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ok, so if +David Archuleta circles you.... he's a fraud... had me going for a minute there but no deal....
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Maybe he saw the moose riding poutine eating hockey playing photo too? ;)
Must have been the beer you were drinking while slapping that hockey stick riding the moose that intrigued him! ;)
LOL!! You guys!!! You're killing me!! I'm NEVER going to live that down!!
OMG, seriously…he just circled me too! LOL
Oh sure you will! When you top it for the next week ;) LOL
And actually.. nothing to live down. That was a most excellent photo and you deserve all of the awesome accolades and wonder that you have encountered as a result of your willingness to create and share such awesomeness :D
..... Guess we don't count anymore , now that you've gone Hollywood ...
Sorry but I don't think he's real. I scrolled down and found that he's actually Fernandez unique
oh, I don't know +Jordan Oram I kind of think that one was un toppable...... Thank you though, my sweet!!
He circled me too... but I'm more curious about the photo everyone is talking about! Where is this pic? LOL
aaaah Crap! you may be right - it looks like he's a fake.....
Careful +PJ Ammidon.. once you see that photo you can't go back. It raises the bar. lol

+Tawni Henlin Aww shucks ;) lol You're photos are great! And also remind me of the sights I love around here :D
Thanks so much for your kindness +Jordan Oram, I've been to BC and it's a lot like Oregon. Thanks for all the +1's. :)
Squeals!!!!!! Me too, me too!!!!!!!! He must have added our pay it forward circle!!!! (not sure who he is to be honest) but OMG, maybe he can be our celebrity guest in the "Help, I'm trapped in a circle" circle! I love how his first line of of his about page says ..."With budding maturity..." :DDDD
Ah man! I should have read this whole post before I got excited! LOL...I guess it's back to Lance Armstrong:)
yep - big fraud.. but that's ok - because I got +1's from some pretty impressive people tonight! LOL!
LOL! +Ron Clifford why's that? 'cause he FREAKING +1'd SOME OF MY WORK!!??

um... yeah, containing myself now and acting cool like a cucumber....
Yep circled me too, I circled back. How did you determine one is a fraud.
+Sandra Parlow He even gave your work the thumbs up as one of the few albums he found especially interesting!!! You!
+Rob Mcilroy who? David Archuleta or +Scott Jarvie ?? David - fraud pretending to be a singer
Scott - super dooper amazing photographer and celebrity here on G+
Hahahaha!!!! Oh...thanks, I've always wondered about that.
LOL +Mark Rodriguez I'm pretty sure that Scott has better things to do with his time! +Rob Mcilroy David was on American Idol and came in runner up one year. He seemed like a sweet kid and very good singer too!
You know...maybe +David Archuleta is just a stage name and ...what was the other name? really his real name...hhmmm?
I don't know - why change it half way through then??
oooh! how many did you get!?? I bet they are adorable! how's the football mum??
+Sandra Parlow Deflated football mom with 3 boys and one girl. pictures in the morning I'm too tired to post. I want some really cute ones too and just newborn are a little messy. ewwww.
LOL +Ron Clifford awww - they will be SO cute!! YOu've done a good job Grandpa! you should get some rest!!
+Sandra Parlow I will be sleeping in the office tonight. She freaks out every time I leave. Happened last time too. I slept on the couch for a week before she would let me out of her sight.
really? wow - I wonder why? hopefully you have a comfy couch there!!
It's comfy enough. She trusts me with her life that little dog.
THat's so cute. I've heard of them becoming aggressive after birth but that is the first I've heard of this!
+Sandra Parlow she is aggressive toward any one else, even my kids a bit for the first few days. My wife can get as close as me but I can poke and prod her and pick up the puppies without too much concern. It may have a lot to do with her difficult labours causing me to be very "hands on".
Dogs are good judges of character - she knew about you long before we did :)
me too Ron! LOL! Actually tried it once. I almost got sick they day they were docking puppy's tails and I quit... I just couldn't take how awful it was :(
+Sandra Parlow mine was a romantic ideal, I gave it up before I knew the details. Though my aptitudes suggested surgeon as a career!
ah - you'd have been wasting your life Ron! :P
Pam - if you scroll way down his page, he used to have another name and then changed it... seems pretty suspicious!!
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