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For the #PanoPoker event - sunsets by +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak

I've got tons of these boys..... after all - that's about all the landscape I've got here.. no mountains, no oceans .. just skies ... and I am the Queen of Skies...

Eat your hearts out!!
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That is so gorgeous +Sandra Parlow!!! I also captured today's super duper extreme sunset too! :D
hey you guys - you'd better dig deep to beat this one... it must be pretty ok - even +Colby Brown +1'd it! ;) (thanks Colby!)
Will do! :D I think it's even better than the sunset I posted last time! :D
aaah- I was waiting for a "witch broom" comment to come out! LOL!
STUNNING ALBUM!!! Thanks for posting.
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