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We all danced together, for a short while....

Bartlett Lake, AZ

#wildwest2012 #poppypoker #plusphotoextract
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yes this is very fascinating some look like butterflies yes they are dancing in the wind its a super shot
Very nice.. I'm seeing these flowers all over the place here! Processed in LR? ;)
Have to get down there with the snakes to get a shot like this!!
Thanks everyone! Um.. +Gary Munroe .. yeah.. just a bit of curves mostly - this one was almost SOOC! You are seeing them all over the place HERE on G+ or HERE at home??

It almost does have that effect, doesn't it +Ralf Kleinschmidt ?

Hey +damien c - I ALWAYS LOVE IT when you stop by!! ♥

Yeah, I was +Greg Murray !! You may have actually gotten a shot of me while I was doing it too!! LOL!
Oh that is what you were doing. I thought you collapsed from having so much fun!! ;-) +Sandra Parlow
Absolutely gorgeous Sandra! One of these years I'd love to be in the desert for wild flower blooming. Wonderful!
I have a little bit time before I go sleep, so I look to the streams and the colors are so beautiful, by us it is only grey here.
soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Just like butterflies! Great image to have in mind when winter is still throwing snowball punches.
+Sandra Parlow this is wonderful, you pictured a childhood memory of mine. i often used to lie in the grass like here, watching these yellow flowers.
Wonderful dof Sandra ! The color combo really rocks too ^^
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