quite a portfolio by now!
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