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If you were going to a photo walk in the city.... would you take a 105mm macro with you, or an extra camera with a fish eye lens instead???

ADDED : I will have my 18 - 200 with me for sure...
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Both? Ehh. I like wide, but not fish eye.
Both and have a strapping young man carry the extra for you.
I just got a lensbaby fisheye to try =)
I sure will - all of the TORONTO photo studs!! I'm SO excited!!!!
I always screw up this one - I usually make the wrong choice between my 90mm and my 10-20 when I have to fit only one in the bag. Although downtown TO - I'd suggest the fisheye.
Call me crazy, I carry my backpack, don't want to not have the right lens. And I have my tripod too. :)
+Ian Thomas I carry both my 85mm and my 10-22 if I only bring two lenses, if I bring three, i bring my 28-75. I want +Shannon S. Myers macro, however... How much would I have to bake for her to get her to ship it to me? Probably more than I could cook.
I will have my back pack +Tawni Henlin but I'm not sure how much weight I can carry for 11 hours!!
You're younger than me, you can do it! :)
I'd go for the 105. The fisheye is a nice effect, but it's not always appropriate. Macro to portrait, the 105 will give you options.
Both plus speed lights, will help you carry :-)
Do you have any waist stuff? because putting it on your waist makes it so much lighter. It works for me.
ok - I'll also have my 18 - 200 with me as my main lens.. does that make any difference to anyone?? forgot to mention that...
What +Greg Bodnar said....Plus I find during photo walks....I am taking lots of pics of the participants.....the fisheye will not make you friends :D
neither. too much stuff is heavy and drags me down. :(
I think you should take ME along instead of the lenses. :)
yes.....but on average....which lens will give you the most options....with the least weight? I am also going on a photowalk this weekend....I am taking the 18-200 plus the extension tubes...that's it.
+Erika Thornes I find that mid-range the most important for me (my 18-70), the 2nd lens is always my problem. If I pack the wide - I want the macro, if I pack the macro - I want the wide. ;)
No question for me. Ultrawide on a second body is the perfect street companion. 105mm non-zoom would be useless to me for street. It's either 14mm or 300mm (full frame; 10 or 200 crop) for me. The 18-200 covers almost everything useful.
+Darryl Van Gaal you are so sweet.. but I could not ask you to carry my stuff for me!! I"m not THAT much of a Diva.....
do you think the 3 inch spike heels will be a problem??
I'm thinking fisheye because you will most likely be taking more cityscape shots on a walk...I get frustrated with what I can fit in my 50mm...just depends on if you want the wide sweeping views of toronto (wider than 18mm) or the nitty gritty of the city.
that's my problem exactly +Ian Thomas .. and I don't want to be changing lenses all day. My friend offered to lend me his fish eye - which could be really cool for the tall buildings, etc... but it's not one I will use a LOT. So I'm considering putting it on my D40 and using it that way... but then if I don't take the macro I might be kicking myself about it... but I"m not really sure that I need the macro if I have the 18 - 200...

decisions, decisions... sigh
+Sandra Parlow if you pair those spike heels with some poison green spandex pants, I just might go into debt to come...wish I could, but I know I'll get to see great shots from everyone else's view! I'm stuck here being a student/teacher/counselor all in one.
now that I know you are taking the 18-200....I will change my answer and say take the fisheye on the extra's a pain carrying 2 cameras.....but you won't be futzing with changing lenses all the time...and that can be the difference in getting the shot.
Ok, seriously...there will be like 500 photogs there, right? I'm SURE someone else would let you take a drag off their fish eye or macro, +Sandra Parlow
yeah... that may be true +Tyler Finklea but I hate to bug people for stuff like that.. and plus, the last time that happened, I borrowed +Scott Jarvie 's 105 mm and then I had to buy one I liked it so much... cost me a thousand bucks!! lol!

Borrowing is dangerous....
so pack with confidence and bum a drag when you need. :)
Remember that fisheyes and ultrawides aren't for getting it all in... They are for getting up close with a foreground subject along with a lot of environment... UWA and fish are HARD... I've been working on that for three years. You have to be within a couple of feet of your victim. :)
depends on how you use it. really wide is hard to get right. it is a fantastic lens, but took me 6 months to even fully understand.
I hesitate to say for fear of getting punched in the arm non-stop after the four hour mark but I say fisheye! Toronto is an attractive city but you won't want to get that close to her but the uber wide will create some awesome stuff! I would love to see City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square all wide-like-that :)
I would take the fisheye. Do you have extension tubes? A short tube can be a great space saver (a 12mm or 20mm ) but still allow you to get a little closer for detail shots(not 1:1 though )
I'm just hoping people will be snapping lots of photos for future #moosebomb s of +Sandra Parlow while she is there =)
no tubes.. close up lenses though.. but I can't really imagine needing to do many macros there.... but GAWD I love that lens....
Good thing my brother who's coming along is a Paramedic then! 
yeah - they're saying.. 26, right +BiIl Zinck ?? GEEZ.. I'm thinking I'll be bringing my shorts along too!!!
I'm bringing mine too +Darryl Van Gaal !! but it gets a bit heavy. Ok - if I really get desperate I'll ask you for assistance.. but I hope to not have to do that!
I'm late to the party but I'd take the fish-eye in a heartbeat.
He said he was coming so I hope so, as for how cool? Way cooler than me!
+Sandra Parlow ..... I doubt it. The police probably had more of a problem with my blood/alcohol level then the fact that I was attempting to ride a painted moose. ;)
+Sandra Parlow Fortunately, I did most of my crazy hijinks in the days before camera-phones. ;)
dang!!! maybe we can find one and get you drunk again!!
+Brent Burzycki ... maybe you should come and you could help carry them too... you need a vacation.. Toronto is an international airport.... just sayin'........... ;)
I'll have a big enough backpack and tripod if either is needed. Space for rent.
+Sandra Parlow I think i will sit on my back deck drinking umbrella drinks..... I have been on vacations where I carry a pile of heavy stuff around....
LOL! +Brandon Luk I won't be bringing my tripod for the day, but apparently the ferry is right near my hotel, so I'll just run in and grab it before we get on the ferry...
That's probably a good idea +Sandra Parlow. Mine is about 5lbs of metal. I hate to think that I may be carrying it around and not even use it. Then again, I would hate to miss "that shot" because I didn't have one.
I wouldn't use it during the day +Brandon Luk but at night time it will be a must. If you park near the Ferry maybe you can do the same thing.
No +Sandra Parlow! Brandon, Don and I all live up north in Barrie :)
My brother is +Paul Bagley... Hence the last name :p
i am sooo going to get punched from this comment
ok - an ass kicking is yours for pointing out how stupid of a question that was +Chris Bagley !!! gah! your ass is grass...
Have I mentioned how much I admire you Sandra
flashes my big brown puppy eyes
ok - I'll have NO use for a SB flash right?? I can leave that at home, right???
Flash might come in handy (?)
Leave flash at home, less things to throw at me.... Umm I mean less things to carry around :)
I'd pick a single lens/camera, and concentrate on finding shots that matched what I brought the best.

It's really easy to get caught in the gear swap treadmill, and the problem with that is it knocks you out of the flow state. I've found I've gotten consistently better results by sticking to a single setup for a day, and working on refining what it best represents.
I like you already +Paul Bagley !!

Nice to meet you!! Hey - my hubby is a paramedic/Fire Fighter also! I wonder if you've ever met him - he's been to a lot of conferences, etc.

And thanks for being off duty that day. That will make beating on +Chris Bagley much more fun!!

(actually, I'm more likely to hug the stuffing out of him, but don't tell him that... I like him scared...)
If we can't find rocks, I'm sure a chunk of concrete from the Gardiner Expressway will do fine.
That sounds really appealing +Robert Moser .... I just would hate to be there and going.. DAMN! why didn't I bring that??!!! ;) My 18 - 200 is such a versatile lens.. I probably won't really NEED anything other than that... but I'm so unsure...
Have I mentioned lately Sandra that.... Aw screw it, I'm toast :/
May be you would need your SB flash to take Jarvie-esque group shots from the island looking towards the skyline +Sandra Parlow ;)
Damn, that attempt to confuse you didn't work =P hehe ;)
I'm trying to keep things simple.. it's not working very well!!!
Two cameras and 3 lenses? I'd say not. But that backpack with the waist support should help in carrying around all the weight I suppose.
I'll be taking my Super-Angulon 90mm, which is pretty wide on a view camera. :)
I will be taking my 70-200 for people/street shooting and an 18-50 with my tripod in tow for long exposure architecture shots.
ok - well, I'm probably going to bring the three lenses and one body..

I'm tired of thinking about this!!
Differently take your body. Take a camera with a couple lenses too. One of my favorites is just a 18 - 70 macro. Works for almost everything.
+Sandra Parlow It would be very handy here in Washington at times. Cold, rainy and windy... Just tell it where to go and get those amazing shots.
Maybe get my last few shots for the scavenger hunt. I think I got my sad one tonight.
awesome!! I can't wait to see them!!!
+Sandra Parlow if you feel weight would be an issue your 18-200 would be a great lens to cover pretty much everything. I wouldn't get freaked out about it. My walk around lens is the 24-70 2.8, I will pull out the 14-24 for architecture and possibly my 100 Zeiss MP for portraits, then I have the 70-200 for some longer shooting... damn I guess I'm not helping here ;-)

Seriously though your 18-200 is an excellent walk-around lens
Yeah - you're right +Jim Davis - Ill probably use that one 90% of the time... and I know that is all I'll probably REALLY need. I dont' like changing lenses back and forth... too much chance for dust to get on the sensor...

lol - no - that didn't help much at all!! ;)
I don't have a Sensor on my Full Frame Petri 7S. :)))
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